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How To Stop a Cat In Heat From Meowing: 5 Vet Approved Tips

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

Tabby cat meows with its mouth open

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Sterilizing is one of the most common procedures that cat owners sign their pets up for. There are plenty of benefits to spaying or neutering your cat, and one of the main ones is accidental pregnancy prevention.

Cat owners who do not sterilize their cats may experience unwanted behavioral issues. They include roaming, spraying, and even aggression. If your female cat meows excessively every time that she is in heat, it is simply another one of those undesired behaviors rearing its ugly head.

So how can you stop it? In this article, we’ll discuss five tips and tricks that can spare you the headache of excessive yowling.


The 5 Tips To Stop A Cat In Heat From Meowing

1. Use Natural Remedies

One quick trick to stop your cat’s constant meowing is to make the most of natural remedies like catnip. Catnip is an excellent resource for calming your cat down in a safe, natural way. Once your cat starts yowling, give her some catnip and watch her roll around and zone out. The only downside is that the effects of catnip won’t last very long, so it’s only a temporary solution. Synthetic calming cat pheromones such as Feliway can also be helpful.

Some people may recommend other natural solutions like lavender oil. However, using essential oils to calm your cat down is not recommended. Essential oils are highly toxic to cats, and even a drop on their skin can lead to adverse reactions. Therefore, when searching for natural remedies for your cat, avoid all essential oils.

cat sniffing catnip
Image Credit: Lightspruch, Shutterstock

2. Provide Plenty of Distractions

A great way to minimize your cat’s meowing is to provide her with many distractions. Offer your cat puzzle feeders, interactive toys, and plenty of opportunities to play with you. The more preoccupied your cat is, the less time she has to yowl.

These activities can burn through her energy, making her too sleepy to bother with meowing. If you’re lucky, she might take a nap! If you want ideas for passive entertainment that don’t require immediate attention, consider purchasing a cat tree or another vertical space for your cat to climb.

You could also position the cat tree by a window to allow your pet to watch birds and other wildlife outdoors. Be sure to keep your cat away from any male cats and make sure she can’t escape.

3. Play Calming Music

As strange as it may sound, playing calming music may help settle your cat down. You can turn on relaxing music and fill your home with a pleasant melody. It may just be enough to silence your cat’s meowing.

But how does this work? Well, research has shown that cats enjoy music, especially when created with them in mind. By studying and understanding how cats communicate, composers can create music that better suits their frequency range and tempos.

cat listening to music in smart speaker
Image Credit: Lightspruch, Shutterstock

4. Give Your Cat a Warm Place to Sleep

It’s no secret to cat owners that cats like dozing off in warm places. If your cat is yowling incessantly, why not give her an incentive to curl up and take a nap instead? Having a warm place to sleep may encourage your cat to spend her time napping rather than meowing.

Even if she doesn’t fall asleep, the warmth will likely settle her down and minimize her vocalizations. You can purchase feline-safe heated pads or self-warming cat beds, and you have several options to choose from.

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5. Spay Your Cat

The only way to guarantee your cat doesn’t meow excessively while in heat is to stop her heat cycle altogether. To do this, you must get your cat spayed. Of course, this solution does nothing to stop your cat from meowing right now, but you can rely on the other tips and tricks on this list before depending on this one.

However, having your cat spayed will reduce the meowing significantly. You can reach out to your vet to schedule a spaying surgery.

cat having post-operative care after spaying
Image Credit: Bogdan Sonjachnyj, Shutterstock


What You Should NOT Do

It can be frustrating when your cat meows constantly. When dealing with a cat that yowls excessively, there are some things you should not do. First, do not ignore your cat. While you may be at your wit’s end, it is essential to remember that your cat only has so many ways to communicate with you.

If she begins to meow frequently, the first step you need to take is to ensure that nothing is wrong. Verify she has enough food and water and her litter box is clean. You should also watch out for signs of pain or illness since incessant vocalization can be a sign that your cat is unwell and needs to see the vet.

If you have ensured that her needs are being met and she is in good condition, it is safe to assume that she is yowling due to being in heat.

If that is the case, it is best to be patient and avoid showing your frustration. Your cat is only doing what is natural to her; she isn’t trying to be a nuisance. Punishing her for naturally occurring behaviors will only cause her to become fearful and distrustful of you.

This can even shatter the bond you have made with her. Instead of becoming frustrated, become proactive. Try out the quick tips and tricks mentioned above and see if any of them solve your issue. Spaying your cat is the best long-term solution as it will prevent any further heat cycles.



It can be aggravating when a cat meows excessively, especially when you have no idea how to remedy the situation. If your cat is meowing due to being in heat, there are, thankfully, several solutions for you to consider. We hope that this article has helped you minimize your cat’s meowing so that you can bring some peace and quiet back to your home.

Featured Image Credit: Kaan Yetkin Toprak, Shutterstock

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