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Is Dehydrated Food Good for Dogs? Our Vet Approved Advice

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By Jana Blagojevic

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Many pet owners experiment with different diets and methods for preparing food, only to hear about dehydrated food from their vet. If you are wondering what exactly dehydrated food is and how safe it is for your pet, read the article below, as it contains all the necessary information.

After learning about this particular food, we’re sure you’ll consider including it in your dog’s daily diet, as dehydrated food has many benefits to your dog’s health.

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What is Dehydrated Food?

Dehydrated dog food has existed for many years, and pet parents worldwide use it for its excellent benefits. While most of us are familiar with kibble, which is food compressed very quickly and using hot temperatures, dehydrated food uses warm air to slowly remove all moisture from the food. Dehydrated food is designed in a particular way that ensures the nutritional values of the food are preserved.

Offering your dog dehydrated food is incredibly simple, and they will likely adore it. Pet parents place the dehydrated food in the bowl and pour water or broth to rehydrate the food. Since it retains all the nutritional value, it is an amazing choice to consider.

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Is Dehydrated Food Safe for Dogs?

Dehydrated food is fantastic and entirely safe, even for dogs with sensitive digestion. This food is an excellent alternative to traditional kibbles, canned, and even homemade food. Most brands that make dehydrated food ensure it is made using only human-grade ingredients while avoiding GMO ingredients or preservatives. Because of the lack of moisture in dehydrated food, it can maintain a long shelf life even without the need for preservatives. It is incredibly easy to store, making it convenient for pet parents.

When food is cooked at lower temperatures, it retains nutrients and enzymes, reducing only the water content. This way of partially cooking food also ensures the elimination of pathogens and microorganisms that may be dangerous to dogs.

Benefits of Dehydrated Dog Food

There are many reasons why pet parents across the nation choose dehydrated dog food instead of conventional dog food, from convenience to various health benefits. One of the most significant advantages of using dehydrated food is the method of making it, which requires minimal processing. The gentle dehydration process leaves the original taste of food and plenty of essential nutrients at higher concentrations. This type of food has the same effects as fresh homemade food while eliminating pathogens and harmful chemicals.

Dehydrated dog food provides dogs with proteins much more efficiently than heavily processed dog foods such as kibble. If your puppy has a sensitive stomach or a hard time digesting food, dehydrated dog food may be the right choice for you.

Another fantastic benefit of dehydrated dog food is the reduced risk of it getting spoiled and the convenience of storing it. Unlike other dog food types, dehydrated food has reduced moisture levels, providing a longer shelf life.

Potential Risks of Dehydrated Foods

One of the very few risks of dehydrated food includes overeating. Since the serving sizes of dehydrated food are much smaller than regular portions, you must be careful when feeding it to your dog. Follow the instructions on the packaging, which will tell you exactly how much food to offer your dog, depending on its age and weight.

This type of food is made from various ingredients and in many different mixtures. Before offering your dog a particular dehydrated food brand, it is essential to check the ingredients and ensure your dog has no food allergies to that specific food.

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Final Thoughts

Dehydrated food has incredible benefits for your dog’s health and is incredibly safe for them as long as it’s provided as a part of a balanced diet. After reading about dehydrated food, you may consider including it in your dog’s daily diet. This type of food retains all the nutrients your dog needs for healthy development and growth and saves you plenty of time preparing homemade food and worrying about the ingredients.

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