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Boho Cat Tree

This mid-century modern cat tree can be an excellent gift for you and your kitty. Its fashionable and unique design will transform your living space while successfully keeping your cat off the furniture. Sold at an unbeatable price, your cat will love this action-packed climbing frame.


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About this item

Features -
  • Stylish mid-century design
  • Multiple platforms
  • Simple screw assembly
Materials/care +

The boho cat tree for the free-spirited feline


Cats are nonconformists by nature — as you’ll have found out the first time you said a firm “no” to your kitty. They do their own thing, so it’s only fitting that you reward their Bohemian personalities with a boho cat tree.


These tall, alternative beds come with two curved loungers for luxurious loungin’ around, contemplating the nature of a maverick existence. The open bed at the base is cozy, but not restrictive, and the tree supports are fully scratchable.  A cat has to scratch, after all. 

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