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When Is National Pet Wellness Month 2024? When It Is & How to Participate

Brooke Billingsley

By Brooke Billingsley

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We all want our pets to live the longest, healthiest lives possible, but sometimes it can help us to have a reminder of all of the things that we can be doing to support the health and wellness of our pets. That’s why we love the idea of a whole month to learn about and celebrate the ways that we can help keep our pets healthy.

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When Is National Pet Wellness Month?

National Pet Wellness Month occurs annually throughout the entire month of October. This month was designed as National Pet Wellness Month by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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What Is National Pet Wellness Month?

National Pet Wellness Month was created as a way to help us, as pet owners, to stay mindful of all of the ways that we can keep our pets healthy. Our pets don’t have a way to tell us when they aren’t feeling well, so it’s important for us to support the overall health of our pets and learn how to identify problems as they arise.

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How to Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

Make a Wellness Appointment

Many pets, like cats and dogs, need an annual visit to the veterinarian to maintain their health. This visit can help to catch medical conditions early, as well as ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and refill any preventative medications, like heartworm and flea medications. If you have an exotic pet, talk to your exotics veterinarian about their recommendations of how frequently you need to be taking your pet in for a visit.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Just like people, dogs and cats can develop serious problems with their teeth and mouth. While people brush their teeth regularly, dogs and cats usually don’t have their teeth brushed frequently. Plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth over time. Poor oral health can lead to gingivitis, stomatitis, tooth loss, and tooth breaks. A routine dental cleaning is performed under anesthesia at your vet’s clinic, so call your vet to see when your pet should have a cleaning done.

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Keep Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

Obesity has become a huge problem in pets, to the point that many people now have a warped view of what a healthy weight pet should look like. One of the best ways to maintain the health of your pet is to keep them at a healthy weight. Talk to your vet about an appropriate weight range for your pet. Stick to a measured diet that is appropriate for your pet. Avoid feeding pets table scraps, give treats in moderation, and keep your pet physically active.

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In Conclusion

Every year in the month of October, we celebrate National Pet Wellness Month. Use this month as an opportunity to ensure the health of your pet by getting their wellness visits on track and talking to your vet about your pet’s weight and dental health. Staying on top of your pet’s health will help provide them with the longest, healthiest life possible.

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Brooke Billingsley

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Brooke Billingsley spent nine years as a veterinary assistant before becoming a human nurse in 2013. She resides in Arkansas with her boyfriend of five years. She loves all animals and currently shares a home with three dogs, two cats, five fish, and two snails. She has a soft spot for special needs animals and has a three-legged senior dog and an internet famous cat with acromegaly and cerebellar hypoplasia. Fish keeping...Read more

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