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How to grow cat grass without soil

Let us guess:

You read this article because you know all the benefits of cat grass for your feline and want to grow cat grass without soil at home.

It makes sense! The process won’t take a long time and many costs from you, and your four-legged friend will get an extra yummy (we hope!) for better digestion and freedom from toxins in the body.

So, here goes your step-by-step instruction on how to grow cat grass without soil.

Step 1: Get everything needed.

Does cat grass need soil to grow? Technically, no, it doesn’t. As far as cat grass won’t last long (it “lives” about a week before decaying; or, your feline will eat it even earlier), there’s an opportunity to plant it without particular organic soil from the market.

To grow cat grass without soil, you’ll need:

  • A glass jar or bowl. Consider middle-sized ones, with no holes. Also, feel free to use decorative planter pots, those plastic or wooden for cat grass to become a part of your home design.
  • Cat grass pebbles to use instead of soil. It’s available on Amazon or any other online retailer of goods for gardening.
  • High quality seeds of cat grass. Since most pet owners ask how to grow wheatgrass for cats, wheat seeds are the most popular option to try. But feel free to use oak, barley, and rye seeds too, or consider the blend of all four.
  • Paper towels or coffee filters.
  • A spray bottle with water, preferably filtered one.

Step 2: Prepare a jar or a bowl.

Take your chosen container for growing cat grass and fill it 2/3 full with grow stones. Make sure there is enough place for a paper towel and seeds in it.

Put a piece of napkin, coffee filter, or paper towel on the stones to cover them all the way through.

Step 3: Place the seeds.

Now it’s time to place the seeds in that container. Do your best to arrange a thin layer of the chosen cat grass seeds on top of the paper towel that’s in your pot.

Some pet owners pre-soak seeds in water before placing them in a pot. It’s not a must-do, but they say it can speed up the process of sprouting. In case you’d like to give it a try, take the seeds and cover them with water for about 4-5 hours. After that, rinse them carefully and place them in your pre-prepared container.

Step 4: Cover the pot with water.

Fill the pot with water up to the paper towel, and then sprinkle the seeds thoroughly. Be careful: Try not to pour them over, as it’s already enough moisture in the pot for them to grow.

While the cat grass is growing, do your best to maintain this moisture level in the container.

Step 5: Place the pot in a dark area.

The ideal conditions for cat grass growing are warmth, enough moisture, and indirect light. So please place the pot in some dark area, away from sunlight. Moisten the seeds with a water sprayer two or three times a day, and you’ll notice some roots and fresh greens after a couple of days.

Now you can get the pot out of darkness and place it in the indirect sunlight. Be sure to keep the roots watered, and your cat grass will be ready for your feline to consume in 7-10 days after planting. The roots will wrap stones with time. Everything you’ll need to do to support the grass freshness is to keep watering so that it wouldn’t dry out.

At the end of the day

Now you know how to grow cat grass without soil. It’s a fast and easy process that doesn’t take much time and energy but rewards our furry friends with an extra treat to diversify their diet. Everything you need is cat grass seeds, pebbles, a jar, and water, all available at local stores or online retailers.

The grown cat grass without soil will help a cat with digestion, prevent hairballs building-up in her stomach, treat diarrhea, and become an extra vitamin B and niacin source. Worth growing at least sometimes, don’t you agree?

We also have a guide on how to grow cat grass indoors with soil – check it out and pick an option that fits you best!

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