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Are Dachshunds Good Family Dogs? Breed Temperament Explained

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

Smiling Woman Carrying Brown Dachshund

Dachshunds are fun-loving dogs with large personalities. They make wonderful companion dogs and can become good family dogs if properly trained. Dachshunds are loyal and enjoy being a part of the family, but they can be a little challenging to train because they tend to have a mind of their own.

So, depending on your capacity to train a Dachshund, a Dachshund may become an excellent family dog for you and your children. Here are some things to consider before bringing home a Dachshund.

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Dachshund’s Temperament

Dachshunds were originally bred as hunting dogs. So, they’re lively and energetic. They have high endurance and stamina and need a moderate amount of daily exercise.

This dog breed also tends to be very intelligent. Dachshunds can get into some mischief if they’re not trained properly and don’t have plenty of enrichment opportunities to exercise their mental energy.

The mix of energy and intelligence can cause Dachshunds to get into some trouble and develop unwanted behaviors, like destroying furniture and loud barking. They require firm yet fun training that will keep them engaged and motivated.

Dachshunds also tend to bond with one or two individuals and can become possessive of their owners’ attention. So, early socialization is key, and it’s important for owners not to encourage this behavior. It may be cute to see a Dachshund puppy act protective, but an adult dog that exhibits resource guarding¹ can be dangerous.

black and tan dachshund dog sitting on a ramp
Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

Are Dachshunds Good Family Dogs?

For the most part, Dachshunds can become great family dogs. They can grow to be loyal and loving companions with a fun-loving, silly side with proper training and socialization.

Keep in mind that Dachshunds can be difficult to train because they tend to be independent and intelligent. So, obedience training is a must for this dog breed. If you’re an inexperienced dog owner, it’s best to work with a professional trainer to ensure that your Dachshund has a solid foundation.

Investing in proper training is worth all the time and effort. A well-trained Dachshund is a great family dog that knows how to be gentle around children and won’t display possessive behaviors.

dachshund standing on ground
Image Credit: Sabrinakoeln, Pixabay

Are Dachshunds Good with Kids?

Dachshunds can be good with kids, and much of their success will be from early socialization. It’s equally important for both the dog and children to understand how to interact with each other safely.

Children must learn how to appropriately interact and touch dogs. They should avoid touching the dog’s face and poking it. Young children must also learn not to pull or tug on any parts of the dog. Gentle pets and scratches should be encouraged.

Most Dachshund puppies will have a lot of energy and excitement. So, it’s also essential for them to learn how to behave around children. If they’re teething, make sure to have plenty of chew toys to redirect them from nibbling on people’s fingers.

If a Dachshund is acting wildly or playing too rough for children, it’s best to play with them separately first to expend some of its energy and excitement. It may even be better to let your Dachshund out on a walk or romp around the yard before scheduling playtime with children.

Make sure to supervise all initial interactions between dogs and children. No matter how good-natured a dog is, it may react aggressively if provoked to defend itself.

dachshund puppy with hydrocephalia
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

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Overall, Dachshunds can become great family dogs and companions for children if they’re properly trained. Since they can be challenging to train, make sure to start training as early as possible, and don’t hesitate to work with a reputable professional dog trainer. A well-trained Dachshund is worth all the effort, and they have the potential to grow to become an attentive and loving member of the family.

Featured Image Credit: Dominika Roseclay, Pexels

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