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6 Pet-Inspired Holiday Decoration Ideas (Festive & Easy)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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When the holiday season rolls around, it’s easy to get wrapped up in present shopping and meal planning. But don’t forget the decorating! If you’re tired of the usual holiday decorations, your pets can be a great source of inspiration.

How do you include your cats and dogs in the holiday decor? Here are six easy and fun ways to make your holidays a little furrier!

Top 6 Pet-Inspired Holiday Decorations:

1. Pet Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are the perfect place to start your pet-themed decorations! Pick up personalized paw-shaped stockings for the whole family or a special Santa cat stocking for yourself. And if you want to go all out, why not set up a stocking for each of your pets? You can fill it with catnip and treats!

2. DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can opt for fancy crystal or wood pet ornaments, but you can also whip up homemade versions! Try a kid-friendly felt cat ornament or clay paw print. Don’t forget to hang your brand-new ornaments out of reach of your pets.

3. Pet-Themed Wreaths (With Treats!)

Holiday wreaths don’t have to be all candy canes and mistletoe. This dog-themed Christmas wreath is made out of edible dog biscuits so you can give your pup a Christmas treat! Buy one on Etsy or make a DIY version at home.

4. Festive Animal Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper has a functional purpose — keeping your amazing presents a secret until the big day — but it’s also part of your holiday decor! There are thousands of fun wrapping paper patterns out there, and many feature cats, dogs, and even rabbits and chickens.

5. Holiday Centerpieces

Nothing livens up a holiday meal like having a cat at the table. But for the sake of that roast turkey and stuffing, we recommend making it a pet that won’t steal your food. Polish up a pair of cat-shaped candlesticks or go big with an adorable dog-shaped flower bouquet.

6. Decorate Your Pets

Once you’ve decked out every square inch of your house, it’s time to take holiday decorations to the next level: decorate your pet! This could be as simple as a holiday necktie for your cat or a reindeer antler headband for your pup.

Final Thoughts

Bringing your pets into your holiday decorations can make the holiday season that much more festive — and furry! We hope these ideas help you make your holidays special for your whole family, including your pets. Who says Santa Claus doesn’t have a cat?

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