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Stylish Cat Carrier

With its unique space capsule design, this stylish cat carrier provides security and comfort for your pet. Available in a selection of colors, it comes with a breathable design and a small window to help your cat see everything around them. Worn like a backpack, you’ll find it comfortable to carry thanks to the padded, adjustable straps. 


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About this item

Features -
  • Space capsule design
  • Available in different colors
  • Comfortable handle
Materials/care +

Take your cat up, up and away with this stylish cat carrier


This stylish cat carrier makes travelling with your feline companion a lot smoother and more enjoyable. When placed into the backpack style carrier, your kitty will look like an astronaut ready to take off thanks to its space capsule design. There is a little round window included in its design so your pet can keep a lookout throughout the journey. 


To help keep them cool and breathe easily, air holes are included in its design. A velvet pad is also included for a cozy, comfortable trip. The carrier is secured shut with a zipper fastening, and there are small pockets included to store your pet’s essentials. 

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