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Silver Paw Maximus Dog Harness & Fonda Jacket Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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By Emily Muller

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Our Final Verdict

We give Silver Paw Maximus Dog Harness & Fonda Jacket an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Functionality: 5/5
Variety: 4.8/5
Value: 5/5

At some point, every dog owner has asked the all-important question, “Is this really worth it?” when buying dog gear and accessories. But when cold weather hits and your dog needs a jacket to stay warm, the question becomes “Which one is the best one?” Aside from being on trend with the latest dog fashion, dog jackets can become necessities when temperatures drop and snow flurries start. Luckily, at the intersection of fashionable and functional jackets is Silver Paw.

Silver Paw is a dog accessories and lifestyle brand dedicated to providing dog owners with practical, stylish clothing for their pets. Whether it’s a snowsuit or a puffer coat, you can count on Silver Paw to keep your best bud warm during winter. But don’t stop there because they have other dog essentials too, like travel gear, toys, and treats. I tried out Silver Paw’s Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness for my Goldendoodle, Micah, and loved the practical features and snazzy design. Micah loved wearing the jacket too! If you need a coat for your pup, this could be the one for you. Keep reading to find out!


At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Fonda Dog Jacket Fonda Dog Jacket
  • High-quality
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with harness
  • Second place
    Maximus Dog Harness Maximus Dog Harness
  • Adaptable
  • Reflective
  • Durable
  • hepper-dog-paw-divider2

    About Silver Paw

    Silver Paw Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness - unboxing the products

    Who Makes the Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness?

    The jacket and harness are made by Silver Paw. Silver Paw is a dog accessories and lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013 by Lorne, Jaime, and Dylan Miller. Having watched their family build a successful business selling high-quality, fashionable baby clothes, the trio was inspired to create a similar business of their own for their own fur babies. Since the children in their lives were their dogs, they wanted to spoil them with the highest quality treats, clothes, and accessories and thought of no better way to do so than to create a business where other dog lovers could do the same.

    Today, Silver Paw has grown into a one-stop shop for all things dog. From warm jackets and cute clothes to bedding and toys, the team at Silver Paw is on a mission to provide you with the best dog products for your beloved animal companion at an affordable price. 

    Who Are the Jacket and Harness Best Suited For?

    From outdoor adventures to short neighborhood walks, the Fonda Jacket is great for any dog needing an extra layer of warmth when they’re outside on a cold day and any dog owner looking for a practical jacket for their pup. The built-in harness attachments make the jacket ideal for active dog owners, and the thick, puffy material makes it a perfect coat for smaller pups and short-haired breeds that are more vulnerable to outdoor elements.

    Similar to the Fonda Jacket, the Maximus Harness is a great harness for all dogs. In addition to wearing the harness on its own, the Maximus Harness is uniquely designed to attach to Silver Paw’s line of harness-compatible jackets. This makes it a great option for dog owners wanting a convenient on/off harness during cold weather, as well as a functional harness for everyday use. So, if you’re looking for a snazzy jacket, a practical harness, or a convenient combo of the two, the Fonda Jacket and Maximus harness are great options.


    Key Features

    Silver Paw Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness - micah lying next to the products

    As a dog owner (and lover), you want what’s best for your pup, and that’s great because Silver Paw’s team is made up of dog owners and lovers who want what’s best for your pup too. From quality and design to innovation and adaptability, Silver Paw is committed to making dog gear that is not only fashionable and functional but has your best bud in mind. With a variety of different clothing items and accessories to choose from, you can find something for your dog that fits your pup and matches your lifestyle.


    The team at Silver Paw knows how to make high-quality dog products. From the stitching on the jacket to the buckles on the harness, both products are expertly designed and extremely well-made. The material of the jacket is warm and insulated without being bulky, and the lightweight design makes it easy to store the jacket during travel. The snaps, zippers, and buckles are also secure and easy to use, which makes adjusting the jacket and attaching the harness a smooth and easy process.

