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8 Best Cat Beds for Older Cats – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

white himalayan persian cat in hepper nest on couch

As they age, cats have different physical and health requirements to younger and fitter cats. Bones like the hips and spine protrude more. These can become prone to pressure sores, especially if your kitty is sleeping on hard surfaces. A young cat might enjoy sleeping on the floor or a thin blanket, but an older cat will benefit from a bed with cushioned support and additional layers.

The bed should also be easy to get in and out of, and for the benefit of the owner, it should be easy to clean, just in case your older cat fails to make it out of the bed and to the litter box in time. As well as being comfortable, cushioned, easy to clean, and accessible, it needs to be appealing to your cat and something you are happy to have in your home.

With so many boxes that need to be ticked, it can prove challenging to find the best bed. Below, we have included reviews of eight of the best cat beds for older cats so that you can choose the one that is best for your senior moggy.


A Quick Look at Our Top Picks of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Nest Cat Bed Hepper Nest Cat Bed
  • Easily cleaned
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable lining
  • Second place
    Hepper Pod Modern Cat Bed Hepper Pod Modern Cat Bed
  • Attract design
  • Enclosed for security
  • Removable fleece lining
  • Third place
    Frisco Self Warming Bolster Cat Bed Frisco Self Warming Bolster Cat Bed
  • Cheap
  • Warm
  • Machine washable covers
  • K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Cat Bed K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Cat Bed
  • Self-warming
  • Choice of sizes
  • Hooded for security
  • Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed
  • Choice of colors
  • Warm and antibacterial material
  • Handcrafted using eco-friendly techniques
  • The 8 Best Cat Beds for Older Cats

    1. Hepper Nest Cat Bed – Best Overall

    cute fluffy blue eyed himalayan cat in hepper nest bed

    Named cleverly after its nest shape, the Hepper Nest Cat Bed is lightweight and is designed to look good in any home. Its unique design offers the right amount of support to cats of all ages, providing optimum comfort for most cats. This fleece-lined bowl keeps fur inside of the bed instead of becoming airborne and prevents it from collecting on furniture and other surfaces in your home.

    The high sides offer support for cats who may suffer from joint pain, loss of mobility, or are simply just old and appreciate a little embrace. The lip of the bowl shape provides a chin rest for felines who like to keep their eyes up or prefer that position. The fleece liner is soft and warm. It is removable and can be machine washed, which means that it can quickly and conveniently be thrown in with your laundry when it needs a quick refresh. The durable foam bowl can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    The sturdy design of this bed means that it can be placed on a sofa, chair, desk, wardrobe, and about anywhere else your cat would normally choose to sleep. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight foam material. This bed is made for the long haul and will retain its shape for countless naps and years to come.

    The bowl-like Hepper Nest Cat Bed may be considered an investment, but it is attractive, convenient, comfortable, supportive, and will last your cat a long time. It also helps that cats can’t seem to get enough of it! It’s incredibly easy to clean and does a good job of enticing cats to sleep in it, which is a major battle when trying to find something suitable for most kitties.

    All in all, this bed is our top pick for the best cat bed for older cats.

    • It encourages a natural sleeping position
    • Comfortable lining
    • Easily cleaned
    • Attractive design
    • It may be more expensive than traditional options

    2. Hepper Pod Modern Cat Bed

    sleeping spyhnx cat in hepper pod bed

    The Hepper Pod Modern Cat Bed is another great choice because it’s likely to fulfill most feline bed requirements. It offers privacy and security, which is what cats are looking for when they curl up in wardrobes and other tight spots. The Sherpa fleece lining, which is easily removed and machine washable, ensures comfort and warmth within the pod.

    Many cats like to be off the ground when they sleep, making the Hepper Pod a suitable option. Best of all, it’s easy to get in and out of for cats of all ages, sizes, and body types.

    The Pod Modern Cat Bed from Hepper has an attractive, modern design, and its fabric finish complements almost all home decor and offers a comfortable and peaceful environment in any room of the house for your cat to rest.

    • Attract design
    • Enclosed for security
    • Removable fleece lining
    • Easy construction
    • More expensive than traditional beds

    3. Frisco Bolster Round Self-Warming Cat Bed

    2Frisco Self Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed

    The Frisco Self Warming Bolster Round Cat Bed is a simple bed that Frisco claims is made from a material that reflects the cat’s own body heat. It keeps your cat warm while offering them somewhere comfortable and cozy to nap.

