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I and Love and You Cat Food Reviews in 2021

I reviewed the 6 healthiest recipes of I and Love and You cat food. I included the characteristics that go beyond the manufacturer’s description and explained which recipe will fit the reader’s use case.

If you want your cats to be healthy and happy, it’s crucial to provide them with proper nutrition. The quality of ingredients and the amount of vitamins & minerals are the imperative aspects that should be taken into account first. If you want to find some medium-grade food for your pet, there’s a good option available: I and love and you cat food brand offers a decent variety of recipes for pets of different ages and maintains their pricing at an agreeable level. Pay attention that one of I and love and you recipes is featured in our best cat foods guide.

My guide is dedicated to reviewing their most popular formulas: we will take a closer look at what the food is made of, how nutritious and useful it is, and whether there are any questionable ingredients. Also, we will describe the brand and find out what makes it special, whether it has a good reputation, what are customers’ reviews, and why many pet owners prefer this food to other numerous options. It will help you make an informed decision and figure out a suitable option for your animals.

  • Ingredient quality: 9/10
  • Species appropriateness: 6/10
  • Choice of flavors: 6/10
  • Price: 8/10
  • Health benefits: 10/10
  • Customer feedback: 8/10
  • Total score: 7.8/10

I and Love and You Cat Food Reviews [2021]

This all-natural cat food recipe does not contain grains, white potatoes, soy, rice, animal by-products, or carrageenan – the beef formula is vegan-friendly, so your cat isn’t likely to develop any allergic reactions. As far as beef is the first ingredient, this pate has a high crude protein content (10%). It goes without mentioning a low fat amount (5%) and an optimal amount of moisture (78%). This formula would be suitable for overweight and growing cats due to the low amount of calories.

The recipe is also recommended for improving the cat’s digestion: it contains vegetables (carrots, spinach), apples, and cranberries. Omega-3 and -6 acids make fur shiny and boost skin health. It’s all topped off with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including taurine. The recipe has salmon oil: if your cat is not sensitive to these components, the beef pate will be just right for its daily nutrition.


  • Appealing flavor;
  • High moisture content for better digestion;
  • Low fat content.


  • Vegetables are not suitable for cats with a sensitive stomach.
  • Size: 3 oz

A versatile option for all cat ages, holistic formula with chicken and duck will appeal even to picky eaters. The formula contains 34% of protein of poultry origin: I and love and you uses fresh and dehydrated chicken and duck meat as the first ingredients. Also, the manufacturer uses chickpeas, lentils, ground peas, and a little bit of sweet potatoes. Dried eggs provide extra protein.

Dried beets and flax seed serve as the primary source of fiber. The formula is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for the excellent condition of the skin and fur. Vitamins and minerals are present to the full extent. Generally, this food has a moderate amount of carbs and fat.


  • High protein content;
  • A moderate amount of fat and carbohydrates.


  • Some cats don’t like the taste and smell of duck.
  • Sizes: 3.4 lb , 6 lb , 11lb

The superfood series has a lot of great ingredients that improve overall health and digestion of a cat. In Surf ‘N Chicken formula, these components include flax seeds, pumpkin, turmeric, and coconut oil. There are absolutely no grains: the manufacturer uses beans, red lentils, and sweet potatoes instead. Also, there are no soy, rice, wheat, and artificial colors and preservatives. Whitefish is the number one ingredient in the contents, so your cat will receive high-quality protein.

Such food is recommended for daily nutrition of kittens, pregnant or nursing cats, and active pets due to a high content of protein (as much as 44%). At the same time, there’s 18% fat, so your feline friend won’t lack calories. The blend of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals makes those kibbles perfect for daily nutrition.


  • High protein content;
  • Super-foods for better health;
  • Optimal fat content for active cats.


  • Not all cats like fish flavors.
  • Size: 5 lb

If your cat is not a finicky eater and loves both poultry and fish, consider this great combination of three different pouches – each with its own flavor. These cat food toppers are enriched with special vitamins and minerals for the healthier stomach, better fur, and overall well-being. It’s not regular food, but rather an enhancer than could be given to your pet once in 2-4 days to compensate for the lack of vitamins or minerals.

