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Keep Your German Shepherd Off Furniture: 5 Expert Tips

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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While it may seem tempting to have your German Shepherd hop up on the couch or bed every once in a while for a cuddle, it can turn into an unwanted habit. Dogs that are allowed to lounge around on the furniture will take full advantage anytime a space on the sofa opens. With his oily fur and high shedding rates, your German Shepherd will also make a hairy, greasy mess on your beloved furniture.

Not happy about your dog’s taste for the good life? Setting boundaries, providing him with a space of his own, and ongoing training will put an end to his bad behavior. Here are five tips to keep your German Shepherd off the furniture for good.

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Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your German Shepherd Off Furniture

1. Start Off on the Right Paw

Proper dog training should always start from day one. As soon as you bring your cuddly and cute German Shepherd puppy home, start enforcing the no-furniture policy. Giving him the part-time privilege of slumbering on the sofa will make it harder to for your dog to understand and obey rules later down the road. If your puppy jumps on your chair or tries to climb into bed with you, sternly tell him no and remove him from the furniture.

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2. His Own Space

To lower his temptations to curl up on the couch, provide your German Shepherd with a comfortable alternative. Place a large, supportive, and padded dog bed at the foot of your bed or by your sofa. Make the bed more appealing by laying your dog’s favorite blanket or toys on it. You can also spritz the bed with calming pheromones to create a serene, safe space for your dog to lay on.

3. Block His Access When You’re Gone

Do you have an inkling that your pooch is secretly crawling up onto your furniture when you’re away? Have you noticed dog hair where it shouldn’t be? If so, you need to block your German Shepherd’s access to forbidden furniture when you’re not home.

While it may be a pain at first to load up your bed or sofa with boxes and other large objects, it will discourage your dog from getting on the furniture. You can also block off certain rooms in your home, such as your bedroom, by closing the door or putting up a baby gate.

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4. Teach Him the “Off” Cue

Whenever your dog tries to hop onto the furniture, immediately use the “off” command. This command is easy to teach your dog and works better than “down” since many folks use “down” in reference to “lie down.”

The next time your German Shepherd puts his paws on the furniture or looks like he’s going to leap up, immediately say “off.” When he complies, give him a high-value reward. Repeat the process until your dog starts getting off furniture whenever he hears the word “off.”

5. Make the Furniture Unappealing

One of the simplest ways to keep Fido off the furniture is to make it unappealing for him to be on it! Use a non-toxic bitter spray on your couch or bed. Citrus scents also work too. Dogs detest the smell and flavor of these sprays and will avoid them at all costs.

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Final Thoughts

To keep your German Shepherd off your furniture, you need to set boundaries from the start. Don’t allow your pet on some pieces of furniture while keeping others off-limits. You can also provide him with his own space, teach him the “off” cue, block his access, and use citrus-scented sprays on your sofa or bed.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy a hairless, dog-free couch.

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