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Where to Put a Cat Bed: 5 Top Choices

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

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Anyone who owns or has owned a cat knows that cats love their beauty rest. Cats can sleep upward of 15–20 hours a day, and they are actually more active at nighttime while you’re fast asleep. Given that they sleep so much, where you place their beds is important so they can get undisturbed sleep to conserve energy.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top five choices for cat bed placement so that your kitty can rest comfortably.

The 5 Top Places to Put a Cat Bed

1. A Quiet Place

Cat In the basket bed
Image Credit: Vlad Thepesh, Shutterstock

No, we’re not referring to the 2018 hit movie directed by John Krasinski.  Your cat needs a designated quiet place where it can feel comfortable, especially if your household is active during the day. Bedrooms are a nice option because a bedroom is typically quiet during the day, especially if you have a rowdy household. A home office or a quiet corner in the kitchen might work, too.

2. Invest in Cat Furniture

A place your cat can call all its own is important for your cat’s rest. Cat trees with condos make an excellent option. Cat trees with condos give your cat a place to play, and when playtime is over, your cat can take a “cat nap” in the condo. Cat trees come in a variety of sizes and heights, and they also help with keeping your cat off the furniture if that’s not allowed in your household.

3. Aim High

tabby cat sleeping on the perch of a scratching post
Image Credit: IT-Fritze, Pixabay

Most cats love to be elevated where they can look down on their environment. Try placing a cat bed on top of a bookcase or some other piece of furniture up high. You can also place a bed on your windowsill so that your cat can observe the outdoors while taking a siesta. If you don’t mind your cat being on the furniture, you can place a bed or pad on the back of the sofa or even on your dresser.

4. A Favorite Place

Most cats will choose an area or object where they love to snooze. Some cats love to sleep in your bed with or without you in it, and if that’s the case, you can always place the bed on your mattress. Some cats love to sleep in a warm place where the sun shines in, so placing the bed in its favorite sunny spot is an excellent option. When searching for a cat bed, observe where your cat likes to chill the most and ensure the bed will fit in said spot.

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sleeping cozy cat in hepper nest bed

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5. Wherever You Are

girl with curious hairless cat hepper nest bed

Of course, this applies only to cat owners with cats that want to be near them at all times. Nowadays, more and more people work from home, and if your cat loves to hang out with you while you type away, place the bed in your work area. If there is a place where the sun shines in your office, be sure to place the bed there because your kitty will love that area. Cats do not like to sleep anywhere a draft may be or any damp place, so ensure the area is dry, warm, and cozy.

Where Not to Put a Cat Bed

Now that we’ve determined where to put a cat bed, let’s look at where not to put one. It’s best to avoid high-traffic areas of your home, as cats prefer a quiet place where they can sleep undisturbed. Avoid any cold spots or places where there is a draft, and don’t place it anywhere you haven’t seen your cat hang out in. Cats will not use the bed if you place it in an unfamiliar place, so ensure the placement is in a favorite spot.

Final Thoughts

Cats are curious creatures, and they know what they like and don’t like. As we’ve mentioned, the best place to put your cat’s bed is in a familiar place where your cat loves to sleep. Placing it anywhere else will result in an unused cat bed that just collects dust. If your kitty is new to the household, observe where your cat loves to lounge and place the bed in that spot. In doing so, you can ensure your cat will use the bed and be happy!


Featured Image Credit: Hepper

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