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Why do Corgis Sleep on Their Backs? 5 Common Reasons

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy sleeping on a fur blanket on its back

If you are a Corgi parent, you probably have had a few encounters where you walk into the room and your dog is sleeping belly up. It is a cute site to behold and is a normal sleeping position for corgis.

Corgis can choose to sleep on their back for a few reasons, all of which are no cause for concern. This article will discuss why corgis sleep on their backs so you can rest easy knowing your corgi is too.

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Corgi Sleeping Positions

Corgis can be creative with their sleeping positions but generally have four positions you will often find. They usually sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides curled up, depending on what is most comfortable and how your dog feels. Your corgi could choose any of these positions and even alternate between them, but you will usually find it in its favorite position, which is on its back.

Top 5 Reasons Corgis Sleep on Their Backs

There are various reasons your corgi could choose to sleep on its back, but some are more common than others.

1. Maximum Comfort

Like humans, your corgi may choose this position simply because it is most comfortable. Your corgi may suddenly change from sleeping on its stomach to sleeping on its back, which is perfectly normal. Sleeping in this position allows your corgis to relax all its muscles while giving its legs a nice stretch and releasing any built-up tension.

Cute Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy lying on a blanke
Image Credit: OlesyaPogosskaya, Shutterstock

2. It Helps to Cool your Corgi Down

You may notice that your corgi chooses to sleep on its back as the temperature increases. Corgis have a thick, double coat and can warm up very quickly. Sleeping on their back, splayed out, helps them cool down quickly. Their stomachs have little to no fur, which allows the body heat to release quicker and bring down their body temperature, so exposing their bellies will help to cool them down.

3. Security

If your corgi sleeps on its back, it indicates that your dog feels safe and trusts you. Sleeping on their back puts them in a vulnerable position, and they cannot protect themselves if they encounter danger, so they won’t usually choose this position. If your corgi is sleeping on its back, you can be assured that you have created a safe space in your home for your corgi.

4. Submission

A dog of any breed that lies on its back in front of you displays a sign of submission, meaning they fully trust you and are loyal to you.

When your corgi lies on its back, this permits you to pat yourself on the back because it is a good sign that you have raised your corgi well.

Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy lying down on white floor
Image Credit: Khanittha Anantasakdi, Shutterstock

5. Available Space

If space is limited, corgis typically sleep on their sides or stomachs. They will need a bit more extra space to sleep on their backs, so if it is available, you may find them in that position.

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Dog Sleep Stages

Like humans, dogs have sleeping stages, and your corgi on its back may indicate what sleep stage it is in and how well it is sleeping.

During stage 1, your dog is barely sleeping. Dogs that sleep outside, wild dogs, and working dogs usually sleep in this stage. You won’t find your corgi on its back at this stage, as it is too vulnerable and is most likely still trying to get comfortable.

In stage 2, your corgi’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and temperature will all begin to decrease, and your dog will drift into a deeper sleep. Stage 3 is usually the transition from light sleep into a deep sleep. Your corgi may roll on its back at this point.

Stage 4 is when your dog sleeps so soundly that it is oblivious to its surroundings. This is when you will notice your corgi completely relaxed on its back.

Welsh corgi pembroke dog in an open crate during a crate training, happy and relaxed
Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

Should Your Corgi Sleep With You?

Perhaps your corgi sleeps belly up at the bottom of your bed, and you wondered if that could have something to do with why it sleeps on its back.

Your corgi loves your attention, and if you allow your dog to sleep on your bed with you, it will most likely not pass up the opportunity. There are numerous advantages to co-sleeping with your dog, according to recent research, and there is nothing to be self-conscious of. Sleeping in the same bed or bedroom as our pets is not a new trend; traditional cultures regarded co-sleeping with animals as beneficial. Unfortunately, modern culture tends to emphasize the disadvantages of co-sleeping rather than the advantages.

Sleeping in your bed or bedroom will almost certainly do nothing but bring your dog great joy, comfort you, and strengthen the dog-owner bond. Co-sleeping increases the time spent with your dog and can heighten the feelings of security and companionship.

Sleeping with your dog can also help to reduce anxiety and provide a sense of safety and security. You can sleep soundly knowing that your dog is close and will alert you if there are any concerns. The best part is that sleeping with your dog will keep you toasty and warm, and you get to wake up to a dog that is over the moon to see you.

There are some drawbacks, such as allergies and a lower quality of sleep, but it is mostly situational, and if you enjoy sharing your bed with your dog, then you should, knowing that both you and your furry friend will be in bliss.

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Like humans, corgis have their sleeping habits and will choose and change their sleeping positions. If your corgi loves to sleep on its back or has suddenly decided to sleep on its back, there is no reason for concern. It’s most likely that your dog finds that position comfortable, is hot, has complete trust in you, and has the available space to do so. So next time you spot your corgi snoring belly up, snap some pictures and capture the precious moment.

Featured Image Credit: OlesyaPogosskaya, Shutterstock

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