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3 Indoor Dog Parks in Atlanta, GA, You Can Visit in 2024

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

white dog walking in a private playground

Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the largest cities in the southern United States, and there are several outdoor dog parks for owners to take their canines. Dog parks provide dogs with exercise and social interactions, but in the summer, the summer heat can make them unbearable.

There only seem to be three indoor parks in Atlanta, GA, but they provide several valuable services. If you’re looking for an indoor park for your favorite dog, you can check out our run-down of the three facilities below. Here are your best options:


The 3 Indoor Dog Parks in Atlanta, GA

1. Dog Days Buckhead

🗺️ Location: 3325 Canes Hill Pl NW, Atlanta GA 30305
📞 Contact: (404)-777-3623
💲Rate: $26 per half day, packages available
  • Loads of indoor and outdoor play for your canine pal
  • They have membership packages available but charge $26 per half day for dogs to stay in the doggie daycare and play with their friends
  • Large dogs have an outdoor area to play in, while smaller dogs are allowed to play indoors
  • The facility also offers grooming, swimming, and dog boarding services

2. Central Bark Atlanta

🗺️Location: 1940 Briarwood Ct NE, Atlanta, GA 30329
📞 Contact: (404)-248-2275
💲Rate: Prices vary according to service, packages available
  • Central Bark Atlanta has a wide array of services to offer your dog in their doggie daycare and indoor dog park
  • Prices vary according to the service, and there are packages available as well
  • Central Bark provides one-on-one enrichment services where a staff member introduces interactive games and toys to your dog
  • Also has a doggie salon and spa, sleepovers, doggie training, insurance, and even a market where you can buy your pet’s favorite food, toys, and treats

3. Kirkwood Bark and Lounge

🗺️ Location: 206 Hosea L. Williams Dr, NE, Atlanta, GA 30317
📞 Contact: (404)-377-1844
💲Rate: $47 to $70 a day
  • Kirkwood Bark and Lounge has a state-of-the-art facility that places the large and small dogs into separate play areas
  • The first day of the daycare is free, and your dog will have plenty of fun running with other dogs
  • If you drop your dog off for Kirkwood’s daycare service, you can watch them interact with the dogs and staff on the doggy cam
  • The facility also provides grooming, exit baths, and boarding for your canine friend




If you’re in Atlanta or just passing through, you might be looking for an indoor dog park or a doggie daycare where you can take your pet to play. While there aren’t many indoor dog parks with doggie daycares in the area, the three above have well-trained staff who go out of their way to entertain and care for your dog. Before visiting the dog parks, ensure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations, in good health, and unafraid of interacting with other canines.

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