The pouches include mackerel, chicken, or turkey as their first ingredients and have 7% of crude protein. The formula features a few essential minerals: taurine, zinc, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin C and Vitamin E – they make up for the stronger immune system and general health. To top it off, the enhancers contain 84% of moisture, so they would be great for cats that don’t drink much. Please, note that this food also has salt – do not serve it to your cat too often.


  • High moisture content for cats that don’t drink much;
  • It contains vitamins and minerals for a natural health boost.


  • This is a topper, not a regular option for daily nutrition.
  • Size: 3 oz

As an owner of a sensitive cat, you know that sometimes fewer ingredients is better. The Lovingly Simple series is developed for felines with a weak stomach. The formula with salmon and sweet potato has all your cat needs, and nothing it doesn’t. You won’t find soy, wheat, and artificial preservatives and flavors in the contents – instead, there is 36% of protein together with 5.5% of fiber.

Salmon serves as the main ingredient, and absolutely no poultry is used. Vegetables and fruit are not included since they might irritate the stomach. Peas and pea starch provide extra protein. Note that the food contains sunflower oil and salt, so it’s not suitable for cats prone to kidney diseases. There is the whole gamut of vitamins and minerals. This holistic food can be served to both adult and senior cats.


  • Great protein content;
  • Suitable for cats with a sensitive stomach.


  • There are no vegetables and fruits, which might be a drawback for some cats.
  • Size: 3.4 lb

Our last I and love and you cat food review is about the formula for indoor cats. If your feline friend is not very active, it’s prone to weight gain. This is where the formula with chicken and turkey comes in handy. Its first ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, and turkey. Peas and pea starch serve as an additional source of proteins. The formula also contains Omega fatty acids and taurine for healthy fur and skin of your beloved pet.

For better pet’s digestion, the manufacturer added carrots and flax seeds: they improve intestinal metabolism and serve as an extra source of vitamins together with cranberries and blueberries. Aside from minerals, there are L-carnitine, rosemary extract, and Vitamin E supplements added. This super-food boasts a high protein content (40%) and only 11% of crude fat. It is an ideal option for daily feeding of your adult cat regardless of its breed.


  • High protein content;
  • Suitable for overweight and outdoor cats.


  • Too many pea products.
  • Size: 3.4 lb

Main Features of I and Love and You Cat Food

This brand focuses on the creation of holistic cat food, which means it is of the highest quality and does not contain any artificial components (colors, preservatives, dyes) and animal by-products (or any meat products of unknown origin). At the same time, both dry and wet cat foods contain enough vitamins and minerals: pretty much every formula contains a sufficient amount of nutrients for full-fledged daily nutrition. All foods are grain-free, no soy, wheat, or rice are used in the formulas. If you’re a fan of grain-free feeding, check out our post with the best grain-free cat food brands and grain-free feline treats.

Types of cat food available

I and love and you company offers all essential series of cat foods, including:

  • Dry foods. Kibbles series for indoor and sensitive cats are present. All of them are grain-free. Besides, there is the Super-food series offered for cats of all ages.  Lovingly simple is a single ingredient series. 
  • Wet foods. Pate style and pouches with morsels in gravy are present with poultry and fish flavors prevailing. 
  • Toppers are present in three flavors and enriched with vitamins and minerals – they serve as a healthy addition to a regular feline diet.
  • Cat treats in the form of dry kibbles serve to enhance the health of intestine and teeth. 

All in all, the company offers all basic types of cat food, so it’s not hard to find a suitable option for your pet. 

Main ingredients used in I and Love and You cat food

The brand puts the primary focus on poultry flavors: there are chicken, turkey, and duck meat being used. Also, it makes several flavors from salmon and whitefish (mackerel). Red meats are not abundantly present: you can find a few beef flavors only. 

Where do I and love and you cat food get their ingredients? According to the manufacturer, the vast majority of products come from the USA and Canada, with only a few ingredients exported from other countries. 

Despite the fact that the manufacturer doesn’t use grains, soy, by-products, and artificial flavors and preservatives, there are a few questionable components noticed:

  1. Yeast culture;
  2. Sweet potatoes;
  3. Garbanzo beans;
  4. Pea protein and pea starch.

First, cats don’t really need too many peas in their diet – it contains a lot of carbohydrates along with protein. Secondly, beans and yeast cultures might be too harsh for cats with sensitive stomachs. Some pets might have trouble digesting all those components. 

