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Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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By Lisa Lee

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Our Final Verdict

We give the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Ingredients: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Efficacy: 4.8/5

Although social media is filled with adorable videos of parrots being silly angels, ask any parrot owner and they’ll let you know that this isn’t always the case. Parrots by nature tend to be moody, argumentative, easily frightened, and very bite-prone creatures in captivity. A daily nip isn’t unusual in a routine.

Herbal company Pet Remedy is aiming to fix these unpleasant habits with their all-natural scent-based solution known as the Natural Bird Calming Kit. From a wall plug scent release to a daily spray, the company promises that your bird will be more at ease.

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What Is the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit?

Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit - product packaging

The Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit is a type of aromatherapy package to help keep your avian calm, happy, and generally less agitated. Formulated with aromatherapies and ingredients such as valerian root (which I actually take as a person! It really works), basil, vetiver, and clary sage – the kit is safe for the entire family. The slow release ensures that the formula calms rather than sedates (as these ingredients have been used as sedatives).

Pet Remedy has long prided itself on offering behavioral solutions through the use of scent. Having started in the United Kingdom, the company now ships their products all over the world to help provide relief to a large array of species, from dogs and cats to horses and rabbits. What makes this company particularly unique is that they have actual clinical, published studies to back up their products – a rather uncommon sight in this industry!

According to the website’s own text, Pet Remedy works by tricking your bird’s brain into sending calming signals through specific smells. The formulated scents mimic gamma amino butyric acid which is present in the entire animal kingdom. When GABA is present, animals naturally relax.

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Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit - diffuser and calming spray


The kit is priced at roughly $32.99 when converted from the UK pound to the US dollar. The refill is roughly $30 when converted.

What to Expect

Pet Remedy promotes an immediate calming response on their website. As well as calming, Pet Remedy also helps enhance the bird’s emotional well-being. In my experience. I absolutely saw a very positive and significant improvement in my parrot’s behavior, but it did take a few days.

Kit Contents

The kit includes the wall plug diffuser, the Pet Remedy liquid formula for the diffuser, and an aerosol spray to be used as needed.


The primary ingredients include vetiver, valerian root, sweet basil, and clary sage. These have been clinically proven to work, and are very safe for animals!

Ease of Use

The kit is extremely easy to use, nothing complicated about it. The spray is self-explanatory. The wall plug diffuser just requires you to unscrew the liquid bottle cap and screw the bottle into the diffuser, plug the diffuser into the wall and it works on its own, there isn’t even a button on it. 10/10 on ease of use for sure.

In Summary

  • The kit includes a wall scent release as well as a spray for quicker response
  • Very easy to use right out of the box
  • Beautiful informational booklet and simple-to-follow instructional booklet included
  • Lasts a fairly long time
  • Safe for birds and parrots
  • Works quickly!
  • Be attentive to whether you are ordering the UK version or the US version, as the UK plug is the default
  • My results weren’t as immediate as expected

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Key FeaturesPet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit - wall plug diffuser

Unlike other pet calming products, the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit has a few unique features in it.

Slow Release Wall Diffuser

The wall diffuser is the biggest selling feature of this product – it’s a very simple plug-and-play style product that takes no effort to get going. The plug releases the scent slowly as to not overwhelm you or your pet. 

Instant Use Spray

For those extra stressful moments, the small aerosol spray can be a lifesaver. With a more saturated version of the wall plug, this aerosol spray releases the right amount of instantly begin soothing your bird.

Good Quality Ingredients that are Expertly Formulated

This isn’t a random mosh of ingredients. Experts came together to specially formulate the liquid concoction that helps your bird keep calmer.

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Is the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit a Good Value?

At roughly $32.99 when converted from the UK pound to the US dollar, the price does seem a bit steep. Some might wonder whether it is more cost-effective to create your own aromatherapy scents rather than purchase a kit.

But I will say, the value is actually fantastic when you break it down. You’re paying for so much more than just the spray and wall diffuser, you’re paying for scientific expertise in formulating the aerosols. The ingredients are safe and well-sourced (something you can’t always guarantee when making your own) and the wall plug device is quite brilliant. It releases slowly and steadily and lasts a good amount of time. Same with the small spray.

