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Why Do Cats Sleep at Your Feet? 5 Reasons for This Behavior

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Cats Sleep at Your Feet

Every cat parent understands that when it comes to the hierarchy of their home, the cat reigns top dog (err, feline). However, instead of ruling over her kingdom with an iron fist, your kitty is probably snoozing. In fact, cats sleep about 15 hours each day on average.

But when it comes to sharing a bed with her human counterpart, your pet probably prefers sleeping at the foot of the bed instead of near the headboard. This seems like strange behavior for such a domineering little creature. For your cat, there is always good reasoning behind every choice she makes.

Here are five reasons why your cat sleeps at your feet:

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The 5 Reasons Cats Sleep at Your Feet

1. An Added Layer of Protection

When it comes to survival, surveying her turf is the name of the game. In the wild, a feral cat will protect the entrance and exit points of her lair from predators, keeping tabs on who comes and goes from her home. In your bedroom, the best way to keep an eye on her surroundings is for your cat to lie at the foot of the bed. This gives her feelings of security and an extra layer of protection.

2. Protecting You

Speaking about protection, your kitty is standing guard over you by staying near your feet. Any type of species is at its most vulnerable while asleep, including you. By sleeping at your feet all night long, your cat is displaying her devotion by watching over you all night long.

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Image Credit: Cintya Marisa, Unsplash

3. Cool is Comfy

To your cat, your body temperature can feel like a suffocating furnace. On top of the warm blankets and sheets, all her fur equates to a hot, uncomfortable sleeping experience. To stay comfortable, your pet might choose to sleep at the edge of the bed where it’s cooler. The further away your cat is away from your core (your abdomen and chest), the cooler she’ll stay.

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4. More Space

You may be a restless sleeper. All that tossing and turning can make it tough for your cat to get some shut-eye. If she’s smart, she’ll move down to the foot of the bed to grab more space and more sleep.

cat at the foot of the bed
Image Credit: Adam Kuylenstierna, Unsplash

5. It’s Neater

Just as your cat obsessively grooms herself to stay clean and tidy, she may move to the end of the bed because it’s tidier down there. A neat, flat surface is an inviting and comfortable area for your cat to peacefully slumber.

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Final Thoughts

Your cat chooses to sleep at your feet for a variety of reasons. Whether she is protecting you or needs her space, it is always nice to know your pet loves you enough to share a bed with you. If you don’t love sleeping with your kitty, you can always give her her bed. Place it on the floor near your bed or on a comfortable couch. Sprinkle it with catnip to entice your pet to use it. This way, you each will have a place to call your own.

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