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The Peterbald Cat

Peterbald portraitPortrait of a Peterbald Cat

The Peterbald cat is a very new breed developed in 1994 when a breeder in St. Petersburg, Russia crossed a Don Sphynx cat with an Oriental Shorthair cat. 

The result was a cat with varying amounts of hair, wrinkly skin and dextrous front paws like the Don Sphynx, and the vocal personality and long, exotic body style and head shape closer to the Oriental.

The Peterbald comes in different hair types including brush, velour, nude and ultra-bald.

First there is a velvety, fuzzy coat called velour. There is completely hairless, referred to as nude,  (Within this type is the “ultra-bald” which has no whiskers or eyebrows and an unusual, sticky feel to the skin) then there is a fine wiry texture called brush. This hair type is often very patchy and they often turn completely bald over time.

Peterbald cats are exceedingly special looking, with the exquisite, lithe frame of the Orientals and Modern Siamese cat, but with a more cuddly personality and all-around friendly character.

They tend to make exceptionally gentle, warm and loving companions.


Peterbald cat descriptive wordsHow Do You Describe a Peterbald Cat?

Peterbald Cat-Stats

Peterbald in jacketPeterbald in jacket



Although they may look a little like aliens, the Peterbald personality is surprisingly outgoing, athletic and energetic. These cats make truly lovely pets and are very affectionate, cuddly and delightful to touch.

They can be dog-like in character and very interested and involved in daily activities. They may learn tricks and use their voice to convey quite a bit of information in a very entertaining way.

This is a cat that tends to get underfoot, so if you want some alone time there may be better breed choices

This cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the world’s largest cat organization. It is a relatively rare pure-bred or “pedigreed” domestic cat breed.

The Peterbald comes in any color or pattern, and the hair-type dictates the level of care.

With the hairless individuals regular, careful bathing is necessary so that oils don’t build up and cause skin irritation.

They must be protected from extreme temperatures, and too much sunlight can cause sunburn.

These are small to medium-sized cats that surprisingly have few breed-related health issues when simple precautions are taken.

Because it is active, playful and loves interaction, the Peterbald cat can make a nice family pet, but children must be very considerate because the lack of fur leaves these cats somewhat vulnerable if handled roughly.

Peterbald brushPeterbald brush
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Peterbald Kitten!Peterbald Kitten!

Peterbald kittens are bounce-off the walls type kittens with loads of energy and boundless curiosity.

Toys are an absolute necessity, and kitten-proofing should be done before your little one arrives because these guys really get around. If they get lost, though, you are bound to hear them because their lungs develop quickly!

They tend to be vocal and a little demanding, and may rebel against things like naptime or bed placement.

These kittens need a routine right away to keep them on the right track and help them fall in line with the family.

Smart and independent, Peterbald kittens also love to play and cuddle and will bond strongly with all family members including dogs and other cats.

Peterbald cats are rare and not often available, so if you’re looking for a pure bred Peterbald kitten to buy, you may have to search long to find a breeder. The cost may be quite high as well, with hairless cats going for higher prices.

Tiny Peterbald KittenTiny Peterbald Kitten

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Peterbald -velourPeterbald -velour

Head Shape: The head should be a medium size elongated wedge. There is no stop, and the forehead flows down into the strong round muzzle. The muzzle of the Peterbald is not as narrow as the other hairless breeds, and the head shape is less exaggerated.  The ears are very large and open. They are broad at the base with a rounded tip. The eyes are medium size, almond shaped, and well angled in harmony with the skull. They should neither protrude nor recede and should be wide-set with at least an eye width distance between the eyes. Can be slightly squinted.  All eye color accepted. 

Body and Tail: Medium sized body, firm quality, relatively fine-boned. Long legs with small, oval feet. Some show similiar toe development to the Don Sphynx from which they were developed. The front toes may be long and webbed and actually fairly dextrous, allowing them to pick up and manipulate toys and other objects. Tail is long and whip-like.

Peterbald ClosePeterbald Close

Coat:  Several variations, sometimes called by other terms than those listed here:

Ultra-bald – born completely hairless, no eyebrows or whiskers, no fuzz. There is a sticky feel to the skin from the oils.

Chamois- basically hairless but without the sticky feel.

Velour- overall thin downy coat, with soft, textured feel.

Brush- quite varied but the hair is stiff, not soft, and the eyebrows and whiskers may be kinked and curly as well.

Pattern: All colors and patterns are accepted.

Overall Appearance: This should be a lean, elegant and exotic looking cat with a distinctly Oriental appearance.  The balder the cat, the more exotic the look! Sweet, bright, and cuddly.


Peterbald cat mother and babyPeterbald cat mother and baby – note kittens hairless legs
  • Peterbalds have long front toes with webbing in between allowing them to hold and manipulate toys and other items as if they had little hands.

Beautiful Peterbald CatBeautiful Peterbald Cat
Peterbald in grass

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