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16 Newfoundland Dog Mixes (With Pictures)

Gregory Iacono

By Gregory Iacono

newfoundland dog standing outdoor

If you love massive, friendly, fun, and utterly charming dogs, you likely already know about the Newfoundland dog breed. Newfies are giants with huge heads and big, fluffy bodies. They’re surprisingly gentle, too, get along very well with kids, and once mature, will be well-behaved if trained well. Newfies rarely bark and have moderate activity needs but are highly adaptable to many situations. They also get along well with other dogs and pets as long as they’re properly socialized.

For these reasons, mixing a Newfie with other dog breeds has become quite popular, especially with dogs that bring certain distinctive traits to the table. We have the details and data on 16 fantastic Newfoundland dog mixes below that will have you wanting to adopt one!

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The 16 Newfoundland Dog Mixes

1. Newfie Husky

A Newfie Husky is a mix between a Newfoundland and a Siberian Husky, but it’s a bit smaller than the massive Newfoundland. They usually have floppy Newfie ears, are medium-sized, and have medium, thick coats in black, white, and gray combinations. You’ll also find Newfie Huskies in dark brown if one of the parents had brown as a primary color. The most exciting thing to see is when a Newfie Husky is born with the stunning baby-blue eyes typical of a Siberian Husky!

2. Newfie Lab

Few dogs are as calm, compassionate, and caring as the Newfie Lab, a mix of Labrador Retriever and Newfoundland. Many Newfie Labs are born with incredible coats that are massive, fluffy, and thick. The average puppy, which is already huge, will likely reach 100 pounds as an adult. Newfie Labs come in gorgeous colors and color combinations, including brindle, sable, and cream.

3. Chow Newfie

The Chow Newfie is another massive mix of the genes of a Newfoundland and a Chow Chow. These gigantic dogs, which can reach nearly 30 inches tall and weigh upwards of 120 pounds, were first bred in Nordic countries as working dogs. Their coats suited the frigid climate because they were incredibly thick and insulating. Most Chow Newfies come in the colors you might imagine, as their parent breeds are brown, black, and gray, with some cream. One sad thing to note about these glorious canines is that they tend to live short lives, which is typical for extra-large dogs.

4. Newfie Pitbull

What do you get when mixing a Newfoundland with an American Pitbull Terrier? A devoted, incredibly gentle dog that will be your best friend and courageous defender if necessary! These strong-willed dogs need a gentle hand to guide them from puppyhood and lots of socialization. Give that to them, and you’ll have one of the sweetest, biggest dogs in town, and they won’t take a lot of grooming to look great.

5. Newfie Shepherd (aka New Shep)

With an average weight that’s close to 150 pounds, the Newfie Shepherd, or New Shep, is huge. Thanks to its Newfoundland and German Shepherd genes, it is a gentle giant of a dog and can be sweet as sugar to the owners who raise it with care and love. New Sheps come in a wide range of colors, including black, white, and brown, as well as cream, sable, and silver. Since both parent breeds have double coats, most New Sheps will also, which means regular brushing is a must! If a massive canine companion is what you seek, the Newfie Shepherd is a great choice.

6. Bernewfie (aka Bernie, New Mountain Bernese)

This interesting mix of Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog weighs in at about 100 pounds. Most have adorable silk-like ears that droop down their furry faces. Bernewfies also shed like fur monsters and require daily brushing to keep your home from looking like a fur factory. Colors for the Bernewfie include beautiful ones like tricolor, solid black, and solid brown. As you might imagine, these designer dogs have huge heads with big, adorable muzzles and tend to drool quite a bit.

7. Golden Newfie

You’re correct if you guessed the Golden Newfie was a mix of Newfoundland and Golden Retriever. What you might not know is that the Golden Newfie is incredibly sweet towards family members but, around strangers, can be a little standoffish. These designer dogs also need a kind but firm hand when training and as much socialization as possible. When given the love, care, and attention they demand, these water-loving dogs will turn into big, lovable babies and wonderful companions. Big as they are, Golden Newfies are sensitive, too, so positive reinforcement when training is best.

8. Saint Bernewfie

If the word “gigantic” is one you like to use when talking about dogs, the Saint Bernewfie will be a perfect fit. One thing to remember if you adopt this cross between Saint Bernard and Newfoundland is that, at upwards of 180 pounds, they’re as big as the average adult man! Their heads are massive, and they tend to be droolers, so always keep a towel on hand. It’s also important to know that these are powerful dogs and need a strong but tender hand when training.

