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How to Prevent Dogs From Pooping In Your Yard (5 Tips & Tricks)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Whether you have your own pooch or your neighbors don’t pick up after their own, you may want to keep dogs from pooping in your yard. Although preventing this from occurring will require a bit of work, it isn’t impossible, and it’s not too difficult either.

In this article, we are going to give you five tips to stop a dog from pooping in your yard. This includes keeping other dogs from pooping in your yard, as well as limiting where your dog goes to the bathroom. This can help keep your yard in pristine condition!

Let’s get started. First, we’ll look at home remedies to keep other dogs from pooping in your yard, and then we’ll offer tips on how to stop your dog from pooping all over your yard:

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How to Prevent Dogs From Pooping on Your Lawn:

If your neighbors have dogs, hopefully, they pick up their messes. Unfortunately, many people allow their dogs to go to the bathroom just about anywhere without thinking twice. If you have this experience, you likely want to know ways to prevent your neighbors’ dogs from going to the bathroom in your yard.

1. Add a Barrier

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Image Credit: Claudia Naerdemann, Shutterstock

The most obvious way to keep dogs from pooping on your lawn is to add a physical barrier around it. The barrier can either be a traditional fence or something like a hedge. Obviously, the barrier will prevent the dog from coming into your yard in the first place.

The great part about the barrier technique is that it is nearly guaranteed to prevent other dogs from pooping in your yard. It will also ward off other unwanted animals and guests. The downside of adding a barrier is that it can be costly and unsightly. However, if you want a technique that is sure to work, a barrier is the way to go.

For something a little bit less intrusive, you can add a line of something dogs don’t like around the yard’s exterior. For example, you can add a line of gravel around the yard as a barrier. This will discourage the dogs from getting into your yard. Once again, this can be unsightly, but it is less intrusive than other barriers.

2. Add Sprinklers

If you don’t want to add a barrier around your yard, you can use sprinklers instead. Dogs will typically try to avoid sprinklers, which is why adding them to your yard will prevent neighborhood dogs from pooping in it. Certain sprinklers are motion-activated, meaning that they will only go off once motion is detected in your yard.

The benefit of adding sprinklers is that it isn’t unsightly. Plus, it can help keep your lawn and gardens luscious. This makes sprinklers a two-for-one method for both deterring dogs and maintaining your yard.

The downside is that it may take neighborhood dogs a couple of times before they learn to avoid your yard. Nevertheless, they will eventually realize that going in your yard sets off the sprinklers, causing them to seek out other locations to do their business.

3. Add a Dog Repellent

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Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

Unlike people, dogs tend to go to the bathroom based on smell. Because of this fact, you can add a dog repellent to your yard to discourage dogs from doing their business in it. These repellents might not even be detectable to the human nose, but they will often work against dogs.

Top dog repellents can be made from everyday kitchen items. For example, many homemade repellents include almond oil, garlic, or olive oil. Vinegar is also a smell that dogs hate. Strategically placing one or two of these smells around your yard will do the trick.

Another dog-repellent option you may read about is cayenne pepper or chili powder. These items will irritate the dog’s nose, discouraging them from entering your yard again. We don’t recommend this option, however, because it is not humane. It can cause some serious irritation to the nose or eyes. Opt for something that doesn’t hurt the dog but discourages it, such as the other options listed above.

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How to Keep Your Dog From Pooping All Over Your Yard:

If you have your own dog, you might want to limit where it goes to the bathroom in your yard. This may make it easier to mow your lawn and maintain it. If that’s the case, there are things you can do to limit exactly where your dog goes to the bathroom.

4. Train Your Dog

The best way to keep your dog from pooping all over the yard is to train it. Although certain dogs are more trainable than others, dogs as a whole are incredibly trainable. Training your dog to go to the bathroom in specific locations may be all you need to do to keep your yard in better condition.

Training your dog often involves a lot of positive reinforcement. Praising your dog whenever it goes to the bathroom in the proper location teaches them that doing so is good. Do not use negative reinforcement because it can scare and traumatize the dog.

5. Create a Poo Zone

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Image Credit: AndrewFall, Shutterstock

Something else you may want to do is to create a poo zone in your yard. A poo zone is exactly where you want your dog to go to the bathroom. Creating a poo zone allows you to know exactly where the waste is located, making it easier to mow your lawn and tend to your garden.

You can create a poo zone using the methods discussed above. For example, you can create the zone using a literal barrier. Depending on where the zone is located, it can be unsightly, but you can also make it more attractive. This will be the most effective option for a poo zone barrier.

You can also use a sprinkler or dog-deterring smells to keep them away from the other sides of your yard. This may create a less precise poo zone, but it can still be effective if done consistently.

Other Tips

In addition to the tips mentioned above, here are some other things to keep in mind to prevent dogs from pooping in your yard:

  • Kindly ask neighbors to pick up after their dogs
  • Put up a sign that reminds neighbors to pick up after their dog
  • Be patient but persistent
  • Remember that this is a natural behavior that dogs can’t help
  • Do not use negative reinforcement

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Final Thoughts

Even though going to the bathroom is natural, it can certainly be annoying if dogs constantly poop in your yard. Luckily, you can use techniques to discourage this behavior, such as setting up a barrier or creating a designated poo zone.

No matter which technique you select, remember to be patient but persistent with dogs. Never use negative reinforcement because that can lead to traumatizing the dog, which you never want. Don’t use any methods that can harm the dog either, like pepper. After all, you wouldn’t want to be traumatized or harmed if you were in the dog’s position.

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