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National Pet Bird Day 2024: When Is It & How You Can Celebrate

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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A few days in the year are dedicated to our furry friends, but bird owners will be excited to know that their feathered friends also have a day to celebrate them. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the happiness that having a bird as a pet brings into your life. National Pet Bird Day occurs on the 17th of September every year, and you can keep reading to learn more about this day and how you and your pet bird can be a part of it.

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What Is National Pet Bird Day? 

National Pet Bird Day was created by an organization known as The Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK; no mistake made here!). It was created as a special day of celebration to promote responsible, safe, and enriched ownership and to celebrate the benefits and joys of owning a pet bird.

The main goals of National Pet Bird Day are:
  • To recognize how pet birds bring joy to our lives
  • Educate potential and current bird owners about the responsibilities and commitments
  • Bringing together a community of pet bird lovers and owners
  • Helping first-time pet bird owners find a suitable feathered friend

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Image Credit: Zuzha, Shutterstock

The History of National Pet Bird Day

Pet bird ownership goes as far back as 4,000 years ago. We know that ancient seafarers used pet birds to help them identify land; if the bird spotted land, they’d fly off. Otherwise, they stick with the boat. It is believed that the ancient Sumerians had pet birds because they had a word for birdcage, and some of Alexander the Great’s generals even brought pet birds home from their conquests in India in the fourth century B.C.

Pet birds gained popularity in European royal courts when the royal court in Portugal brought back a canary in the 1340s. Birds from all over the world were imported as new global commerce routes were found.

Birds are now more frequently kept as pets and are cherished by a wide range of people. Today, 2.8% of homes in America keep birds as pets! To recognize the joy and responsibility that come with owning a pet bird, National Pet Bird Day was established in 2019.

Reasons to Love National Pet Bird Day

We love this day because it shines a light on the benefit of owning pet birds that goes beyond companionship, such as stress relief and improving health. This day invites pet bird owners to share their experiences, connect with fellow pet bird owners, and convince their friends and families to find a feathered companion of their own.

National Pet Bird Day also allows us to spoil our pet birds as if it were their birthday, which is perhaps something we wouldn’t otherwise do.

How Can I Participate in National Pet Bird Day?

If you are a pet bird owner, there are several ways to support National Pet Bird Day.

Here are a few fun ideas:
  • Share photos of your pet bird, stories, stats, and informative articles on your social media platform using #NationalPetBirdDay.
  • Treat your feathered friend to a new toy or treat that they will love and appreciate
  • Support your local bird rescue center by donating or raising funds
  • Learn about birds and share your newfound knowledge
  • Encourage your friends and family to become bird owners or find a new companion for your pet bird

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Image Credit: LoboStudioHamburg, Pixabay

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Tips for Caring for a Pet Bird

Whether you have decided to become a pet bird owner for National Pet Bird Day or already have a beloved feathered friend, keeping them healthy and happy and providing them with an enriched life is essential. That’s part of the goal for National Pet Bird Day, so here are some tips for caring for your pet bird: 

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Image Credit: Nick Beer, Shutterstock

Your Pet Bird’s Cage

The area you and your family spend most of your time in is the best place for your bird’s cage—either in a corner or up against a wall. This makes it possible for your bird to feel like a member of the family. Placing the cage against a wall or in a corner will help your bird feel more secure and protected. Additionally, birds like to be above humans or have access to high perches when they need to hide.

Your bird will be happier if the cage is larger, but you can purchase a separate sleeping cage or get a cage with wheels so you may move it during the night so you don’t disturb their sleeping schedule. The best cage material is stainless steel. It is essential to check that the cage includes a pull-out tray for easy clean-up and a wire grate bottom.


The ideal temperature for a pet bird is between 70° and 80° F. The cage should be kept out of the direct path of draughts like an air conditioner or heating vent. Birds must be exposed to UVA and UVB rays from the sun or full-spectrum lighting to produce the vitamin D needed for strong bones, so ensure they have access to it daily.

Periods outside are essential for the happiness of your pet bird. Giving your bird a playpen or perch will provide a safe experience outside the cage and prevent them from sitting and nibbling on your furniture.

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Image Credit: Lorcel, Shutterstock


You can provide your pet bird with chewable toys and exercise activities that benefit their physical and mental well-being. Interactive play is another great way to enrich your pet bird’s environment. You can play games like “chase,” where you safely “chase” your bird around on the bed.

You can encourage your bird to climb up and down your stairs at home or attach a rope from the ceiling for them to climb. You can also play your favorite music and have a dance-off with your pet bird, which they will love!

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Final Thoughts

National Pet Bird Day takes place on the 17th of September. The special day highlights the benefits and joy of owning a pet bird and promotes care tips and the correct care to keep our birds happy and healthy. If you are a pet bird owner, consider getting involved this year and take part in spreading the word!

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