9. Newfweiler (aka New Rottland)

This giant of a designer breed is a mix of the Rottweiler and Newfoundland. Luckily, those parent breeds make it a very gentle pet and an excellent guard dog. The New Rottland is an extra-large dog that weighs upwards of 130 pounds and can stand as high as 30 inches tall. They come in various lovely colors, including fawn, cream, black, and brown. Newfweilers are adorable, fun-loving dogs that tolerate children well and love playing fetch.

10. Border Newfie

When a Border Newfie looks you in the eyes, there’s almost no way your heart won’t melt! These gorgeous dogs, a cross between the lovely Border Collie and illustrious Newfie, are one of the more recent designer dogs and are simply stunning to see. Since it’s incredibly intelligent, the Border Newfie will need lots of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. We guarantee you’ll love playing with this pup when you see the Border Newfie’s adorable face and exquisite, usually long-haired coat.

11. Newfie Dane

Few designer dog breeds are as regal looking as the Newfie Dane, a mix of Newfoundland and Great Dane. Like most of the dogs on our list, Newfie Danes are gigantic dogs that tower over many other breeds. However, as big as they are, the Newfie Dane is one of the sweetest mixed breeds and is highly intelligent, social, and friendly. They’re also about as fluffy as a dog can get in some cases, but they can be less fluffy and slimmer and sleeker if they take after their Great Dane parent.

12. Newfiepoo (aka Newel, Newfypoo)

It probably won’t surprise you that the Newfiepoo, a mix of Newfoundland and standard Poodle, is one of the favorite designer Newfoundland breeds. One reason is that, like their poodle parent, some Newfiepoos can be almost hypoallergenic and thus are great for those with allergy issues. These are also incredibly playful and energetic dogs and require more than the average mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Many Newfiepoos have sweet, huggable faces with thick, tightly curled hair. In short, they’re adorable!

13. Aussie Newfie

With a gigantic head, big eyes, and lovely colors like white, black, and grey tricolored, this Australian Shepherd and Newfoundland mix will melt your heart. They will also tear up your living space without training and socializing, so be aware of that when adopting this gigantic designer breed. One great reason to adopt an Aussie Newfie is that they’re usually smaller dogs and can be comfortable in smaller spaces.

14. Newfie Pyrenees

If you want the fluffiest dog you’ve ever seen as a pet, you have to adopt the Newfie Pyrenees! Enormous is a great word for this mix of Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees, as they can reach 120 pounds and nearly 30 inches in height! As for colors, brown, tan, and black are typical, although they come in many shades of all three. One important thing to note is that, due to their incredibly thick coats, the Newfie Pyrenees is more suitable for colder climates and will not do well in Florida, Arizona, or other areas with hot summers.

15. Komondor Newfie

Considering their immense size, the average Komondor Newfie barely sheds or drools, thanks to their Komondor genes. They’re one of the cutest designer dogs and were created by combining the Newfoundland with, not surprisingly, the Komondor. Coat colors range from cream and back to white, brown, and grey shades. Komondor Newfies are calm, sociable, affectionate, and perfect for those who live a laid-back lifestyle but have a lot of space for a massive dog.

16. Swiss Newfie

The Swiss Newfie, a cross between the Newfoundland and Swiss Mountain Dog, is tall, strong, and big-boned, with almond eyes and a puppy-dog face that are truly handsome. Although massive, Swiss Newfies are gentle, affectionate, and calm once they reach adulthood. They’re smart but stubborn and need to be well-trained so they don’t become destructive. Besides that, however, Swiss Newfies make wonderful pets and fantastic best buddies.

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Attributes of the Newfoundland

If you’re going to adopt a mixed-breed dog that’s part Newfoundland, it helps to know what you’re getting into. The Newfoundland is a truly majestic and massive breed with big bones and a wonderful reputation. J.M. Barrie, the Scottish novelist and author of Peter Pan, was quite enamored of the Newfoundland and its lovable, caregiving ways. That’s why the character of Nana the dog was based on the breed and a sure sign that these dogs are wonderful and loving.

With their massive heads, Newfoundlands can look threatening. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as they’re sociable and sweet. That’s good because your Newfoundland puppy might grow bigger than you at close to 120 pounds and 30 inches tall.

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Final Thoughts

The Newfoundland is a giant breed often mixed with other large breeds like the Great Dane, Labrador Retriever, and Great Pyrenees. You’ll usually get a big, beautiful, and bold dog that’s affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. A large space is vital to keep the dogs active, as well as plenty of socialization with other people and pets and positive reinforcement when training. One thing is certain; whichever Newfie mix you adopt, it’s likely to be one big dog!

Featured Image Credit: PH888, Shutterstock

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