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6 Cat & Dog Christmas Decorations: Simple & Festive Ideas

Beth Crane

By Beth Crane

Dog wearing a red christmas sweater

The festive season is the perfect time for sharing and showing how much you care about your family, including your furry friends. Pets love to be involved in Christmas cheer, and showing how much you love them through the time-honored tradition of decorating can be a fun and festive activity for the whole family. We’ve rounded up six cat and dog Christmas decoration ideas so you can celebrate with your pets in style and included tips on keeping them safe when decking the halls!

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The 6 Best Cat & Dog Christmas Decorations

1. Pet Christmas Stockings

Frisco Paw Holiday Personalized Dog & Cat Stocking

There’s nothing like pampering your pet, so why not surprise them on Christmas morning with a personalized pet stocking? These unique stockings can be hung on mantles or placed at the end of the dog bed, and they clearly show who the lucky recipient is. Your family and pets will be enamored by these cute paw stockings hanging next to yours, and they can be reused for years to come. If you’re crafty, you could even jazz them up with sequins or pompoms!

2. Pet-Themed Tree Ornaments

Old World Christmas Jolly Pup Glass Tree Ornament

If you have a tree to be proud of, adding a beautiful pet-themed tree ornament can be a subtle but perfect homage to your pet. Whether you have a cat or a dog (or any other pet), Chewy has gorgeous hand-painted ornaments to celebrate Christmas. Some can be personalized with names or paw prints, and if you don’t want a glass ornament, you can choose a plastic or wooden one.

3. Cat or Dog Wreaths (With Treats!)

DIY Dog Treat Christmas Wreath
Image Credit: Dalmatian DIY

This simple Christmas wreath can be presented as an attractive and tasty gift by buying or making your own treats wreath for your dog or cat! Dogs can have a wreath made of bone treats for a beautiful decoration that wouldn’t look out of place on your front door, and cats can have alternating treat bags and catnip fish. When decorating the wreath, the sky is the limit, so get those creative juices flowing and see what you can make!

4. Dog and Cat Christmas Bunting or Garlands

pinkblume Dog Christmas Decorations

For extra flair, you could put up cat or dog-themed garlands for your Christmas party. Strings of bunting are as classic as any Christmas tradition, and finding or making them specifically for your pet can ensure everyone around the table knows how much you love them. Many types of bunting and garlands can be found, from traditional Victorian cat garlands to whimsical, merry Christmas dog bunting. You could even try making one yourself from a picture of your pet for a truly personalized finish!

5.  Christmas Themed Pet Presents

Frisco Holiday Tree House & Scratching Posts

Some presents that pet owners buy their pets are jolly and bright, commanding the room and becoming decorations in of themselves; Frisco’s Holiday Tree House for cats, for example, is almost a set piece. It’s so festive, and it will help your cat feel more comfortable if they need to withdraw from the party for a while and de-stress. The festive Holiday Tree House includes a small cat condo and two scratching posts in Christmas colors.

6. Play Dress Up

Frisco Front Walking Christmas Tree Dog & Cat Costume

Last but by no means least, playing dress up with your pets is one of the best ways to create a dynamic, “living” decoration for your home. If your cat or dog tolerates playing dress up, there are some amazing outfits, from scarves and boots to antlers and Santa hats! Frisco’s Walking Christmas Tree is the ideal outfit if you have a small or medium-sized dog. Make sure your pet is happy to be dressed up, and don’t keep them in clothes for too long; if they show any signs of stress, you should remove the clothing and let them calm down.

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How Can I Keep My Pet Safe Around Christmas Decorations?

While decking out your home with Christmas cheer is a great tradition, keeping your pets safe and happy is very important. Unfortunately, many of the traditional decorations we use to celebrate the holiday can be hazardous to our pets, such as Christmas trees, lights, tinsel, and glass ornaments. However, you can do a few things to protect your pet from danger and still enjoy everything Christmas brings.

  • Try to use an artificial tree if possible, as real Christmas trees are toxic to pets. Sweep up any dropped needles or plastic as soon as you see them, and place a fence or guard around the tree to prevent your pet from getting too close.
  • Ensure any tinsel or lights are securely fastened to the tree, walls, or ceiling, and don’t leave any hanging down. Don’t make any loops in the lights or tinsel, which could accidentally strangle your pet.
  • Try to use non-breakable Christmas ornaments to prevent cuts from broken glass or plastic shards. You can choose ornaments that are less enticing to pets (but still beautiful!) by toning down the glitter or sparkle and not selecting any with hanging or dangling components.
  • Make sure any decorations with small or loose parts are always kept out of reach of pets (and children), as they present a choking and intestinal blockage hazard.
  • Any centerpieces or decorations that contain flowers should not include plants that are hazardous to pets. Poinsettia, Ivy, Holly, Mistletoe, and Lilies are all very toxic to pets, but you can display artificial versions to keep your pets safe.

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Christmas is an amazing time for the whole family, and showing the world your love for your pet brings the same warm feeling to your chest as a mug of hot cocoa. By using pet-themed decorations, you’re including your cat or dog in the festivities and making your home look wonderful at the same time. We hope you find the perfect gift for your favorite feline or canine and enjoy the excitement the holiday brings.

Featured Photo Credit: Ryan Seth Nau, Shutterstock

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