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Guppy Water Temperature Guide 2024: Our Vet’s Answer & Care Tips

Dr. Luqman Javed, DVM (Vet)

By Dr. Luqman Javed, DVM (Vet)

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Dr. Luqman Javed

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Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are definitely some pretty cool aquarium fish, but just like with all other fish, they require certain conditions to thrive. One of the most important things to look out for is the water temperature. Let’s talk about guppies and what is the best temperature for guppies.

So before we dive into guppy temperature let’s take a quick look at guppies and cover some essential information.

About Guppies

Guppies are considered to be a warm water tropical fish that originate from the northeastern parts of South America. These social fish can get along with other peaceful tank mates in a community setup.

These fish grow to around 2 inches or so at most. The males are very colorful fish, available in many different colors and varieties. The females are usually not as colorful, but have also been bred to be colorful and vibrant as well.

Guppies are also easy to take care of because they are compatible with a very wide range of temperature, pH, and water hardness values. However, it’s important to ensure that the parameters in your water should remain as consistent as possible. Fluctuating parameters may cause stress to your fish and lead to unwanted issues; this is true not just for guppies but for just about any pet fish you intend to keep.

A good filtration system and weekly partial water changes (assuming a properly stocked aquarium) are necessary for your fish as well.

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What Is the Best Temperature for Guppies?

The temperature of the aquarium water is an important thing for most, if not all fish. Healthy adult guppies can tolerate water temperatures ranging from 18–28oC (64.4–82.4oF).

What Temperature Should Guppies Be Kept At?

Multi color Poecilia reticulata
Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock

Keeping your water at a steady temperature between 23–26oC (73.4–78.8oF) is probably the best for your guppies. This is because at these temperatures, you’ll also have the option to house many other tropical fish with your guppies. Naturally, this involves having an aquarium that’s large enough to house all your fish comfortably.

If you’re keeping guppies only, the temperature ranges listed above should suffice. As always, it’s worth keeping in mind that consistency is very important when it comes to water parameters.

To keep your water temperature stable, it’s best to keep the following points in mind:

  • Large Aquarium: Water temperature fluctuates less slowly in larger aquariums; this makes such tanks safer for your fish
  • Water Heater: A water heater is the best way to ensure the water temperature in your aquarium stays stable.
  • Location: Your aquarium should be placed away from drafts, direct sunlight, vents, or other sources of temperature extremes.
  • Ambient temperature: Your aquarium should be placed in a room that’s at a lower ambient temperature than the setting on your water heater.

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Do Guppies Need a Heater to Survive?

If the ambient temperature is at a level that’s consistent with your fish’s requirements, then your guppies may be fine without a heater. However, it’s best to utilize a heater to keep water temperatures steady and controlled for your fish. Any aquarium that’s below 15 gallons in volume should always have a heater, as temperatures can fluctuate very rapidly in such aquatic environments.

Do Baby Guppies Need a Heater Too?

Yes, baby guppies (known as fry) require a heater. Guppy fry prefer temperatures higher than that of adults. If you have guppy fry, consider housing them at 26–27oC (78.8–80.6oF) in a smaller nursery aquarium.

Can You Keep Guppies in Cold Water?

No, guppies are tropical fish, not cold water or ocean fish, and therefore they should never be in cold water. Fish are cold-blooded, and when placed in cold water, their metabolism will slow down, which in turn can lead to a loss of color, stress, a loss of appetite, poor reproductive performance, immune system compromise, and the onset of other diseases or ailments.

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At What Temperature Do Guppies Die?

Generally speaking, any water temperature over or under your fish’s limits will lead to health problems and eventual death. That said, the rate at which your fish perish will depend on how drastic the temperature change is and how far off it is from their ideal temperature range.

At times, a sudden temperature change can shock fish into immediate death. This is why it’s important to properly acclimate your fish whenever you introduce them to a new environment.

Can Guppies Live in 85 Degrees Fahrenheit?

Guppies can survive (but not necessarily thrive) in such conditions (85oF) for varying degrees of time. The issue with water that’s too warm is that it will increase your fish’s metabolic rate, thereby increasing the amount of waste they produce, and leading to an increase in their nutritional requirements as well. Warmer water also holds less oxygen than colder water does, which may in turn lead to additional physiological stress for your fish.

Final Thoughts

Guppies are popular pet fish. As tropical fish, they do not tolerate extremely cold water temperatures well. However, they’re fairly adaptable to a wide range of temperatures. A consistent temperature that’s within their normal range will go a long way in sprucing up your guppy aquarium.

Featured Image Credit: panpilai paipa, Shutterstock

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