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Narrow Cat Tree

These slender wooden trees are ideal for cats who love to get as high as they can — and cause mischief once they’re there. The platforms make for good climbing, and the bracer prevents the trees from tipping or moving around.


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About this item

Features -
  • Narrow cat tree for treetop adventures
  • Three to four platform loungers
  • Scratching posts along the support beam
  • Sturdy and stabilized
  • Ceiling stopper platform extends up to 46 cm for bracing
  • Hanging ball toy up high (brown version)
  • Easy assembly
  • Colors: gray, brown, and coffee
Materials/care +

The narrow cat tree as tall as your house


What’s easy to assemble, won’t topple no matter how hard your cats try, and is taller than a Christmas tree? This piece of cat furniture!


The platform loungers make for great vertical fun and let your cat see what’s going on in her world from a new perspective. There are scratching posts all along the central support beam for access from everywhere, and the trees, easily assembled by hand, come with a ceiling stopper to brace them and prevent toppling. 


The stopper can extend by nearly half a meter so, unless your house is a football stadium, you’ll never have to spare a moment’s thought worrying about the narrow tree tumbling.

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