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National Train Your Dog Month 2024: When It Is & How It’s Celebrated

Ed Malaker

By Ed Malaker

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National Train Your Dog Month is a month-long celebration that occurs in January each year. The intent is to give back to the pets that make our lives great every day. Keep reading as we explain when this holiday started and list several ways that you can participate in the celebration.

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Who Started National Train Your Dog Month?

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) established National Train Your Dog Month in 2010.1 The organization wanted to raise awareness about the importance of socialization and training. They chose January because many people get a new pet during the winter holiday, so the timing helps them start on the right foot.

Why Do We Need a National Train Your Dog Month?

The APDT hopes to spread the message that too many dogs are taken to shelters each year for behavior issues that are easy to prevent with training and proper socialization. The organization also wants dog owners to know that training their pets can be a fun experience.

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The 6 Ways You Can Celebrate National Train Your Dog Month

1. Check for Local Events

One of the easiest ways to celebrate National Train Your Dog Month is to check the APDT website to see if any events are happening in your area.2 Other organizations may also join the celebration with activities that people can participate in, such as dog training seminars. These events can be great fun because you will learn new things and meet other pet owners and dogs.

2. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

A great way to celebrate and get into the spirit of National Train Your Dog Month is to teach your dog a new trick or two. Training most dogs is not difficult, and you get to enjoy quality time with your pet. If you are not sure how to train your dog, online tutorials can help you get started. You can also hire a professional for a more personal experience. This might work better if you’ve been having trouble, as the trainer can address any issues directly.

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Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

3. Participate in “Furry Fridays”

Many pet owners like to celebrate National Train Your Pet Month by setting aside extra time each Friday to spend with their dogs. It’s a great time to walk, play around with toys, and eat treats. Many dogs will even enjoy cuddling up and watching a good dog movie.

4. Share Posts on Social Media

Sharing your good times and training accomplishments with your friends on social media can help get them involved and help spread the news of the celebration.

5. Socialize Your Pet

Take your pet out to socialize with other dogs and people throughout the month to keep in the holiday spirit, especially if your dog is still a puppy.

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6. Adopt a Dog

If you didn’t get a new pet during the winter holidays, National Train Your Dog Month is the perfect time to treat yourself while helping to celebrate this important time. Adopting a pet frees up funds and resources that other animals can use and allows you to make a lifelong friend and try your hand at training.

What Are the Benefits of Training My Dog?

  • Trained dogs are easier to control when introduced to new environments and situations.
  • Trained dogs are safer because they are less likely to run into traffic or get into a fight with another animal.
  • Trained dogs are more sociable because other people and animals are more comfortable around well-behaved pets. The more you train your dog, the more familiar you will be with their behavior, which can help you detect any changes or problems faster.
  • The time that you spend with your dog while you are training them will help strengthen your bond.
  • Many dog breeds require physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom. While walking and playing can help with the physical aspect, training will provide the mental work as your dog commits their new skill to memory.
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National Train Your Dog Month begins every January 1 and lasts the entire month. The APDT started the event to help raise awareness of the large number of dogs that could be saved from shelters each year with proper training and socialization. Many pet owners like to celebrate by training their dogs to do a new trick or two and spending more time with them. Sharing your accomplishments can help the event become more popular, and adopting a pet can help make room for other animals in need.

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