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15 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Connecticut – 2023 Reviews

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

woman holding pet insurance form

Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in the US. With general pet care costs continuing to rise,1 many pet owners are experiencing significant savings by purchasing pet insurance plans.

Pet owners have many different pet insurance companies that they can go to for purchasing insurance plans. While many of them offer similar basic coverage, they differ in many other areas, such as plan customizations, add-ons and riders, and customer service.

It’s easy to get lost in the details and feel overwhelmed. So, we have reviews of the most popular and prominent pet insurance companies in Connecticut. Our guide will help you to get the essential information you need to find the right pet insurance plan for your pet.

A Quick Look at Our Winners in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Embrace Pet Insurance Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Credit on deductibles
  • Dental care coverage
  • Access to 24/7 pet telehealth line
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Lemonade Pet Insurance Lemonade Pet Insurance
  • Wide coverage
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick claims processing
  • Third place
    Spot Pet Insurance Spot Pet Insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Very good customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance Trupanion Pet Insurance
  • All plans have no annual limit
  • All plans have a 90% reimbursement rate
  • Can directly pay some vets
  • Hartville Pet Insurance Hartville Pet Insurance
  • Affordable premiums
  • Has accident-only plans
  • No age limits
  • The 15 Best Pet Insurance Providers in Connecticut

    1. Embrace Pet Insurance – Best Overall

    embrace pet insurance

    The overall best pet insurance provider for Connecticut is Embrace Pet Insurance. It’s a great option for new pet owners with young and healthy pets because they can save on costs with Embrace’s Healthy Pet Deductible. This program credits $50 to your deductible for every year you don’t receive a claim reimbursement until your balance hits $0.

    Along with covering accidents and illnesses, Embrace’s base plan also provides some coverage for dental care. Policyholders also have access to a 24/7 pet telehealth line, which can help you save on vet office fees. You can also opt to add wellness coverage to your plan to help pay for routine costs.

    Embrace does place an age limit of 14 years for eligibility. So, if you’re considering this pet insurance provider, you won’t want to hold off for too long and either risk hitting the age limit or ending up with expensive premiums.

    • Can receive credit on deductibles
    • Offers some dental care coverage
    • Access to 24/7 pet telehealth line
    • Additional wellness coverage option
    • Has age limits for plan eligibility

    2. Lemonade Pet Insurance – Best Value

    Lemonade Pet Insurance

    Lemonade is a popular option amongst pet owners because of its affordability and amount of coverage. The base plan covers most items that its competitors cover, including diagnostics, emergencies, and surgeries. Lemonade is also known for its excellent customer service and speedy claims process.

    One thing to note about Lemonade is that while you can file claims for services from any veterinary practice in the US, coverage is offered in just 36 states. So, if you plan to move out of Connecticut, you may end up losing coverage if you live in a state that Lemonade doesn’t cover.

    • Wide coverage for the price you pay
    • Excellent customer service
    • Quick claims processing
    • Affordable
    • Coverage is only available in 36 states

    3. Spot Pet Insurance

    Spot Pet Insurance

    Spot Pet Insurance has one of the most comprehensive plans, but it comes with a price. The premiums are higher than average, but your pet will receive coverage for hereditary conditions, chronic issues, alternative therapies, and treatments for behavioral issues.

    All policyholders can also use a 24/7 telehealth line, so you can end up saving time and money by reducing unnecessary vet visits.

    Spot is very confident in its services and has very good customer support. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with Spot, you can get refunded if you cancel within the 30-day period.

    • Very comprehensive coverage
    • Access to 24/7 telehealth line
    • Very good customer support
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Relatively expensive premiums

    4. Trupanion Pet Insurance

    Trupanion Pet Insurance

    Trupanion Pet Insurance has a single pet insurance plan for cats and dogs. It’s a comprehensive plan that covers accidents and illnesses. This plan also comes with unique optional riders. The Recovery and Complementary Care Rider provides coverage for alternative therapies that most other pet insurance companies won’t reimburse. The Pet Owner Assistance Package will reimburse pet care costs outside of medical care, such as boarding and lost pet notifications.