As well, this is essentially just an initial fee to get the kit started, as the replacement liquid is $30 and the bottle is quite large. It’s also only necessary a few times a year as the diffuser lasts 60 days (two months)! Not all that expensive in the grand scheme of things. The wall plug also only takes 5 watts to run so you won’t even notice it on your energy bill.

Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit - product contents

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How long does the kit last?

The wall plug is rated for 60 days of use, the spray is used on an as-needed basis.

Is this kit applicable to all birds?

Although I used this kit on my parrot, it should also work on other domestic avians, such as parakeets and chickens. The website even explains that the size of the bird doesn’t matter, the particles they inhale from the aerosol will already be the right amount of them (thanks to evolution!).

Can other species of animal benefit from this calming kit?

This calming kit is specially formulated for avians, so it may not have the same impact on other species.

Pet Remedy as a brand is also suitable for other animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and reptiles. Its versatility is such that it is even used by zoos for bonding and calming new intakes of wild animals.

Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit - calming spray

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Our Experience With the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit

For a bit of context, I have a 20-year-old Senegal parrot named Rickie. I raised him for a hatchling. As I mentioned in the intro, despite cute social media videos making parrots out to be sweet and docile creatures, many of them are not. They can be moody and nippy, and unfortunately, mine very much falls under that category even though he had been hand-reared. Rickie can especially suffer from seasonal moodiness, specifically in the winter and spring times.

I’ve personally never tried a calming kit with Rickie before, so I was very curious to know how the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit would work! Before even acquiring the kit, I thoroughly checked all of the ingredients and made sure they were parrot safe – birds are very sensitive, and the slightest improper ingredient and they can fall very ill. Not to be morbid but the reality is, illness most often means certain death for avians. As such, I am extremely picky over what products come into my home and I am so happy to report that Pet Remedy definitely passed all of the tests.

Upon getting the kit in the mail (I was personally impressed with how fast it came – in just a week!), I was thrilled with the contents of the box. Not only did it come with the kit itself (the wall plus scent diffuser as well as the spray) but the package also included a thorough informational booklet. This booklet didn’t just express the brand’s other products but provided a lot of great insight on how they create the formulas and how the aromatherapy works.

The other included literature was the quick set-up guide for the wall diffuser, beautifully designed (kudos to the graphic designer!). Truth be told, I didn’t even need the instructional booklet because the wall component was so easy to sort out. All you do is take the liquid, unscrew the cap, and screw it into the wall plug. Plug into the wall, a little red light shows, and that’s it! No effort or talent required. The little spray bottle was just as self-explanatory, to use if your bird needs a wee bit extra calming during particularly stressful or angry moments.

Now, I think it’s important to note that this isn’t a quick-fix solution. I had to keep in mind that I would take some time to see the results. Having lived with my feathered friend for 20 years already, I know his behavior and habits like the back of my hand. In the time that I have had the wall diffuser plugged in near his cage, I feel that I did really see a difference!

I didn’t see it on day one, nor day two, or day three… but gradually over time. By about day four and five, my bird was significantly calmer than before! Mornings became much more pleasant, with my bird asking to be petted more often than hissing at my hands (yes, parrots hiss. They growl and purr as well!). There was a lot less screaming belligerently and much more chirping and repeating his favorite phrases (such as telling everyone what a pretty baby boy he is).

I didn’t need to use the spray particularly often, but when I did, I think in unison with the wall plug it worked great. My bird is confined to one room as I purchased a massive aviary for him, and the wall plug isn’t far from the cage. He gets a steady dose of it simply by proximity alone.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a difference and will continue using the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit! This being said, I have a small bird and he is relatively mild compared to others – I think it might take longer to see the impact on a larger avian, like a macaw.

Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit - rickie perching on feeding bowl

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In conclusion, I did find a significant difference in the mood and natural behavior of my parrot. He was much more pleasant, with the nipping being significantly reduced. Of course, birds use their beaks to communicate, but much of the use was truly to inform me of something rather than nipping hard to express displeasure. I liked that the plug was very discreet and I often forgot it was even there!

All in all, I would highly recommend the Pet Remedy Natural Bird Calming Kit – and am planning on ordering a kit for an avian rescue I am friends with as a little holiday gift for them!

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