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How to Hide a Dog Crate: 6 Clever Ways (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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A crate is not the prettiest piece of furniture to have around a house, even if you love having your dogs around. Creating a hidden dog crate is an excellent solution to a visibly unpleasant situation. The best thing about it is that there are so many choices! Keep reading to learn how to hide a dog crate effectively.

Integrating them as a part of the home makes them stick out less like a sore thumb and more like a cute accessory. Here are six ways you can make your dog’s kennel blend into the rest of your home.

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The 6 Top Ways to Hide a Dog Crate

1. Use It as a Counter

Creating a hidden dog crate by constructing a counter with a dog kennel is easy to do because of its standard shape. As it is already in a sturdy square or rectangle, adding a countertop or building the entire kennel with a counter on top is a sure way to take the eyes away from the kennel. It blends into the background as another piece of furniture and can be made big or small to fit the most convenient spot.

2. A Set of a Doggy Drawers

You can maximize and design the space around the crate. One example is to make a piece of furniture with drawers in the middle, on top, or either side of the kennel. Whatever best suits your pups and their size will also give you room for extra storage and more organization while looking design-friendly.

3. Decorate the Crate

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Perhaps thinking of the crate as a piece that needs to be hidden isn’t the best way to go about it. Instead, discover ways to make it match the surrounding décor. Encase it in a wooden frame with pallet slats, or paint the outside. Aiding a wood top can give you space to place pictures or plants on top that make it look more chic and blend it smoothly into its surroundings.

4. Set of Seats

For most medium-sized dogs, kennels are 21 inches tall. The height of a chair ranges from 17 to 19 inches, and a stool is typically 16 to 23 inches. Your dog crate can sit perfectly in the middle as a seating area. You can even put a piece over it that opens up for storage. Then, the pups can be in the entryway or back area of the home and still get to greet you at the door at the end of each day.

5. Pseudo-g Cabinet

Making a dog kennel with drawers is one thing, but making it into a cabinet can be an entirely different way to approach it. Often, cabinets are left open in the front, with shelves to make things easy to see and access.

In the example, one side is a cabinet, the middle is for more substantial objects, and the other transforms into a small dog kennel. Remember to ensure it’s the ideal size for your pup so they never feel claustrophobic.

6. TV Stand

This is the brilliant idea of making a dog kennel part of a piece of furniture that most people already have: the TV stand. When everybody is getting ready to settle in front of the TV, the pups are out, cuddling up, or running in the yard.

Then, during other parts of the day and night, the area around the TV is one that people barely notice. Take advantage of the space and use it for the kennel instead of requiring an entire new allotment to put it in the home.

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Final Thoughts

This list contains six great ideas on how to hide a dog crate that is sure to help. Don’t worry about the potential eyesore of a kennel when you think about getting a new puppy or moving to another home. Instead, integrate it to become a statement or blend in smoothly to the style of your surroundings.

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