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12 Whippet Colors & Markings (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

whippet in field

The Whippet, originally bred for hunting and rag racing, boasts a variety of colors and markings that add to their unique charm. Today, we’re exploring 12 such colors and markings, providing a visual treat with an accompanying glimpse into their traits. So, join us on a colorful journey into this incredible breed.

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The 12 Whippet Colors & Markings

1. Fawn

Whippet in the desert
Image Credit: Danita Delimont, Shutterstock

A fawn Whippet displays a light yellowish-brown color reminiscent of an autumn landscape. Their warm and earthy hue has varying shades, ranging from pale cream to a darker tan, bringing out a rustic charm.

The way this color beautifully contrasts the Whippet’s slim, athletic build is a spectacle that echoes the breed’s inherent elegance and subtle sophistication. Fawn Whippets can display a sheen that’s similar to opal. This feature is present in blue fawns.

2. Red

whippet dog walking on grass outside
Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay

Red Whippets are akin to a glowing ember, ranging from a deep, rich rust color to a lighter, more fiery shade. This distinct red hue gives these Whippets an aura of strength and vitality.

The sunlight shimmering off their sleek, short coats only accentuates their athletic and agile build, making them stand out even more. If you’re considering adopting a Whippet into your family and prefer it to display a striking aesthetic, reds definitely stand out.

3. Orange

Whippet running
Image Credit: Aleksandr Tarlõkov, Pixabay

Bearing a vibrant, warm coloration, orange Whippets are simply enchanting. Their coat color varies from a soft, peachy hue to a deeper, richer, fiery orange, which radiates a sense of energy and playfulness.

This bold, audacious color, coupled with the Whippet’s athletic build, is a sight that’s sure to captivate any dog lover. They wear this color well and stand out among similarly colored breeds of dogs.

4. Tan

Tan Whippet
Image Credit: Vladimir Ivanchik, Shutterstock

Tan Whippets carry a moderate brown color that strikes the perfect balance between dark and light. Their short, fine coats reflect various shades of this timeless color, highlighting the breed’s sleek form and muscular build.

The tan Whippet is a nod to classic canine beauty, which is never out of style. It’s not uncommon to find this coloration present with other blends, such as cream.

5. Cream

Cream Whippet
Image Credit: JitkaP, Shutterstock

Cream Whippets often radiate a sort of divine beauty. Their color can range from a very pale, near-white cream to a deeper, richer buttery shade. This soft, gentle color and the breed’s generally quiet, placid demeanor give these Whippets a calming, peaceful vibe.

If you prefer less visually striking coats on your dog and fancy something a bit more subdued, cream is an excellent choice. Wanting solid cream-colored Whippets may limit your options somewhat, so you may have to be patient in your search.

6. Black

Black whippet
Featured Image Credit: Pxhere

There’s something mysteriously elegant about black Whippets. Their sleek, glossy black coats are a testament to the breed’s athletic nature. It’s a coloration that reflects speed and agility, and it suits the Whippet well.

Moreover, this rich, dark color enhances their slim, graceful build, providing a stunning contrast that only adds to their dignified and regal appearance.

7. Blue

Blue whippet
Image Credit: JR foto, Shutterstock

Whippets with a blue coat aren’t exactly what one might think; they are not a sky-blue but rather a diluted black, giving the impression of a smoky gray. Blue Whippets can range from a dark, steel gray to a lighter, silvery shade.

It’s a stunningly beautiful and somewhat unusual color that sets these dogs apart. Be aware, though, that your search options may be limited, given the rarity of these colorations.

8. Brindle With Black Stripes

Pure breed brindle whippet puppy
Image Credit: Inna Morton, Shutterstock

A brindle Whippet with black stripes is truly a sight to behold. The unique tiger-stripe pattern results from the black stripes overlaying a base color like fawn or red.

You may find different variations of this color scheme, where some stripes are bolder than others. Either style lends to the Whippet’s wondrous allure and gives these dogs a unique aesthetic, emphasizing the breed’s unique charm and captivating appeal.

