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12 Vizsla Pros and Cons: What to Know Before You Get One

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Vizslas are stunning dogs whose popularity continues to grow because of their undying devotion, loyalty, affection, and intelligence. They are suitable for owners with active outdoor lifestyles. They are easy to groom and train, and once adopted, they will definitely make your life more fulfilling.

However, just as you would expect from any other dog breed, Vizslas come with challenges of their own. As active dogs, some can be a bit destructive when left to their own devices. They are also prone to some health issues.

Before you bring a Vizsla dog to your family, it’s best to know the benefits and drawbacks of owning one. In this article, we have outlined the pros and cons of owning a Vizsla dog for your consideration.

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The 6 Pros of Owning a Vizsla

1. Dedicated and Loyal Companions

If you are looking to adopt a dog that stays with you through life’s peril, Vizslas fit the bill. This is perhaps why this dog breed is often referred to as “Velcro Vizsla”. Vizslas get this trait from their hunting background since they were trained to be retrievers and pointers and never left the side of their owners.

In terms of showing their affection to household members, the American Kennel Club gives Vizslas a five-star rating.1 Whenever Vizslas see their owner, they can stand on their hind legs or lean on you, lick you, or simply wag their tail.

elderly woman hugging a Vizsla puppy
Image Credit: Henriet Haan, Pixabay

2. Active Sports Members

Dog enthusiasts who enjoy an active lifestyle of going for walks, bike riding, swimming, or hiking can use Vizslas as workout partners. This breed is extremely active and barely ever gets tired. They can even match your energy with every step you take.

Vizslas need a lot of mental and physical exercise to thrive. Besides going for walks and playing the game of fetch, they need more opportunities to disperse their energy regularly.

These dogs will excel in dog-specific sports due to their natural agility and athletic frames. This makes them excellent jogging or running companions. However, the AKC warns that they shouldn’t be allowed to run long distances until reaching full maturity between 18 and 24 months.

Fortunately, there are many other ways that you can enjoy your time with your four-legged friend. This includes hunting tests, field trials, obedience, confrontation, agility, rally, barn hunts, dock diving, scent work, tracking, and lure coursing.

3. Easy to Groom

Some people cannot own pets because of their hypoallergenic nature. Fortunately, with Vizslas, you can expect some shedding, but they are not hypoallergenic. A Vizsla’s coat is also relatively easy to clean and maintain because it is short and sleek. This dog breed also doesn’t have an undercoat. Therefore, the owner has to regularly brush the coat to maintain it.

When your Vizslas get dirty, all you have to do is bathe it in lukewarm water using good quality soap and give it a thorough rinsing. Moreover, their toenails need to be kept short using either a grinding tool or a clipper. The ears also need frequent checkups to remove wax build-up and dirt and to check for signs of irritation.

4. Sociable With People and Other Dogs

Vizslas are known for being overly friendly and sociable among people and other dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that you should take their social personalities for granted- they need to be socialized from a very young age. One way to go about this is to take the dog to socialization classes.

hungarian vizsla
Image Credit: hazelw90, Pixabay

5. Smart and Trainable

Vizslas are always eager to please. This is why they learn new instructions very quickly. However, they require positive reinforcement and consistency in their training. Since they desire to be within the owner’s sight or by their side, training makes it possible for them to have a good recall, which is necessary to graduate to off-leash hikes and walks.

6. Great With Kids and Pets

If you are looking for a family dog, Vizslas are a suitable fit. They make strong bonds with household members, including children, and can even bond with the family cat. However, when they are socializing with kids, they should be under supervision because the dogs can be too exuberant and end up hurting the kids. Be that as it may, Vizslas are gentle souls who love cuddling and playing games with children.

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The 6 Cons of Owning a Vizsla

1. Highly Active

As mentioned earlier, Vizslas are hyperactive dogs. This can be a con if you are the kind of dog owner who enjoys a quiet, easy life and doesn’t like getting out of the house a lot. Hungarian Vizslas require a lot of physical and mental stimulation to thrive.

If you cannot give your dogs the necessary stimulation, better be prepared for the consequences. They are likely to display destructive or disruptive behaviors.

vizsla running
Image Credit: Ivanova N, Shutterstock

2. Embed Themselves Into Your Daily Lifestyle

In the pros section, we mentioned Vizslas as being referred to as “Velcro Vizsla”. This characteristic can either be a pro or a con. Some dog owners prefer not to have their dogs constantly shadowing them.

When you adopt this dog, you can forget about privacy because it will follow you around everywhere you go. Whether sleeping, going to the grocery store, or watching a movie, Vizslas will simply end up being part of your everyday lifestyle. As a new Vizsla owner, you can forget about leftovers in your house, your car will be filthier, and you are most likely to lose some of your possessions to the dog.

3. Suffer From Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a canine disorder that affects all types of dogs. This chronic disorder occurs when a dog owner leaves their home for a considerable amount of time. However, you can notice the signs even before you step outside your door.

For instance, your dog could howl, bark, or whine when left alone at home. Another symptom of separation anxiety in Vizslas is the destruction of shoes, clothes, and furniture in your house.

4. Require a Lot of Socialization

Despite being social dogs, Vizsla owners need to dedicate more time to further socialize their dogs. It’s best to socialize your dog while still a puppy by taking them to socialization classes as well as exposing them to different situations and new people in a controlled environment.

Early socialization will also ensure that owners can establish and deepen the bond with their Vizsla dogs. This bond will, in turn, cause your dog to always want to please you.

vizsla dog training
Image Credit: Osetrik, Shutterstock

5. Not Apartment Friendly

If you reside in an apartment building or a small house in a city or an urban setting with minimal space inside and outside, Vizslas may not be a suitable dog breed for you.

If you are determined to get one, you will probably have to spend a lot of time outside the house training your dog and engaging in mentally stimulating activities. If you are not prepared to allocate some of your time to spend outdoors with your dog, you should consider getting a different dog breed.

6. Can Be Timid

Vizslas are some of the most temperamental dogs that you can own. If not properly trained, you are likely to end up with an anxious and timid dog. Therefore, you must train your Vizslas from the puppy stage to help them build trust and confidence.

These dogs also have long and good memories and require a lot of time to recover from stressful events. So, if you accidentally cut them when trimming the nails, or if they had a bad experience with other dogs or you unintentionally yelled at your Vizsla during potty training, it’s likely to have a long-lasting effect.

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Owning a dog is a big decision that should never be taken lightly, especially if you are planning to add a Vizsla into your household. These are generally known to be stunning dogs with fiercely loyal character traits. However, on the flip side, they need a lot of mentally and physically stimulating activities to function well.

If you can put up with these minor inconveniences, you can end up adopting a dog that will fill your life with love and companionship. We hope our list of pros and cons will help you in your decision-making process.

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