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Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix Info: Pictures, Temperament & Traits

Jessica Rossetti

By Jessica Rossetti

Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

Height: 13–23 inches
Weight: 20–65 pounds
Lifespan: 12–16 years
Colors: Black, tricolor, brown, brindle, blue merle, red, red merle, white, orange, lemon, or a combination of a few of these or all
Suitable for: Active families with plenty of time to spend with a dog, those who want an active and sometimes loud companion, families with kids, active singles or couples
Temperament:  Loyal, loving, playful, happy, intelligent, affectionate, energetic

The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix, known as the Aussie Beagle, is an interesting hybrid. These dogs can have different appearances depending on which parent’s genes are more dominant. One can look vastly different from the next, with variations in body size, weight, and markings. These things, as well as their temperament, are determined by the parent that they take after the most. They are also lovingly referred to as Sheagles, a combination of Shepherd and Beagle.

The Aussie Beagle Mix will possess traits from both of their parent breeds. This makes them athletic, hardworking, friendly, intelligent dogs that will require obedience training and plenty of exercise. The goal of breeding this mix was to create dogs that had the best traits of Australian Shepherds and Beagles. Read on to learn more about these unique dogs.

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Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix Puppies


The cost depends on the breeder, location, and appearance of the puppies. The more unique the coat and eye color, the more expensive they will be.

Also, keep in mind that this is a relatively new designer breed of dog and that plenty of Australian Shepherds and Beagles can breed and create a litter of puppies. Try to steer clear of people who are just trying to sell puppies from accidental litters. Reputable breeders will purposely create puppies using only healthy dogs and have them health checked before breeding occurs. The puppies will also be vet checked and come with a health certificate and their age-appropriate vetting. Purchasing healthy puppies from a responsible breeder may be more expensive, but it can save you costly vet bills down the road.

If you’re interested in adopting your dog instead, some of those accidental litters end up in shelters and rescues. Contact your local Beagle or Australian Shepherd rescue to see if they have any mixed puppies available, or check shelters in your area. The cost of adopting a dog is significantly lower than buying a puppy from a breeder.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

1. They Can Thank Their Beagle Heritage for the Howl

Beagles are known for their unique, sharp, loud howl. If you’ve ever heard this sound, it’s unmistakable. Beagles were originally used as hunting dogs, and they’d howl like this to alert of any prey nearby. Today, this trait remains and Beagles will howl to communicate. If the Aussie Beagle Mix inherits this trait, they will do this too.

2. You Will Be No Stranger to Dog Hair

Both the Australian Shepherd and the Beagle shed massive amounts of dog hair all year long. A mix of these two heavily-shedding dogs means it will happen consistently. These dogs are definitely not for those that don’t want dog hair in their homes. You can try to keep it to a minimum by regularly brushing your dog to remove dead and loose hair.

3. Their Trainability Will Depend on Their Genes

Australian Shepherds are smart dogs that are easily trainable. They enjoy learning new things and being active. Beagles are also intelligent dogs that can be trained, but they’re also stubborn and can quickly get distracted. Their incredible sense of smell can distract them if they pick up a scent and want to follow it. If your Aussie Beagle Mix takes after their Beagle parentage, they may be more difficult to train for these reasons. Positive reinforcement and patience are key with these dogs. If you use the right training methods, they will eventually learn what you’re trying to teach them.

The parent breeds of Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix
The parent breeds of Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix: Left – Beagle (Luke MacGillivray, Unsplash) | Right – Australian Shepherd (Fotoschauer, Shutterstock)

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix 🧠

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix is a great choice for families, but there are a few things to consider. This is a highly active dog and will require plenty of exercise every day. If you like going for long walks or have a fenced backyard to play in, they will be happy. This is not a good dog for families that are out of the house for long periods. These dogs want to be around their people.

Depending on your dog’s genes, they could grow to be large. This can be difficult if you live in a place with a pet weight limit. Unless you’ve seen the dog’s parents, there’s no way to truly know how big the dog will be when fully grown.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets? 🐶 😽

Aussie Beagle Mixes are friendly with other pets and can get along well with other dogs and even cats if they’ve been properly socialized together. However, Beagles are hunting dogs and Aussies are herders. Both these dogs have high prey drives and should not be trusted around small, furry animals.

If you have rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and the like, they should be separated from these dogs and not allowed to interact together, especially unsupervised. The dog’s prey drive could take over without any warning and end in disaster.

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Things to Know When Owning an Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

When you pick up your new puppy, ask the breeder or shelter what they were eating while in their care. Stick with that food for a while and if you’d like to make a change, do so gradually. Start by mixing a quarter of the new food with their old food. After a week, change to a half-and-half mix. The next week, use only a quarter of the old food in the mix. After that, they can switch to the new food completely, hopefully without any digestive distress.

