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6 Nom Nom Dog Food Alternatives: Which is Better? (2024 Update)

Hallie Roddy

By Hallie Roddy

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There are a few fresh dog food subscriptions that many pet owners are using instead of traditional kibble. These types of foods use cleaner ingredients without the use of additives and preservatives. One of the most popular brands on the market today is Nom Nom dog food. While this food is of very high quality and has many highly rated reviews, it is also costly and not something everyone can afford.

If you’re looking for a healthy dog food alternative that still offers the high nutrition of Nom Nom food, take a look at our list of potential options. We compare each contender to a recipe from the Nom Nom dog food line, so you can choose a food that is best suited to your budget and pets needs.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Open Farms Grass-Fed Beef Dog Food Open Farms Grass-Fed Beef Dog Food
  • Gently cooked
  • Clean ingredients
  • Offer a wide variety of products
  • Second place
    Ollie Pets Fresh Dog Food Lamb Recipe Ollie Pets Fresh Dog Food Lamb Recipe
  • Four different recipes
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Gently cooked to preserve nutrients
  • Third place
    Pet Plate Lean & Mean Venison Recipe Pet Plate Lean & Mean Venison Recipe
  • Ideal for dogs with protein allergies
  • Five recipes to choose
  • Treats and supplements available
  • The 6 Nom Nom Dog Food Alternatives Compared

    1. Open Farms Gently Cooked Grass-Fed Beef Dog Food vs. Nom Nom Beef Mash Dog Food

    Nom Nom vs Open Farm 2024

    Check Open Farm Price

    Open Farms Gently Cooked Grass-Fed Beef Recipe is one of the best Nom Nom dog food alternatives. Like Nom Nom, Open Farms gently cooks its food so that it doesn’t lose any of the essential nutrients that dogs need. The ingredients list is short and uses only the cleanest and most nutritional ingredients. Another benefit to using Open Farm products is the variety you can choose from.

    Like Nom Nom, there are four different gently cooked recipes, but the company also offers dry food, wet food, freeze-dried raw food, treat, broths, and supplements. While it isn’t the most expensive, it is still higher in price compared to some other brands.

    2. Ollie Pets Fresh Dog Food Lamb Recipe vs Nom Nom Pork Potluck Dog Food

    Ollie vs Nom Nom Dog Food 2024

    An excellent Nom Nom dog food alternative for the money has to be Ollie Pets Fresh Dog Food. The lamb recipe specifically is high in protein and loaded with clean and nutritious ingredients. However, Ollie offers four different flavors and a few different treats. Unfortunately, Ollie only offers fresh food, so if you are looking for dry food as well you’ll have to find your kibble elsewhere.

    Ollie Pets makes its meals catered to your dog’s individual needs. You can also set up the deliveries to come biweekly or monthly. Although the term “human-grade” is not officially recognized by AFCCO, the company does claim to use human-grade meat and gently cook each recipe to preserve nutrients. However, recipes cannot be customized, so you’ll have to pick the best recipe for your pet and stick to it.

    3. Spot & Tango Turkey & Red Quinoa Fresh Recipe vs Nom Nom Turkey Fare Dog Food

    Spot and Tango vs Nom Nom Dog food 2024

    When it comes to pet food subscriptions, Spot & Tango is one of the best. It is more expensive, but the fresh food options, especially the Turkey & Red Quinoa Recipe, is high in protein but low in fat. It is are similarly priced to Nom Nom, however, also offers an “unkibble” food—similar to kibble but made with fresh, dried ingredients.

    All of the recipes are suitable for dogs of all ages and are free from artificial flavors, fillers, and preservatives. The company only offers delivery once per month, though, so you’ll have to make sure you’re stocked until your next delivery.

    4. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Chicken Recipe vs Nom Nom Chicken Cuisine Dog Food

    The Farmers vs Nom Nom 2024

    The Farmer’s Dog is another delivery service that offers fresh food only. The chicken recipe is one of the most popular since it is high in protein, and is also high in fat and low in fiber. Thankfully, there are two other fresh recipes to choose from as well. All of the ingredients used are locally sourced and meet AAFCO standards. However, the food can be expensive, and the questionnaire you have to fill out is a bit lengthy and time-consuming to fill out.

    5. PetPlate Lean & Mean Venison Recipe vs Nom Nom Pork Potluck

    Pet Plate vs NomNom Pork Potluck 2024

    Both companies have recipes that consider and cater to dogs with food sensitivities. Customers love that PetPlate offers a Lean & Mean Recipe for dogs that have allergies to their normal dog foods. Many dog owners assume that dogs are allergic to the grains in their foods, but more often than not, they are allergic to the protein itself. Swapping out traditional beef and chicken recipes for venison is a simple way to combat your pet’s allergies. Nom Nom doesn’t have any venison on their menu but we feel the Pork Potluck recipe works as an alternative to a chicken or beef dog food.

    This recipe from PetPlate is lower in protein but lower in fat and higher in fiber content when compared to the others. If your pet doesn’t have allergies, there are also five other recipes to choose from. The biggest customer complaint we have noticed is that the containers are hard to store if you have minimal freezer space.

    6. A Pup Above Texas Beef Stew Recipe vs Nom Nom Beef Mash Dog Food

    A Pup Above vs Nom Nom Dog Food 2024

    A Pup Above is mainly a subscription service, but it does offer you the option to order individual meals as well. The company has a unique sous vide cooking method, and all of its food is high in protein and produced in USDA facilities. The Texas Beef Stew Recipe is grain-free with non-GMO vegetables like carrots and russet potatoes. Unfortunately, it is expensive and also has a lower fiber content than many of the other brands on the list.

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    Buyer’s Guide: Nom Nom Dog Food Alternatives

    There are a lot of benefits to switching to a dog food delivery service that offers fresh food at your doorstep. It not only ensures that you never run out of dog food, but it keeps your pet as healthy as possible by using clean and simple ingredients. When shopping for a Nom Nom alternative, there are a few key factors to look for.

    two dog's waiting to be fed with the farmer's fresh dog food recipe

    Dry Food vs. Fresh Food

    Many pet food brands that offer fresh meals don’t sell kibble because it can be harder to formulate. While some people prefer dry kibble, fresh food recipes still offer your dog all of the nutrients they need to live healthy lives. The only downside that you need to consider is how much freezer space it can take up.


    What many customers love about these fresh-food brands is the simple ingredients list. The competition for fresh pet foods has skyrocketed. This is a plus for consumers because it means brands are more concerned with what they put into their recipes. Many of these brands offer top-quality meats and vegetables that are cooked at a low temperature so that none of the nutrition is lost.

    dog staring at the nom nom beef mash being transferred to the bowl


    Not all brands allow you to customize your meals, but some do. Most Nom Nom alternatives work in a similar way. They usually require you to fill out some questions about your pet so that you can feed them the proteins that work best for their size, breed, and dietary restrictions.


    Budget is definitely one of the biggest concerns that people face. Fresh food recipes are more expensive than kibble. However, the quality of ingredients and convenience make the higher price point worth it.

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    While there are a lot of great dog food brands out there, there’s nothing quite as good as feeding your dog fresh foods made from quality ingredients. Nom Nom is one of the leading brands in the industry, but there are alternatives to consider as well.

    We found that the best alternative is Open Farms. If you’re on a budget, Ollie Pets might be the better choice for you. For those with pets with sensitivities, PetPlate is an excellent option. Either way, all of these dog food brands have top reviews from happy customers around the country.

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