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Will a Pug Be Good with My Kids? Facts & Dangers

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

pug puppy playing with a girl

It’s long been known that the Pug breed makes excellent pets for families, single people, or anyone who wants a loving, loyal, constant companion. Pugs are also known for being great with kids, small and older ones, as well.

A well-trained dog can quickly become a child’s best friend, which is why many parents bring home a Pug puppy for their children. These dogs make excellent pets for kids of every age. They are gentle and won’t snap at children who want to play with them.

As with any dog, you need to keep an eye on them with small children for the sake of the child and the dog. In this article, we’ll discuss why Pugs make perfect companions for children.

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Top Reasons Pugs Are Great with Kids

Pugs score higher than most dogs on the temperament scale for being calm, gentle, and up for just about anything. There are many reasons why the Pug makes an excellent pet for children of all ages.

boy with pug dog on green grass
Image By: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Pugs Don’t Frighten Small Children with Loud Barking

While your Pug will communicate, the thing that makes them the best child-friendly pet is its ability to be quiet. Of course, all dogs are different, and your Pug will develop his own habits and quirks. However, for the most part, Pugs aren’t dogs that bark loudly or often.

They do bark, but they are more selective about when they bark, making them the perfect choice for babies and toddlers who might be sleeping. If a stranger comes to your door, your Pug might bark once to alert you; otherwise, it is a pretty quiet breed to own.

Pugs Are a Sturdy Breed

While your Pug is small, it’s also made of sturdy stock, which means it has no problem playing with children, and unlike other small dogs, it can tolerate roughhousing from energetic kids. For example, no matter how well-trained and loving a big dog is, it can injure a small child when the child is playing rough. Pugs are compact and small but durable and aren’t going to mow a child down when they’re playing.

However, teaching your children to play nicely with your Pug is essential.

back of kids and pug dog at home
Image By: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Pugs Are Loyal and Clingy

One thing you won’t have to worry about is your Pug abandoning your child in the backyard or even in the house. They are a loyal breed and even a bit clingy with the adults and children they love and become attached to.

If you don’t want a dog that sticks close to you and the kids, the Pug isn’t the right choice.

Pugs Are a Silly Breed

Pugs are known for being silly, clownish dogs, which means they’ll also be silly with the kids. These are fun-loving dogs that will love nothing more than bringing entertainment and joy to your kids, which is something every parent wishes for.

These are a few reasons that Pugs make great pets for kids. However, as with any animal, there are also dangers to watch out for. We’ll highlight some of those dangers below.

little girl and her pug dog on green grass
Image Credit: Serhiy Kobyakov, Shutterstock

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Possible Dangers of Pugs with the Kids

As with any dog, there are potential dangers that you need to watch out for when you have a Pug around small children.

Playing Too Hard

As you might already know, Pugs are classified as brachycephalic dogs because of their flat faces and short snouts. This causes breathing problems and the dog to be short of breath if it’s playing too hard. Just keep an eye on your Pug, and if you see it’s having difficulties keeping up with the kids, make them all come inside and take a break. Your Pug will also be happy curled up on the couch watching cartoons with the kids.

Image Credit: Jarun Ontakrai, Shutterstock

Pugs Aren’t Indestructible

Teach your children to treat their pets kindly. Though these are durable dogs, they aren’t indestructible, meaning rough little hands can hurt them.

Pugs Are Still Animals

It’s important to realize that a Pug is still an animal, no matter how loyal, gentle, and durable they are. It’s best not to leave your Pug and small children in a room to play unsupervised, as you never know what can happen.

lying with cute pug dog on floor at home
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

Socialization and Training Are Vital

While these dogs are naturally gentle, loving, and loyal, every dog is different. It’s best to socialize and train your Pug as a puppy to be around other adults, children, and pets. You can do this by taking your dog to local dog parks and having him around children as much as possible.

Here are a few ways to socialize your Pug:
  • Visit dog parks
  • Spend a day at the dog-friendly beach
  • Take your dog with you when picking up your kids
  • Invite friend’s kids over to play
  • Go for brief hikes on the weekends

Ensure that dogs are allowed in these places before you take your dog there to socialize.

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Final Thoughts

Pugs make great pets and do very well with children. We’ve discussed all the reasons Pugs are good with children and the dangers to the child and the Pug if the dog isn’t trained and socialized properly.

If you’re considering purchasing or adopting a Pug for your kids, do your research to determine if this is indeed the right pet for you and your family. While Pugs are loyal, loving, and affectionate, they become attached to their family and will want to be around the kids at all times.


Featured Image Credit: Aleksandr Ryzhov, Shutterstock

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