    Similar to the jacket, the harness is durable and well-made. The straps are thick without being bulky and the metal clasps and plastic buckles are sturdy and practical. The metal buckle even has the Silver Paw logo on it, which is not only adorable but helps the buckle stand out against the jacket and Micah’s fur.

    Silver Paw Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness - micah wearing the harness

    Technical Features and Adaptability

    When it comes to technical features, Silver Paw’s products are in a class of their own. A lot of dog products have added features that are cumbersome and confusing, but Silver Paw’s accessories have innovative features that are intentionally designed and placed for maximum use and efficiency. I love having the option to adjust Micah’s sleeves on the jacket, and the reflective pattern on the harness is perfect for early morning and late evening walks. It’s also great that both products are designed to attach to each other.

    A hallmark feature of the jacket and harness is their adaptability. The harness unclips from itself to attach to any of Silver Paw’s harness-compatible jackets, which makes it convenient to walk your pup on cold days. And if you’re like me and Jerry-rig your pet’s gear to work effectively, the products’ compatibility means you no longer have to DIY your pup’s walking accessories to keep them safe and comfortable, which is amazing.

    Pattern and Design

    When your dog wears a Silver Paw jacket, they’ll not only be warm for the winter but they’re destined to stand out among the crowd. While Silver Paw has a variety of stylish (and eye-catching) dog coats, the Fonda Jacket is among the brightest and boldest in Silver Paw’s line of harness-compatible jackets. In all honesty, while I loved the features of the Fonda Jacket, I was a little concerned about the bold design. But when the jacket arrived and Micah tried it on, I loved it. Not only does Micah look handsome but the bold design stands out when he’s off leash in the trees and snow.

    The only downside to the Fonda Jacket is the limited variety. While the jacket does come in a range of sizes, it only comes in one color and pattern. So, if you’re looking for a pattern that’s a little more subtle, you’ll have to choose an entirely different coat. The good news is, Silver Paw has an entire collection of winter jackets for you to choose from, and several of them are compatible with the Maximus Harness.

    Silver Paw Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness - micah wearing the jacket outdoor

    Paying It Forward

    In addition to creating innovative products for your pup, Silver Paw is also dedicated to helping dogs in need. Over the past 5 years, Silver Paw has donated to the SPCA to help dogs needing a little extra love and comfort. They’ve also anonymously paid for dogs’ surgeries when their families were financially unable to. So, when you buy dog accessories from Silver Paw, you’re not just buying stylish and practical items for your pup, you’re also supporting a company that gives back to dogs and their humans.


    Reviews of the Silver Paw Products  

    1. Fonda Dog Jacket

    Silver Paw Fonda Dog Jacket

    Bright and bold, the Fonda jacket is nothing short of a fashion statement. The dark colors, fun pattern, and neon green accents make for an eye-catching design that will have your pup strutting in style. But fashion isn’t the only perk to this coat. The jacket also features several innovative functional elements to keep your dog comfortable and cozy, like adjustable sleeves, an elasticized chest, and a full-body zipper. It also comes equipped with integrated harness attachments for easy on/off access during cold winter walks.

    I love that there’s an option to attach the harness directly to the jacket, especially since the harness attachments are low-profile and concealed in the seams. When the harness isn’t attached, the buckles are hardly noticeable, which is perfect for when Micah wears the coat without the harness. I also love that the jacket has Silvershield Coating, a pet-safe antimicrobial coating that destroys bacteria and eliminates odors. Micah is an active guy, so it’s nice that he can wear the jacket without having it smell. The sizing is also perfect. I ordered Micah a 2XL and it fits great!

    Overall, if you’re looking for a great winter coat for your pup, the Fonda Jacket truly is one-of-a-kind. With the perfect blend of snazzy and stylish, your dog will be turning heads as they walk down the street.