    Trupanion plans tend to be relatively expensive, but it may be due to all plans having a 90% reimbursement rate and no annual limits. This pet insurance company can also send direct payments to participating veterinarians.

    • Has unique optional riders
    • All plans have no annual limit
    • All plans have a 90% reimbursement rate
    • Can directly pay some vets
    • Relatively expensive

    5. Hartville Pet Insurance

    Hartville Pet Insurance_Logo

    Hartville Pet Insurance also offers some pretty affordable premiums, depending on your pet’s age and breed. The coverage of the base plan is relatively extensive and includes treatment for hereditary conditions, dental care, alternative therapies, and behavioral issues.

    If you want to save more on costs and have a young pet, the accident-only plan may be a more suitable option. Hartville doesn’t have an age limit on pets, but you can expect to see prices get exponentially higher if you have a pet that’s 5 years old or older.

    • Affordable premiums
    • Also covers dental care, alternative therapies, and behavioral issues
    • Has accident-only plans
    • No age limits
    • Premiums become very expensive for older pets

    6. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

    Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has a fairly standard accidents and illness plan that also reimburses hereditary and congenital conditions and cancer. You can also choose your deductible amount, reimbursement rate, and annual limit. Healthy Paws even offers the option to remove annual limits in exchange for higher premiums. However, this option is only available for younger pets. Healthy Pets’ plan premiums hike up significantly for older dogs.

    If customer service is a priority for you, Healthy Paws has excellent customer support, and its website and app are both very user-friendly. You can also expect pretty quick responses to question submissions.

    • Customizable plans
    • Option for no annual limit
    • Excellent customer service
    • Premiums are significantly higher for older pets

    7. Figo Pet Insurance

    FIGO Pet Insurance

    Figo Pet Insurance’s plans have comprehensive coverage. Along with reimbursing costs for accidents and illnesses, the plans cover alternative and holistic treatments and prescription foods. There isn’t an age limit for coverage, so any cat or dog can be eligible for coverage. Once you enroll, you’ll also be able to use Figo’s 24/7 veterinary consultation live chat.

    Figo’s premiums are typically within the range of the state average, but they can get expensive, depending on how you customize your plan. The most expensive plan has an unlimited annual payout and an option for a 100% reimbursement rate.

    Keep in mind that Figo’s waiting period for hip dysplasia and knee injuries is 6 months. So if your pet’s breed is susceptible to joint issues, it’s better to enroll in a plan sooner than later.

    • Covers alternative treatments and prescription foods
    • No age limits
    • Access to 24/7 veterinary consultation live chat
    • Option for 100% reimbursement rate and no annual limit
    • 6-month waiting period for hip dysplasia and knee injuries

    8. Nationwide Pet Insurance

    nationwide pet insurance logo

    One of the outstanding features of Nationwide Pet Insurance is its coverage of birds and exotic animals. It also offers a 5% multi-pet discount, so almost all pets can receive coverage for accidents and illnesses, and you can experience savings when enrolling them all.

    Nationwide offers three main plans, Whole Pet, Major Medical, and Pet Wellness. Whole Pet plans are the most comprehensive, while Major Medical has more limited coverage for a cheaper price. Pet Wellness plans cover routine care and wellness exams.

    When it comes to making customizations within the plans, Nationwide’s system is a bit lackluster. You won’t always have the option to choose your deductible amount, reimbursement rate, or annual limit. These are typically determined for you by Nationwide’s underwriting.

    • Offers coverage for birds and exotic animals
    • 5% multi-pet discount
    • Different coverage options
    • Limited choices deductible amount, annual limit, and reimbursement rate

    9. ASPCA Pet Insurance

    ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

    ASPCA Pet Insurance has highly customizable settings for your plans, so you can end up with a selection that offers the right amount of coverage with the most affordable premium. ASPCA lets policyholders decide on the deductible amount, reimbursement percentage, and annual limit.