9. Brindle With Bluish Stripes

brindle Whippet
Image Credit: Fotomaha Shutterstock

Much like the black-striped brindle Whippets, those with bluish stripes also carry a distinct, beautiful pattern. The stripe color, in this case, however, is a bluish hue, setting them apart from their counterparts.

This interesting color variation lends an exotic appeal to these Whippets, making them a captivating sight.

10. Black Mask

black mask whippet
Image Credit: Vera Mandrikova, Shutterstock

Whippets with a black mask are particularly intriguing. This specific marking, characterized by a black muzzle and sometimes the area around the eyes, creates a stark contrast, particularly in Whippets with a lighter base coat.

The pattern adds an extra layer of expressiveness to their already emotive eyes, increasing their overall allure.

11. Blue Mask

Whippet with blue markings
Image Credit: Bianca Grueneberg, Shutterstock

Whippets with a blue mask, much like those with a black mask, have a distinct facial marking that adds to their appeal. In this case, the muzzle and possibly the area around the eyes are a bluish or grayish color.

Especially in lighter Whippets, this mask offers a gentle contrast that amplifies their unique look, giving them an unmistakable identity.

12. White Markings & Ticking

Whippet lies on the hay_Liliya Kulianionak_shutterstock
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

White markings can be found on Whippets of any base color. These can range from small patches on the chest, feet, or tail to larger areas covering a significant portion of the dog’s body.

Some white markings may also display “ticking,” a sprinkle of black or fawn/red flecks within the white areas. However, these flecks should never form Dalmatian-style spots.

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Tips to Keep Your Whippet’s Coat Looking Beautiful

No matter the color of your Whippet’s coat, you can keep it looking its best with the right care tips. Here are the top tips you can employ to ensure your Whippet’s coat remains healthy-looking and beautiful:

Regular Brushing

Even though Whippets have short, fine hair, they still benefit from regular brushing. Brushing not only removes loose hair but also distributes natural oils throughout the coat, keeping it shiny and healthy. Using a rubber grooming mitt or a soft bristle brush once a week should suffice.

Balanced Diet

The condition of your Whippet’s coat reflects their overall health, and a balanced diet is crucial to maintaining that health. Ensure they’re receiving high-quality dog food, rich in proteins and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can promote a shiny and healthy coat.


Staying hydrated is as important for dogs as it is for humans. Ensure your Whippet always has access to fresh, clean water to keep their skin hydrated and healthy, which contributes to a better-looking coat.


Regular exercise helps maintain overall health, which, in turn, leads to a better-looking coat. Being athletic and active dogs, Whippets require a decent amount of physical activity daily. Not only does exercise keep them fit, but the increased blood flow also helps nourish skin cells, keeping the coat vibrant and healthy.

Whippet jump
Image Credit: Skumer, Shutterstock


Whippets don’t require frequent baths—only when they get dirty or begin to smell. Overbathing can strip their skin and coat of essential oils, causing dryness and potential skin issues. When you bathe your Whippet, use a mild, dog-friendly shampoo to keep their coat looking its best.

Regular Vet Checkups

Regular veterinary check ups can help identify and prevent potential health issues that could affect your Whippet’s coat condition. Flea, tick, and parasite control is also essential for maintaining a beautiful coat and overall health.

Protection from the Elements

Whippets have very thin coats, and they can easily get cold or sunburned. In extreme weather, consider using dog-friendly sunscreen, or provide your Whippet with a dog coat for warmth. Protection from harsh weather can prevent potential skin issues and keep their coat in top condition.

Remember, a shiny and healthy coat often signifies a well-cared-for and healthy dog. Regular grooming, a balanced diet, proper hydration, protection, and vet checkups all play a role in maintaining your Whippet’s stunning coat.

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Whippets are unique and charming dogs, boasting a diverse range of colors and markings that enhance their elegance and grace. As you explore this colorful spectrum, remember that no matter the coat color or pattern, the value of a Whippet lies in their personality, health, and fit with your family. Enjoy the diversity of this wonderful breed!

Featured Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

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