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What Kind of Dog Is Beethoven? Famous Dogs Presented

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By Nicole Cosgrove


In the early 1990s, a beloved new star hit the big screens everywhere and stole the hearts of millions. His name was Beethoven, and he was no human hero. The loveable giant Beethoven is a Saint Bernard.

In Beethoven the movie, the Newton family adopted a Saint Bernard and named him after Ludwig Van Beethoven, and the rest is history! The big pooch got himself in plenty of trouble, for sure. But in the end, the Newtons realized what a gem they had and were so grateful they adopted him.

Sadly, the dog that played Beethoven in the movie, named Chris, went to doggie heaven after living 12 years here on earth, which is actually longer than most St. Bernards live.

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Why Saint Bernards Are So Loveable

Known to be loving and gentle despite its size, the Saint Bernard is an excellent family dog that gets along famously with children. A full-grown Saint Bernard can weigh up to a whopping 200 pounds and stand 27 inches tall.

Saint Bernards look adorable with their big floppy ears, droopy eyes, and long or short-haired coats that are red and white, brown and white, or brindle and white. These friendly, loving, and placid dogs are often called gentle giants, and for good reason. As a social dog, a Saint Bernard is at his happiest when he’s joining in on family fun.

Should You Get a Saint Bernard?

If you’re thinking of getting a Saint Bernard but wonder if it’s the right breed for you, we’re here to help! We will touch on some important topics to consider so you can figure out if a Saint Bernard is right for you.

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About Saint Bernards

First and foremost, a Saint Bernard is a large dog, which means it needs some space. If you live in a small apartment in the city, you probably shouldn’t get a big dog at all but instead opt for a smaller apartment-sized dog.

Even though Saint Bernards don’t need lots of room to roam, they do need some space, making a fenced-in backyard an ideal place for this big breed to feel right at home.

You should know that Saint Bernards shed and drool a lot. If you don’t mind having dog slobber on everything and you’re OK with vacuuming up dog hair, then you’d be able to handle owning a Saint Bernard.

Because of its size, a Saint Bernard must be trained early in life. Dog training requires some work and lots of consistency on your part. However, you don’t need any special skills to teach a dog a few simple rules of behavior. If you can’t dedicate yourself to training a dog, then you should think twice about welcoming a Saint Bernard into your life.

Where to Get a Saint Bernard

Swiss dog Saint Bernard
Image credit: fred12, Shutterstock

When you’re ready to welcome home a new Saint Bernard, you have a few options for getting one. Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular options.

  • Shelters: If you’d like to adopt a Saint Bernard, check with the local animal shelters in your area to see if any are available. Most shelters spay or neuter all dogs before adoption as well, which is great. The majority of shelters also ask for an adoption fee to help offset their costs and to determine if you’re making a serious commitment.
  • Breeders: If you’re interested in a purebred Saint Bernard, take a look around online for breeders near you, visit a dog show, or look through some leading dog magazines.

When you find a breeder, set up an appointment to see the dogs. Be ready to be at the receiving end of an interview because all reputable breeders screen interested buyers to ensure their dogs go to good homes.

  • Saint Bernard Rescues: Purebred Saint Bernards sometimes end up in shelters wherein they’re advertised online or via local newspapers or television. Check with your vet’s office to see if they know of any Saint Bernard breeders in your area.

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Beethoven is one of America’s most beloved pets as he charmed people of all ages with his loveable personality and adorable looks. If you’d like to have a Beethoven in your life, be sure you’re willing and able to train your dog well and give him the space he needs to live a long and happy life. Oh, and don’t forget to buy your new friend a cute dog toy to welcome him into your life!

Featured Image Credit: Characters by  Northern Lights Entertainment, Universal Pictures.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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