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How to Get a Cat Out of a Car Engine: 5 Effective Methods

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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If you own a cat, chances are you’ve found it in the most unexpected places—like your car engine! If this is the case and you’re wondering how to get your kitty out of there safely, then don’t worry.

We have five helpful methods that can be used to free your feline friend from the confines of your car engine. Keep reading to learn how to safely retrieve your cat.


The 5 Methods for Getting a Cat Out of Car Engine

1. Wait It Out

One of the simplest methods is to wait for the cat to come out on its own. Sometimes, cats will become scared and run out of the engine bay if they hear a loud noise or movement. You can also try to coax them out with some food or treats.

However, this method may take some time, and it’s not always effective. What’s more, if you need to go somewhere in a hurry, the last thing you have time for is waiting around. If that’s the case, you’ll want to consider another method.

2. Honk the Horn

If your cat is inside the engine, honking the horn can be an effective way to get it out. Cats don’t like loud noises and will usually run away from them. When you honk the horn, the noise should make your cat come running out of the engine bay in search of a quieter place.

Just make sure you’re careful when honking the horn. You don’t want to scare your cat too much and cause it to hide in a place you can’t reach. Therefore, avoid laying on the horn—just a quick beep or two should be enough to do the trick.

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Image by: Netpixi, Shutterstock

3. Shut Off the Engine

When you shut off the engine, the noise and movement will stop, and your cat should come out on its own. If it doesn’t, you can use a flashlight or other light source to search for your kitty in the engine bay.

Once you’ve located the cat, you can use a towel or blanket to gently move it out of the engine bay. Make sure that you keep your movements slow and steady—you don’t want to startle your cat and make it run away!

4. Lure It Out

There are several things you can use as a lure—food, a laser pointer, catnip, etc. Place the lure at the entrance of the engine bay, and then wait for your cat to come out.

When you’ve successfully lured the cat out, it’s important to take steps to prevent this from happening again. If possible, park your vehicle in a garage so that your cat won’t be tempted to investigate the engine bay. Additionally, you can use a car cover to further discourage your furry friend from entering the engine compartment.

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Image by: Rawpixel.com, Shutterstock

5. Hire a Professional

If all else fails, you may need to hire a professional. Animal rescue professionals are experienced in getting cats out of tight spaces and can usually do the job in no time.

Keep in mind that hiring a professional can be costly, so it’s best to try some of the above methods first before resorting to this option. But if nothing is working or if your cat’s stuck and can’t get out on its own, then hiring a professional may be your best bet.

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Tips to Keep Your Cat Away From Your Car Engine

cat coming out from car engine
Image Credit: poppicnic, Pixabay

In addition to the methods outlined above, here are some tips that can help keep your cat away from your car engine in the future.

  • Make sure your garage is well secured and free from any openings or holes that a cat could crawl through.
  • Keep all your car’s doors and windows closed so that your cat can’t get inside.
  • Avoid leaving food or treats in your car, as this can attract cats and other animals.
  • If necessary, install a motion sensor alarm on the outside of your vehicle to prevent cats from entering the engine bay.

By following these tips and using the methods outlined above, you’ll be able to get your cat out of the car engine quickly and safely.



Getting a cat out of your car’s engine isn’t always easy, but with the right techniques and tools, it can be done. From honking the horn to luring the cat out with food or treats, there are several methods you can use to get your feline friend out safely.

Just remember to take precautions to prevent this situation from happening again, such as securely storing your car.

Featured Image Credit: lito_lakwatsero, Shutterstock

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