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How Long Do Basset Hounds Live? Average Lifespan, Data & Care Guide

Ed Malaker

By Ed Malaker

Basset Hound dog

The Basset Hound is a popular pet worldwide, and they’re a great choice if you have children or other pets. However, many people want to know how long these dogs will live before getting one. On average, Basset Hounds live 8-12 years, but this can differ.

Keep reading as we look in more detail at the answer to that question and why some dogs might live longer than others.

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What’s the Average Lifespan of a Basset Hound?

The average lifespan of a Basset Hound is 8–12 years. However, this can vary considerably; many of these dogs can live much longer, with some making it as long as 17 years if they have good genes and expert care.

Two european basset hounds
Image Credit: Jne Valokuvaus, Shutterstock

Why Do Some Bassett Hounds Live Longer Than Others?

1. Nutrition

Like humans, Basset Hounds will live longer if they eat a healthy diet throughout their lives that helps them maintain a healthy weight. Look for a brand with real meat, like beef, chicken, or turkey, listed as the first ingredient. Other beneficial ingredients include real fruits and vegetables, omega fats, and probiotics. Avoid chemical preservatives like BHA and BHA and artificial colors.

basset hound puppy licks its lips after feeding on a large bowl of dry food
Image Credit: M G White, Shutterstock

2. Exercise

Along with diet, exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body weight, which promotes good health and a long lifespan. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Fortunately, the Basset Hound doesn’t need much exercise, and you can do about 20–60 minutes spread throughout the day. They enjoy walking, running, and playing games of fetch.

3. Mental Health

The mental health of your pet can affect their overall lifespan. For example, dogs that live in a comfortable environment with plenty of mental stimulation will likely live longer than dogs without those advantages.

4. Size

Your Bassett Hound should weigh 44–60 pounds if she’s female and 51–64 pounds if he’s a male. If your dog weighs more than that, it can be especially hard for the Basset Hound because they have short legs and long bodies.

basset hound
Image Credit: Ernest_Roy, Pixabay

5. Breeding History

Asking your breeder about your dog’s family history can tell you much about how long your pet will live. They will usually have a life expectancy similar to their parents and may also suffer from the same health problems because many issues are genetic.

6. Healthcare

Regular visits to the veterinarian will help you learn about any potential health problems before they become serious so your dog will have a better chance of living longer. The vet can also advise you about diet, exercise, and other issues that can help your dog stay healthy.

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The 3 Life Stages of a Basset Hound

1. Puppy

Your Basset Hound will usually take about 1 year to become fully grown and reach their adult weight. They typically weigh 10–15 pounds when they reach 2 months and gain about 5 pounds monthly until adulthood. Your pet will benefit from puppy food to help them grow into a healthy adult, and this is when you want to socialize your dog with other animals and people to help them be more friendly as an adult.

basset hound puppy
Image Credit: Jon Buscall, Shutterstock

2. Adult

Your Basset Hound is a small but surprisingly heavy dog, so you must keep them active and feed them healthy food. While they won’t usually jump high, they like games of fetch, hiking, and playing with other dogs.

3. Senior

Your Basset Hound will become a senior when they reach age 7. Once they do, you will likely need to adjust their diet, and they will probably start to sleep more often, so it will be hard to keep them active. It will also be important to schedule more frequent vet visits to ensure that your pet isn’t having any problems.

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How to Tell Your Basset Hound’s Age

Basset Hounds stop growing after about a year, when they reach their adult weight, so if your dog is still small, they are likely quite young. After a Basset Hound is fully grown, though, it’s more challenging to determine their age. You can try looking at their teeth, as the more wear and tear there is, the older the dog likely is. Also, a senior Basset Hound will start to go grayish white around the muzzle (or already-present white coloring will spread), be slower in pace, and sleep more hours in the day.

basset hound dog waiting by a door
Image Credit: Danita Delimont, Shutterstock

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The Basset Hound usually lives 8–12 years, but with good genetics and excellent care, they can live as long as 17 years. If you’re purchasing from a breeder, learning about your dog’s family history can help you know how long your pet will likely live, as they often have similar lifespans and health problems. Helping your dog maintain a healthy diet with plenty of exercise can help them stay at an ideal weight, reducing the likelihood of your pet suffering from diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular vet visits can also help extend your pet’s lifespan by finding and treating potential problems before they become serious.

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