    The base plan covers accidents and illnesses, and it includes other services, like alternative therapies, prescription food, and poison consultation fees. It also doesn’t have an age limit on older pets. So, it’s a lot more comprehensive than other plans.

    Unfortunately, customers have had mixed experiences with customer service. You can find a lot of positive reviews. However, some people have experienced long wait times for processing claims, especially if forms haven’t been filled out correctly.

    • Highly customizable plans
    • Coverage includes alternative therapies and prescription food
    • No age limits
    • Claims processing may take a long time
    • Mixed customer service experience

    10. Bivvy Pet Insurance

    Bivvy Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance offers a quick and easy way to get your pets an insurance plan. It has a flat rate for all pets, and your application can be approved within minutes after submitting it. You also don’t have to submit vet exams to be approved.

    The exchange for Bivvy’s low premium and quick processing is that its plan coverage is less robust than most of its competitors. Pets also have a lifetime coverage that caps at $25,000. So, this insurance is really a quick fix that can benefit young and healthy pets. However, older pets that are susceptible to chronic conditions won’t gain much from this insurance plan.

    • Quick and easy application process
    • Flat rate for all pets
    • Vet exams not required with application
    • Lifetime limit of $25,000
    • Not ideal plan for older pets

    11. USAA Pet Insurance

    USAA Pet Insurance

    You can find some relatively affordable pet insurance plans from USAA Pet Insurance. You can choose the standard accidents and illness plan or opt for the cheaper accident-only plan. If you’re interested in receiving coverage for wellness care, the Wellness Rewards program is an available option. It can help you receive some reimbursements for wellness and preventative care.

    The accident-only plan has a relatively cheap deductible, but the annual limit is set at $5,000. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you have a pet on the accident and illness plan, it’ll automatically be transferred to the accident-only plan once it turns 14 years old.

    So, younger pets are the ones that typically benefit from USAA insurance plans. USAA also adds credit to your deductible for every year you don’t receive a claim.

    • Offers affordable accident-only plan
    • Optional wellness care coverage
    • Can give credit to deductible
    • Accident-only plan’s annual limit is $5,000
    • Older pets automatically transfer to accident-only plan

    12. Pumpkin Pet Insurance

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance_Logo

    While Pumpkin Pet Insurance has some of the highest premiums in the market, it comes with perks. All plans have a 90% reimbursement rate and relatively high annual limits. Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans also have three deductible options.

    Another benefit of Pumpkin Pet Insurance is that it doesn’t place any restrictions on breed or age. You can also get coverage for alternative therapies, behavioral issues, dental care, and prescription foods.

    • All plans have 90% reimbursement rate
    • High annual limits
    • Covers alternative therapies and prescription food
    • Covers dental care and therapies for behavioral issues
    • Expensive premiums

    13. AKC Pet Insurance

    AKC Pet Insurance

    AKC Pet Insurance is a great option for breeders because it provides the option to receive coverage for costs related to breeding and pregnancy, which is very rare to find in pet insurance plans. You may also experience some luck if you have a pet with a pre-existing condition because AKC offers options for coverage for pre-existing conditions after a 12-month waiting period.

    AKC has a good amount of add-on options that you can put on top of the base plan, but these options vary from state to state. In Connecticut, you have add-on options for more robust coverage for exam and office visits, hereditary conditions, and breeding-related concerns.

    Keep in mind that AKC pet insurance is only available for dogs. It also has an age limit that makes dogs 8 years old and older ineligible to receive coverage.

    • Many add-on options
    • Covers breeding and pregnancy-related care
    • May cover a pre-existing condition
    • Only for dogs
    • Age limit is 8 years old

    14. Progressive Pet Insurance

    Progressive Pet Insurance

    Progressive Pet Insurance offers three types of plans—accidents and illness, accidents only, and wellness care. The accidents and illness plan coverage is pretty standard, but it doesn’t cover extra services, such as holistic therapies and prescription foods.