These dogs are highly energetic, so they will need high-quality, high-protein food that will support their activities and keep them satisfied. Since they are so active, calorie-burning and weight gain shouldn’t be an issue, but always stick to the recommended feeding guide to make sure your dog isn’t overeating. Speak to your vet about the proper daily calorie needs for your dog to find out how much food they should be eating.

Exercise 🐕

Australian Shepherd Beagle Mixes are active dogs that require at least 1 hour of exercise each day. They will join you on hikes or long walks and enjoy running around a fenced-in area chasing a ball. They are not suitable dogs for those who don’t have time to exercise them. Just leaving them alone in the backyard won’t be enough. They need you to engage with them. Setting up tasks for them, like obstacle courses or agility courses, is a good way to let them burn off their energy and get the mental stimulation that they need.

Training 🦮

Training should be easy with an Aussie Beagle Mix because both dogs are intelligent and enjoy learning new things. The Australian Shepherd is quick to learn, and it’s fairly easy to hold their attention. You may have more trouble if your dog takes after their Beagle parent. Beagles are distracted and can get caught up in tracking a scent if they get a whiff of something. It’s harder to get them to focus. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. You’ll just have to have patience and be willing to get back to the training session when they’re ready.

Grooming ✂️

Aussie Beagle Mixes are heavy shedders. Depending on the length of their coat, they may require haircuts to stay neat and clean. If their coat resembles that of their Australian Shepherd parent, it may be long and fluffy instead of short like a Beagle’s.

These dogs should have baths whenever they are dirty or starting to smell. Their nails should be kept short to avoid overgrowth that leads to paw injuries or pain walking. Their ears are floppy, so they should be checked regularly for infections. Look inside the ear to see if any redness, swelling, discharge, or odor is occurring. If you notice anything unusual, contact your vet.

Health and Conditions ❤️

Minor Conditions
  • Arthritis: a progressive condition that causes cartilage deterioration and inflammation of the joints, making moving difficult and painful
  • Skin Allergies: food or environmental allergens can cause skin allergies, leading to itchy, red, inflamed, or peeling skin
  • Glaucoma: a disease of the eye, causing eye pain, discoloration, discharge, and blindness
Serious Conditions
  • Epilepsy: a brain disorder that causes recurring seizures
  • Hypothyroidism: when the thyroid gland underperforms and leads to an imbalance of the metabolism, causing weight gain, lethargy, slow heart rate, and high cholesterol
  • Musladin-Leuke Syndrome: a disease that affects the structure of the connective tissue in the body, causing thick, tight skin
  • Hip Dysplasia: a condition during the growth stage of a dog that results in a loose, dysfunctional hip joint, causing extreme pain and difficulty walking
  • Diabetes: a metabolism disorder in which the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin
  • Cushing’s Disease: a condition in which the adrenal glands overproduce cortisone, which can put the dog at risk of several serious health conditions
  • Heart Disease: a congenital or acquired condition with no single cause but can lead to heart valve issues and heart failure

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Male vs. Female

Whether you get a male or female Aussie Beagle Mix is a matter of personal preference, but there are a few differences between the two.

While there are no major personality differences, female dogs tend to be smaller than males. This isn’t true in every case, however. Male dogs are thought to be more affectionate, more hyperactive, and more playful than their female counterparts. Females tend to be more laidback, mature, and quiet.

Female dogs will also go into heat¹, so be sure to get your dog spayed¹ if you don’t intend to breed her. If you get a male dog, he will have to be neutered¹. You will avoid the chances of unwanted litters and help keep your dog calmer and happier by having this done.

The most important things that determine a dog’s personality are the dog’s genetics and how they are raised. Training and socialization are important from day one to help your dog be confident, behaved, and well-adjusted. Both male and female dogs can be trained and socialized. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort that your dog needs, you will have a loving companion with a male or a female. You can’t go wrong with either one.

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Final Thoughts

If you want a loving, active, affectionate pup, the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix may be for you. They are great family dogs, but you’ll have to watch them around small animals because they do have high prey drives. They may also be stubborn and difficult to train if they take on Beagle traits, but patience and consistency are essential for success.

This dog will need plenty of exercise, so they are ideal for highly active people. If you need a new adventure companion, this dog will be perfect. We hope that this information and tips on finding the right dog have made you feel confident to begin your search for your new family member today.

Featured Image Credit: Left – Australian Shepherd (torstensimon, Pixabay); Right – Beagle (Somo_Photography, Pixabay)

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