About I and Love and You company

About I and Love and You company was founded in 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, US by its parent company Only Natural Pet. Initially, it started as a small pet store, but the owners decided to expand their business and switch to the production of all-natural, healthy cat and dog food. In 2015, the premium food by I and Love and You brand appeared in online stores, such as Amazon and Chewy. 

According to the co-founder Brendan Synnott, their brand implements nearly the same strategies as used by the other affiliates of Only Natural Pet (EVOL and Bear Naked). The company specializes in manufacturing cat and dog food of the top quality (some series are rates as holistic food).

I and Love and You uses only high-quality ingredients for production of pet foods: most of them are supplied by American and Canadian farmers. Only a few components are exported from other countries (as stated on the manufacturer’s website). All the series are manufactured in the USA facilities.

The company emphasizes the importance of healthy and organic ingredients: every single component used in its formulas has been approved by a veterinarian. At the same time, the company maintains an agreeable pricing policy keeping the food affordable. 

Is I and Love and You good for cats?

By and large, I and Love and You brand provides the products with the quality sequence higher than what’s offered by the mass market. When compared to non-expensive economy-class foods, these recipes are devoid of potentially dangerous ingredients, including artificial preservatives and colors. The foods by I and Love and You are formulated to be harmless for digestion and overall health. None of the recipes are characterized by excessively strong smell or flavors, so none of them might cause physical addiction (which is a serious drawback of cheap supermarket foods). The company does its best to provide a truly safe product for pets of any age or breed.  

Poultry is the most regularly used ingredient of this cat food: the manufacturer prefers adding chicken and turkey (some recipes also contain duck), as well as chicken broth. Chicken liver is also used in some wet food recipes. No animal by-products are used. Whitefish (mostly, mackerel) and salmon make up for the second half of flavors. Beef is used in a few recipes, too. Unfortunately, I and Love and You does not use other types of meat, for instance, venison or rabbit. 

Dried eggs and peas are used as an additional source of protein. Yet, many users are sure there are too many pea products – they might be hard for a cat to digest, and still have a pretty high carbohydrate content. Anyway, protein content in all recipes is on the high side, so cats won’t lack it – the combination of nutrients is well-balanced. 

Why do customers and veterinarians recommend I and Love and You cat food?

  • It contains all essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, E, A, B. Each recipe contains minerals for a cat’s health, such as zinc, taurine, and potassium. Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids are added in every wet and dry cat food recipe. 
  • There are no artificial preservatives and flavor intensifiers – the recipes have a natural taste and smell that appeal to cats. 
  • The food is full of protein, while fat and carbohydrates are never in excess.

Has I and Love and You been recalled?

As for the cat food from I and love and you, it has never been recalled: none of the customers complained about the components and chemical content of the products. However, their dog treats were recalled in July 2015: beef gullet dog treats were suspected to have potential salmonella contamination.

My own review of I and Love and You cat food

As a veterinarian, I pay primary attention to the quality of ingredients, so when I started analyzing I and Love and You cat food, it was the first criterion to judge by.

What makes this brand better than the majority of food options on the shelves is 100% meat used as the first ingredient. Mostly, it’s chicken, turkey, and whitefish – these flavors are versatile and appeal to most cats, even picky eaters. As far as I know, the company uses American and Canadian meat for production, so I don’t doubt the quality of these ingredients. 

To provide a high protein content, the manufacturer also uses dried eggs and various pea products (pea starch, pea protein, or simply dried peas). I would call these ingredients questionable. Dried eggs are not suitable for cats prone to allergy – such an ingredient shouldn’t be in the Top-5 components of any recipe. As for pea products, there are too many of them. First, it loads the cat’s digestive system seriously. Second, peas are also high in carbohydrates, so it’s far not the best choice for overweight pets. 

As for the amount of vitamins and minerals, it’s normal, so the food would be great for daily nutrition. There are no artificial preservatives and colors, this is why I definitely recommend this product to cats.

Pros Cons
• Meat is the first ingredient.
• Each recipe has a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.
• No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives added.
• Different food types are present (food for indoor cats, super-food series, etc).
• The manufacturer uses too much pea in dry foods.Lack of flavor variety – customers basically have to choose between poultry and fish.
• Lack of food varieties for kittens, seniors, and sterile cats.

What customers say about I and Love and You cat food?

