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Door Cat Scratcher

It’s not a carwash, it’s a cat wash. This door scratcher grooms your cat and keeps his fur clean whenever he brushes up against it. The non-slip bottom stops it from sliding around and the brush is easily detachable for cleaning.


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About this item

Features -
  • Great for claws and fur
  • Massage brush arch that grooms your cat
  • Helps to keep fur clean
  • Scratching pad base
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Detachable brush
  • Hole for catnip on the underside
Materials/care +

The door cat scratcher that scratches back!


This doorway scratcher is a double-whammy. 


It boasts a cork scratching pad at the base to hone those deadly claws to a razor sharpness (and to stretch) – cats need to scratch regularly for ideal paw health. As your cat scratches and sharpens, the brushes of the doorway groom your cat’s fur and scratch all those spots he can’t always reach. This not only keeps your cat coming back for more, but it also keeps your cat’s fur free of dirt.


And, as the summer months roll around and your kitty starts to shed his winter coat, this scratcher helps the process along. That means all that excess fur is collected in one place. Just scoop it up and throw it away.


The non-slip base keeps the pad from moving around during all that activity and the brush is detachable for easy cleaning. There’s even a hole on the base to add a smidge of catnip.

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