    Progressive makes payments easy. Participating vets can directly receive payments so that you don’t have to file a claim. There are also flexible payment options, and you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annual premiums.

    You can find some fairly cheap plans that can cost less than $10 a month. Wellness coverage and accident-only plans have a flat rate that doesn’t increase yearly. So, it’s one of the most affordable plans for older dogs.

    • Accident-only and wellness plans have flat rates
    • Some vets can receive direct payments
    • Affordable plan options
    • No coverage for holistic therapies and prescription food

    15. Geico Pet Insurance

    GEICO Pet Insurance

    Geico Pet Insurance has relatively cheap premiums, but there’s a good chance that you’ll have a lower annual limit. When you apply for pet insurance to Geico, you cannot select your annual limit as Geico will determine it for you after your application goes through underwriting.

    Geico offers an accident and illness plan that also covers up to $1,000 for dental services. You can also add on wellness coverage, but it’s pretty limited for the price you pay, so the savings usually don’t end up being significant. However, all policyholders have access to a 24/7 pet health line, so you can still save on costs by avoiding unnecessary vet visits.

    • Relatively cheap premiums
    • Base plan covers up to $1,000 for dental services
    • 24/7 pet health line
    • Can’t choose annual limit amount
    • No significant savings with wellness coverage

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Pet Insurance Provider in Connecticut

    What to Look for in Pet Insurance

    While pet insurance companies follow similar models for providing coverage, they do differ slightly in several key areas. Here are some things to note when shopping for a pet insurance plan.

    Policy Coverage

    Most insurance companies start with a base plan that offers coverage for accidents and illnesses. These plans typically cover diagnostics, emergency visits, and surgeries. Some plans may also cover dental care, alternative therapies, and prescription food, but not all companies will reimburse these types of services.

    However, they may allow you to customize your plan by adding riders to expand your coverage. The most common rider is a wellness rider, which helps pay for routine and preventative care.

    Some insurance companies also have cheaper plans, such as accident-only plans and standalone wellness plans. These plans are primarily ideal for young and healthy dogs that have a very low chance of developing a chronic condition or require surgery.

    Customer Service & Reputation

    Communication and consistent customer service are key when selecting a pet insurance company. Since reimbursements play the main role in paying for vet bills, it’s important to find a company with a simple and quick claims process and a high response rate to customer inquiries.

    As you start to narrow down your list of pet insurance companies, make sure to connect with customer service representatives to get all the necessary information you need to make a decision. A good customer service representative will be competent in answering your questions and will also show a willingness to walk you through finding the appropriate plan for your pet. Avoid representatives who seem like they just want to sell you the most expensive plan. Sometimes, the most comprehensive coverage isn’t the most appropriate plan for your pet.

    Claim Repayment

    Pet insurance companies will have their own claim repayment processes. The first thing you want to find out is the length of the claim submission window. Some companies will accept claims for vet bills that are 12 months old, while others will deny claims for bills that are older than 270 days.

    Most pet insurance companies will have a 30-day period to process and reimburse claims. However, some market themselves to have the capacity to process claims as quickly as 2 days.

    A handful of companies have programs where they can send direct payments to vets so that you can completely skip the claims process. However, they can only send claims to participating vets with the right software installed into their billing system.

    Price Of Policy

    Prices will vary between pet insurance companies due to several reasons. The type of coverage is one of the most significant factors that affect prices. Accident-only plans are the cheapest type of plans because they provide less coverage. Accident and illness plans often have mid-range prices, and they’re the most common type of pet insurance plan. Comprehensive coverage plans are the most expensive because they have expanded coverage, and many of them also have higher reimbursement rates and annual limits.

    Other factors that will affect policy prices are the customizations that you can make to the insurance plan. Some plans come with optional add-ons or riders for an additional cost. Some insurance providers will also allow you to select your deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual limit, and your selections will affect the price of your premium.

