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Large Cat Scratcher

This fortress boasts a wealth of places to scratch, multiple rooms to chill inside, and three dangling toys to attack from the high ground. It’s a splendid addition to any multi-cat household’s inventory — or the height of luxury if you want to splurge and spoil a solitary cat. It’s easy to put up and take down and comes with anti-topple straps to fix it to a wall.


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About this item

Features -
  • Kitty playground with oodles of space
  • Hammock at the bottom
  • Two towers to perch on and survey the room
  • Rope and ball toys dangle from the ceiling
  • Saucer lounger to curl up in
  • Full of scratching posts
  • Sturdy three-story fortress with anti-topple straps to fix in place
  • Ideal for multi-cat households
  • Fluffy and warm
  • Two rooms to hide in
  • Assembles easily by rotating the supports
  • Comes with tools and simple assembly instructions
Materials/care +

It’s a large cat scratcher, a fortress, and a playground all in one!


This isn’t just a cat scratcher. It’s a full-blown kitty paradise — a vertical playground if there ever was one. The scratcher comes with all the bells and whistles you (or, rather, your cat) would ever want. There are multiple separate rooms, two high platforms to look down on everybody else from, and a hovering saucer to curl up in.


There’s a hammock in the basement, toys hanging from the ceiling — and every inch of this piece of illustrious furniture is soft to the touch. The anti-topple straps aren’t just for show, either — cats will leap from and onto this fortress. So, if yours is on the heavier side, make sure you fix it to something sturdy.

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