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Cute Litter Box

Spice up your cat’s potty time with this cute, feature-packed litter box! 

Privacy is guaranteed and bad odors are accounted for with the enclosed design and deodorizing filter slot. There’s a scoop included with a rack for storing it, and when the time comes to put it into action the clamshell lid opens up to reach inside. Splash and overspill are a thing of the past with this novelty litter box.


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About this item

Features -
  • Enclosed space for private toilet time
  • Filter step removes excess litter from your cat’s paws
  • Clamshell lid that folds upwards for instant access
  • Reduces splash and overspill
  • Helps reduce bad odors
  • Aerated with slot for deodorizing pads
  • Cartoon cat face
  • Scoop rack for storage
  • Scoop included
  • Colors: black, blue, dark blue, pink, and green
Materials/care +

This is one cute litter box — who said potty time needs to be a serious affair?


Your cat takes his potty breaks seriously, but you don’t have to. This cartoon cat-adorned litter box isn’t just cute, though. It’s designed to combat messes and bad smells.


The key feature here is the aerated filter at the back of the box — simply insert an activated carbon filter to get rid of bad smells for good. When it’s time for a fresh batch of litter, the clamshell lid swoops open so you don’t have to disassemble the whole box. There’s a scoop included for convenience and a place to attach it so you don’t lose it. 

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