    Lastly, pet insurance companies will adjust premiums based on your dog’s medical history. Older dogs and some specific dog breeds that are known for having multiple genetic conditions tend to have more expensive insurance plans than younger dogs.

    Plan Customization

    Most pet insurance companies will allow you to make basic customizations to your plan. You can add riders to a base plan to include additional coverage for services such as alternative therapies and routine care. Other customizations you can make are selecting your deductible amount, reimbursement rate, and annual limit.

    However, not all insurance companies provide the option for customers to make these customizations. Some will make an offer after your pet’s application goes through their underwriting process. Companies will make offers based on their underwriting results that will include your deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual limit.

    pet insurance policy
    Image Credit: Rawpixel.com, Shutterstock


    What is the average price of pet insurance in Connecticut?

    Pet insurance in Connecticut can cost anywhere between $20-$110 per month for dogs and $10-$50 per month for cats.

    Factors that affect prices include the following:
    • Your location
    • Your pet’s age
    • Your pet’s breed
    • Type of insurance plan
    • Plan reimbursement rate
    • Plan deductible
    • Plan annual limit

    Is pet insurance for preventative care worth it?

    As of now, standalone preventative care plans aren’t very popular options amongst pet owners. In fact, accident and illness plans are the most popular types of plans and take up 98% of in-force insurance plans.

    Preventative care plans aren’t very popular because many people don’t really experience significant savings other than just paying out of pocket. These plans tend to have a lower reimbursement limit, so you could still end up paying on your own because you’ve exceeded the annual limit.

    However, some pet owners can benefit from preventative care plans if the plans include microchipping and spaying and neutering procedures. So, if you have a puppy or young dog, you’ll probably benefit the most from a preventative care plan.

    Does pet insurance only cover cats and dogs?

    At this time, it’s difficult to find a pet insurance company that provides coverage for pets other than cats and dogs. However, Nationwide Pet Insurance offers insurance plans for birds and exotic animals, and ASPCA pet insurance provides plans for horses.

    a female veterinarian with cat
    Image Credit: Tom Wang, Shutterstock

    What the Users Say

    Embrace Pet Insurance has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a lot of positive reviews from customers. Many reviews mention excellent customer service and easy claims processes, such as this Google review:

    “I have never had vet insurance but am so glad that I decided to purchase it for my dog and even happier that I chose Embrace for coverage. Forms and claim protocols are incredibly easy to complete, and there is always someone available to answer any questions and provide help if needed.”

    As with any company, Embrace does have some negative customer experiences. Some pet owners were disappointed with the significant premium increases as their pets aged. So, make sure to get clear answers on how Embrace will determine the amount it’ll raise your pet’s premiums each year you renew your policy.

    Which Pet Insurance Provider Is Best for You?

    For the state of Connecticut, Embrace Pet Insurance is the best provider for most pet owners. Its accident and illness plan offers substantial coverage at an affordable price, and its customer service has a good reputation. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, Lemonade Pet Insurance is a great budget option that can benefit many pet owners with young and healthy pets.

    If you have a pet breed that may require more comprehensive care, Spot Pet Insurance has plans that cover a wider range of veterinary services. If you have older pets, you may want to look into ASPCA or Progressive because they don’t have age limits for pets.


    Our winner for the best pet insurance in Connecticut is Embrace Pet Insurance. It’s a reputable pet insurance company that provides substantial coverage for most pets, and you can also benefit from savings opportunities.

    As a reminder, plans with the most comprehensive coverage won’t always be the best for your pet, and you can lose a lot of money along the way. Since pet insurance plan prices will vary depending on your pet’s age and breed, it can be helpful to have a conversation with your vet before you begin shopping. The health information you gather from your vet can help you to anticipate what types of expenses you can expect from veterinary care. Once you determine these services, you can look for plans with coverage that matches your pet’s specific needs.

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    Featured Image Credit: Rawpixel.com, Shutterstock

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