    • Water-resistant
    • Silvershield coating
    • Adjustable sleeves
    • Compatible with Maximus Harness
    • High-quality
    • Machine washable
    • Range of sizes (XS to 4XL)
    • Only one color/pattern

    2. Maximus Dog Harness

    Silver Paw Maximus Dog Harness

    If you’re looking for a great harness to walk your pup, look no further than the Maximus Harness. Unlike many dog harnesses, the Maximus harness has a unique design that allows it to be worn in two different ways. On one hand, it can be used on its own for safe, controlled walks. On the other hand, it can be attached to select Silver Paw jackets for cold days when your pup needs an extra layer of insulation.

    I use the Maximus Harness with the Fonda Jacket and it is the perfect walking accessory for Micah on cold days. The harness has four buckles that conveniently clip onto the jacket for a secure walk, and the straps have reflective print to keep your pup safe and visible. At first glance, the buckles can be a little confusing, but the straps are numbered so you know where to connect them. The harness does run large. Micah is 54lbs and the 2XL was a little big for him. When the harness was attached to the jacket, it fit great, but on its own, the harness was a little loose even at the tightest setting. Despite the looser fit, I thought the practical features and functional design of the harness were great, and love having the option to attach it to select dog jackets.

    • Durable
    • Compatible with select jackets
    • Silvershield Coating
    • Water-resistant
    • Reflective print
    • Range of sizes (XS to 4XL)
    • Adjustable straps
    • Runs large


    Our Experience with Silver Paw Maximus Dog Harness & Fonda Jacket

    I tried out the Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness for Micah and had a great experience with both products! Everything from the product design to the packaging was beautiful and as unique as the brand.

    When the products arrived, I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging. The jacket and harness arrived in a nice box with Silver Paw’s logo on the front and slogan on the inside. The high-quality box was a nice added touch and the graphics and writing made me smile. It’s always fun to receive products for your pup, and when the products come in stellar packaging, it makes them even more exciting to open and try out. In fact, the box is so nice that I’m planning to store Micah’s jacket in it when the weather is warmer.

    Straight out of the package, I could tell that the jacket and harness were great quality. The jacket feels like my own winter coat and the straps of the harness are thick and durable. I also had an easy time putting the jacket on Micah thanks to the full-body zipper and neon green zipper cords. I will note that Micah is a pretty tolerant guy, so if your pup is more of a moving target, it might be helpful to have another person on hand to help zip up the coat. Micah also loves to be the center of attention, so the bold design and bright colors of the jacket fit Micah’s personality perfectly.

    Another great feature of the coat is the adjustable sleeves. Depending on your pup’s preference and outside temperature, you can adjust the sleeves to be worn one of two ways. One way is to roll the sleeves down, where the sleeves hit your pup mid-leg, and the other is to roll the sleeves up (or sport mode as we like to call it), where the sleeves are fastened up so your dog’s legs are free. I like to keep Micah’s sleeves rolled up but still love having the option to adjust them.

    And when it comes to adaptability, a harness-compatible jacket is a dog accessory I didn’t know I needed. I live in an area that gets cold weather and snowy winters, and the only thing better than a high-quality, stylish puffer jacket, is one that has a built-in harness. The harness is great to use on its own and makes for the perfect walking accessory when paired with the jacket. Both products feel secure on their own, and when paired together, make for the ultimate winter dog-walking duo.

    As previously mentioned, the harness was a little big for Micah. I ordered a 2XL in both the jacket and the harness, and while the jacket fit perfectly, I could’ve easily sized down to an XL in the harness. While only a minor inconvenience, it is something to keep in mind. Overall, my experience with Silver Paw was amazing and I would highly recommend their products to anyone needing high-quality accessories for their pup.

    Silver Paw Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness - micah wearing the products



    I’m not one to buy my dog clothes, but after trying out Silver Paw’s Fonda Jacket and Maximus Harness, I couldn’t be happier to have a fashionable and functional jacket for Micah. You really can’t go wrong when you choose a jacket from Silver Paw’s winter collection. And if you choose the Fonda Jacket, I think it’s safe to say, you’ll not only have a warm winter accessory for your dog but your pup will be a walking fashion statement. Whether your dog is a fair-weather fellow or an outdoorsy go-getter, Silver Paw’s jackets will keep your pup stylish and comfortable as they brave the elements.

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