Generally, there are no highly negative reviews about this cat food brand. The majority of users admit that their cats like the flavors and even picky eaters never sneeze at a portion of pate or kibbles with chicken or white fish. 

Since the manufacturer restricted the use of potentially allergic ingredients, cats on I and Love and You diet experience no problems with digestion and skin – there have been no cases of allergy reported. Yet, some recipes are full of peas and beans – they are not good for the digestive system, and contain much carbs. 

What customers don’t like in marine flavors is a strong fish smell. Some cats won’t touch the flavors with salmon and white fish (about 20% of cats refuse to eat this food). But when it comes to chicken and turkey, such foods appeal to the majority of felines.

Whatever the case is, I and Love and You rarely causes digestion problems or vomiting in cats even if they don’t really like the taste. Due to their size, small kibbles are more palatable, so dry foods can surely be served to kittens and adults with teeth problems. 

There is one ingredient that customers want to be removed: Menadione Sodium Bisulfite (synthetic vitamin K3). It’s known to cause cancer in cats, so when you buy dry foods of I and Love and You brand, read the contents attentively and decide for yourself.

Customers’ pros and cons:

Pros Cons
• Cats like poultry flavors a lot;
• No stomach or sensitivity problems caused;
• Convenient small kibbles, pate is moisturized enough.
• Cats don’t like fish flavors;
• Synthetic Vitamin K3 is added;
• Dry food makes cats very thirsty.


Is I and Love and You good cat food?

Yes, generally, this cat food is of high quality. It’s produced from natural ingredients sourced from the USA and Canada and does not contain artificial components. If your cat is not prone to allergy and stomach sensitivity, the majority of food series will appeal to it. 

Where to buy I and Love and You cat food?

This food is sold in some retail stores run by Only Natural Pet and other brick-and-mortar pet shops. Besides, you can order these products online in Amazon and Chewy stores. 

How healthy is cat food I and Love and You?

This food might be called 90% healthy because it uses meat as the first ingredient, and there is no soy, animal by-products, wheat, and other potentially dangerous components. Recipes have a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, but some users claim that the synthetic K3 vitamin can evoke cancer in cats. 

Is I and Love and You cat food grain free?

Yes, all recipes of I and Love and You are absolutely grain-free. They do not contain wheat, barley, rice or soy. Instead, the manufacturer uses sweet potatoes, beans and peas, and vegetables. You can be sure that none of the products has gluten. 

So should you buy I and Love and You cat food?

The food of I and Love and You brand is generally better than economy-class foods, and its quality exceeds some medium-grade products, as well. Why should you consider feeding your cat those products?

  1. They are made of natural fish, poultry, and red meat, so your cat will receive crude protein from organic sources.
  2. Each recipe is formulated to have enough vitamins and minerals to sustain the health of both adults and small kittens. The food from I and Love and You is suitable for cats of all breeds and ages.
  3. There is a great balance of proteins, fat, and carbs in each formula. Feel free to feed your overweight cat these pates and kibbles. With a sufficient amount of water, they will be totally safe for cats’ digestion. 
  4. No artificial additives can be found in recipes – they are absolutely safe for cats.

If you’ve been searching for quality but moderately priced cat food, I and Love and You will be a great choice. Even if your cat won’t like the flavor or smell of those meals, switching is not stressful for its body since products are close to holistic foods by their content. Also, it’s highly recommended to try series for sensitive cats and kibbles with super-foods. 

Additional info 

I’d like to finish my review with a few recommendations for cat owners – these pro tips will help you switch to the new food in a safe manner and reap maximum health advantages for your pet. 

  1. To calculate an optimal portion of dry or wet food for your cat, use the guides on the label: they contain full information about daily norms for cats of different weight categories. Use our guide about the right amount of cat food for support.
  2. Do not forget to when you feed your cat dry food. Cat water founains are proven to be very effecive in improving cat’s hydration. Despite the fact that kibbles from I and Love and You contain 10% of moisture, it’s not enough for sustaining normal hydration. Find out how much water should your cat drink in our article.
  3. Watch for the symptoms of allergy in your pet: if you notice it scratching ears or other body parts regularly, skin reddening, and poor fur condition, consider visiting your vet and switching to another type of food.
  4. Note that some recipes contain a lot of pea products. If your cat has a sensitive stomach, it’s recommended to try the special limited ingredient series because it’s more palatable. 
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