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Are Parakeets Loud? Vet-Approved Sounds & Care Tips

Chantelle Fowler

By Chantelle Fowler

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Many first-time bird owners are shocked to find out just how loud their small birds can be. They jump into bird ownership, thinking their homes will sound like a tranquil garden on a hot summer day, only to find out that the pet they’ve adopted screeches instead of singing songs all day long.

A parakeet isn’t a specific type of parrot but, rather, a term given to several small to medium-sized species of parrots with long tail feathers. The term “parakeet” isn’t a taxonomical reference to any genus or family of parrots. The parrots sometimes referred to as parakeets span multiple genera. In this article, we’ll be specifically focussing on the rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri).

Rose-ringed parakeets are quite loud, though there are definitely much louder parrots out there as well. Read on to learn more about what to expect for sounds when you adopt a parakeet.

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Do Parakeets Make Noise?

Rose-ringed parakeets are vocal little birds when it comes to vocalizations like whistling and chitter chatter. If they live with other rose-ringed parakeets, they’ll likely chatter constantly with one another, but even solo birds will stay talkative throughout most of the day. If your bird has closely bonded with you, they’ll enthusiastically vocalize when you enter the room.

However, rose-ringed parakeets are certainly quieter than other commonly kept companion birds, particularly macaws. Screaming is not a typical behavior, though some may let out a light screech now and then. However, they rely on sound to communicate with each other. In the wild, flock members constantly call out to each other when they’re in flight.

flock of Rose Ring Parakeets are flying over a green lake
Image Credit: Samudra Saikia, Shutterstock

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What Noises Do Parakeets Make?

Rose-ringed parakeets make a wide range of noises when socializing and expressing their moods. Let’s look at some of the most common sounds you’ll hear your parakeet make.


Rose-ringed parakeets can learn to talk and mimic words they’ve heard. Among the smaller parrots, they are considered one of the most proficient speakers.


Whistling is usually a sign of a happy and healthy rose-ringed parakeet. It’s very easy to teach your bird to whistle, but at times, they seem to pick up sounds on their own and whistle without any training!

Ring-necked Parakeet In Zoo
Image Credit: George Trumpeter, Shutterstock


As mentioned above, screaming is not a typical behavior of the rose-ringed parakeets. If you hear your screaming, it could be a sign that your pet is afraid or distressed. This often requires prompt intervention (and possibly a vet visit, depending on the event that triggers the scream).


Rose-ringed parakeets love to chirp, and you’ll hear yours doing so when everything is going well in their world. Parakeets use chirping sounds in the wild to reassure their flock mates that everything is well. Your bird might chirp away all day to themselves (and you!).


Chattering is one of the most common rose-ringed parakeet noises you’ll hear. It mostly implies contentment and will sound like they are mumbling to themselves. They may also chatter to get another bird’s attention or as part of the courtship display. Some parakeets will happily chat to themselves or at their own reflection all day long.

couple of yellow rose ring parakeet on branch
Image Credit: Brilliant Star, Shutterstock

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When Are Parakeets the Loudest?

Like many other bird species, rose-ringed parakeets tend to be loudest during dawn and dusk. Their noisiness typically corresponds with when the natural light reaches their cage.

What Do I Do if My Parakeet Is Loud?

If you feel that your parakeet is vocalizing too much, you may need to do some investigative work to determine the cause.

Your bird may start calling out for several reasons, including when they:
  • Cannot see their flockmates
  • Cannot see you
  • Are hungry
  • Are thirsty
  • Are bored
  • Are in pain
  • Are startled by something

You should examine your parakeet’s environment to determine if there’s something problematic coming up for them in there. Do they have enough toys available? Have you swapped out their toys recently to ensure things remain exciting? Does your bird have a line of sight with a window where they may be exposed to scary things like wild birds flying by?

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Final Thoughts

Rose-ringed parakeets may be vocal birds, but they’re not generally known for being excessively loud. There are exceptions to this rule, however. If your rose-ringed parakeet lives alongside other birds, they may chitter chatter all day with one another, but still, these chattering sounds shouldn’t be too loud. If they’re feeling stressed or scared, they may vocalize excessively to try to tell you that something is off.

Featured Image Credit: Korneeva Kristina, Shutterstock

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