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Affordable Cat Tree

This small cat tree is affordable and great for younger cats and kittens who are still learning the ropes — even if they lose their balance, they won’t have far to fall.

There’s a mouse toy hanging from the upper pulpit, scratching posts on every level, and a hole in the floor to leap through or swat away nosy puppers who come to investigate. Plus, this tree is compact, will fit almost anywhere, and makes for a great travel companion.


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About this item

Features -
  • Affordable miniature three-story cat tree
  • Multiple scratching posts 
  • Ideal for kittens, young cats, or travel
  • Compact and fits anywhere
  • Dangling mouse toy for good measure
  • Compact perch on the roof
  • Hole in the center for play and climbing fun
  • Colors: gray, brown, cream, and red
Materials/care +

Who said cat furniture needs to be opulent? This affordable cat tree is a bitesize package of goodness!


Many cat trees are large, towering pieces of feline furniture, but sometimes, that’s just too big.


This cat tree is compact, efficient — and won’t break the bank. With supports wrapped in sisal (scratching) string, this tree is like a tiny house for your cat. There’s a dangling toy for a bit of added fun, a compact place to perch on the roof, and a hole between the ground and first floor to crawl through like a fun-sized kitty paradise.


What more could you want? 

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