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How to Keep a Dog Safe During a Super Bowl Party: 7 Expert Tips

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Every year, a staggering 113 million Americans and another 40 million people from the rest of the world gather in bars, homes, and stadiums to watch top NFL teams tussle for the Lombardi trophy.

It’s also a time for partying with plenty of alcohol, snacks, and party games.

While Super Bowl parties might be fun for you, they pose a serious threat to the safety of your dog and other pets in your home. These parties are loud with deafening music and potentially dangerous antics.

This is detrimental to the health and safety of your dog, but you don’t have to sacrifice having fun to ensure your pup’s safety. Here are a few tips to keep your dog safe during a Super Bowl Party.

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The 7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Super Bowl Party

1. Ensure the Snacks Are Out of Reach

Finger foods are a staple for Super Bowl parties countrywide. Buffalo wings, artichoke dip, and grilled sandwiches enhance the Super Bowl experience and keep hunger at bay, but you’ll want to keep these snacks out of your dog’s reach. That’s because most ingredients in these snacks might harm your precious pup.

Chicken wings, for instance, contain brittle bones that can splinter and choke your dog or pierce its gastrointestinal tract. Other ingredients like onions, garlic, and chives are toxic to dogs and can upset your dog’s stomach.1 While dogs stay away from these ingredients, they’re hard to detect when combined with other ingredients in dips or your recipes.

Salty foods, common at super bowl parties, are also bad for your dog. The salt may upset your dog’s osmotic balance, leading to excessive urination or thirst. Cheese and other dairy products could also trigger stomach upsets and diarrhea in your dog, but most people won’t notice their dog acting up since they’ll be too busy enjoying the games and their friends’ company.

Avoid putting food on the coffee table and instead put it in hard-to-reach places like on top of shelves or the chimney. Also, advise your guests not to feed your dog, regardless of how adorable it looks or how persistent it begs. Doing so will save it from a lot of health problems down the line.

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2. Keep the Alcohol and Caffeine Away

Alcohol is dangerous to dogs since they can’t metabolize it, meaning even a little alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning.2 Alcohol causes lethargy, depression, vomiting, and collapsing in dogs. It also reduces their blood sugar, pressure, and body temperature. In severe cases, alcohol causes organ failure. Intoxication may also trigger aggression that could lead to your dog attacking the guests.

Caffeinated drinks are also a no-go zone for dogs. Caffeine can raise your dog’s blood pressure and lead to arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats. Too much of it can lead to caffeine poisoning with symptoms like seizures, tremors, and loss of muscle control. Moreover, caffeine can overstimulate your dog, making it over excited and restless.

Consider putting alcoholic drinks away from your dog during the party. Ask your guests to remain vigilant and not to allow your pooch anywhere near their drinks. If you’re afraid they won’t toe the line, consider serving alcoholic drinks in cups with lids. Clean alcohol spillage immediately before your dog gets to the mess.

3. Make Sure It Has a Tag on

Super Bowl parties are typically a flurry of activity. With guests typically going in and out, it’s easy for your dog to make a run for it. This can be a huge inconvenience if it does because you’ll have to leave the party to go looking for your furry best friend.

Ensure your dog wears a tag during these parties so that finding it will be a breeze if it escapes. Also, update the information on your dog’s tag so that you can receive calls directly to your phone call should someone find them.

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4. Arrange a Potty Break Before the Party Starts

Strangers in the house and loud music can make your dog anxious to do its business during the party. That’s why having your pup take a potty break before the guests arrive is a good idea. In doing so, it won’t have to hold it until the guests leave or deposit its “business” somewhere in the house.

5. Create a pet-Safe Area

Cordon off a specific area of the house specifically for your dog. This area should be considerably far away from the raucous and clamor of the party. That way, your pooch can be comfortable in its safe space, and you can have as much fun as you want without worrying about your dog.

Pick one of the rooms in your home, ideally one with a lock, to be your dog’s pet-safe area. The room should have your dog’s bed, pillows, blankets, and favorite toys. Also, pour some water in its water bowl and a little food to keep it full during the party.

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6. Check-In Frequently

Dogs are sociable creatures, and it’s only natural for them to feel lonely if you leave them alone for too long. Dogs with separation anxiety may get anxious and restless when you leave them lonely. They might start whining or chewing furniture and fabric in their safe areas.

Check in on your dog every now and then to dampen their loneliness and separation anxiety. Just be sure not to overdo it, or you might reduce its loneliness tolerance. Simply go into the room, pet its head, and talk with your normal voice before leaving and closing the door behind you.

7. Hold a Super Bowl Dog Party

A Super Bowl dog party is an excellent way to ensure your dogs’ safety and happiness. A Super Bowl Dog Party brings together dog owners and their furry buddies to celebrate the greatest league in the world, the Super Bowl.

A dog party distracts your pooch from the dangers of the Super Bowl by giving its lots of company and fun activities to engage in. If you’re looking to throw a well-deserved super bowl party for your pup, here are a few tips to put you on the right track.

  • Invite Other Dogs: No puppy party is complete without other dogs to liven it up. If your dog has a pack of friends, invite them and their parents to the party. Just make sure you know the behavior of each dog in the pack to prevent unexpected fights or aggressive behavior.
  • Prepare Dog-Friendly Snacks: Snacks are just as important at a dog party as they are at ours. Prepare a few dog-friendly snacks to keep the literal party animals well-fed or get some high-quality treats at a pet store or online.
  • Dress It Up: You’ll probably want to post pictures of your dog’s party on social media. If so, it’s crucial to dress your dog up for the part. You can go all out with a dog jersey of your favorite team, but a bandana or a collar will also suffice. If you opt for a jersey, ensure the jersey you get isn’t uncomfortable or limits your dog’s mobility. Don’t forget to take lots of pics!
  • Teach Them a Cool Celebration: Nothing beats a good-old doggy high five after a touchdown by your team’s star player. Teaching your dog to celebrate touchdowns is extremely adorable and a great way to impress your guests. Aside from high fiving, your dog could also spin in a circle or hop on its hind legs to celebrate. You’ll want to start this training early on so they’re ready by the first game of the Super Bowl.
  • Don’t Overlook the Theme: The dog party’s theme should scream Super Bowl effortlessly. Ensure everything from the decorations, the snacks, and dressing in your team’s colors align with football. All you have to do is get a few plush footballs, football helmets, and a frisbee to keep the pups entertained.
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Image Credit by: congerdesign, Pixabay

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Final Thoughts

Super Bowl parties are fun and exciting, but having fun doesn’t mean compromising your dog’s safety. With careful consideration and a little thoughtfulness, you can make your dog part of the party and enjoy the Super Bowl in style.

Remember, you can always take your dog to a doggy daycare if you’re concerned about their wellbeing during the party. Alternatively, you can leave it in the company of someone you trust while you enjoy the Super Bowl.

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