    The flat design and rolled sites mean that the round cat bed is ideal for use in crates, beds, or other containers, or independently. And the cover, which comes in a selection of natural colors, is machine washable so the bed is easy to keep clean. This is a good quality bed that has a simple design, a warm finish and is easy to clean. With its low price tag, it is one of the best cat bets for older cats for the money.

    It has proven to be a popular bed, with cats especially, but it is smaller than a lot of other beds. It will fit cats up to around 10 pounds, but they won’t be able to stretch out to fit, so it is better for smaller felines and for those who prefer to curl up when they sleep.

    • Cheap
    • Warm
    • Machine washable covers
    • Small

    4. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Cat Bed

    4K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Hooded Cat Bed

    The K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Cat Bed has the shape and form of a basket with a hood but is made from fleece-lined cushion and is designed for comfort, luxury, and warmth. It is moderately priced, and the plush cushion and lining of the bed reflect the heat from your cat directly back.

    The sides offers enough structure to give your cat security and stability but is not too tall to prevent him from being able to get in or out easily. There is also a choice of colors and sizes, so whether your cat prefers to coil or stretch out during slumber, you can get the bed to match the cat’s preference.

    No assembly is required, the hood can be removed if preferred, and the cover is machine washable so it is easy to care for. Unfortunately, the hood is flimsy and it is prone to collapse. It is unlikely to cause any damage to your cat, but if your cat doesn’t enjoy being covered or fully enveloped by its bed, you will need to remove the hood section.

    • Hooded for security
    • Self-warming
    • Choice of sizes
    • Hood is prone to collapse

    5. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed

    5Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed

    Made from Merino wool and handcrafted by Nepalese artisans, the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed is comfortable and warm. It is shaped like a cave so it offers the protection that your cat needs to feel secure. It is an eco-friendly cat bed, too, using a wet press technique that uses raw wool, water, and soap. While it is warm, the fabric is breathable, so it is suitable for use during the winter and summer months.

    The anti-bacterial properties of Merino wool mean that the bed remains free of odors, stains, and dirt. It has an 8-inch opening and Meowfia claims that the bed is suitable for felines weighing up to 20 pounds. It comes in 4 different color combinations, which means that you can choose the one that matches your cat’s coat, its attitude, or your home décor.

    The bed does need to be hand-washed to avoid damage, it is pricier than the more budget models, and despite the apparent 8-inch opening, it is unlikely to be a large enough bed for the biggest cats.

    • Handcrafted using eco-friendly techniques
    • Choice of colors
    • Warm and antibacterial material
    • Pricey
    • Small
    • Needs washing by hand

    6. Bedsure Orthopedic Cat Bed

    6Bedsure Orthopedic Pet Sofa Beds

    The Bedsure Orthopedic Cat Bed is a modestly sized cat bed with short sides and an open front. The thick cushioned base provides a comfortable and safe spot for your kitty to lay and because this is marketed as a pet bed, it is available in a huge range of sizes, so there is one with suitable dimensions for any breed of cat. The bed is modestly priced, although the larger dimensions obviously cost more.

    The base is made from memory foam, which will return to its original shape once the cat gets off the bed, so it will continue to provide good back and musculoskeletal support for the cat. The cover is removable and can be machine washed, which is convenient, and the raised sides offer bolster support for backs or for resting a chin.

    The memory foam comes rolled up, like a mattress, and needs to be allowed to spring back to shape before use. Even after leaving it to stand, the base does not reach the full 2-inch thickness and it may be too thin for some larger cats. The cover is also prone to ripping, and once it starts to rip, your cat will likely pull at the loose threads and make matters worse.

    This bed earns its spot on our list and is the best orthopedic cat bed for older cats available this year.

    • Reasonable price
    • Good selection of sizes
    • Memory foam base
    • Thin base
    • Poor quality cover

    7. Furhaven Orthopedic Cat Bed

    Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats - Plush and Suede Sofa-Style Egg Crate Orthopedic

    The Furhaven Orthopedic Cat Bed measures 15” x 12” and is suitable for dogs up to the size of a Toy Poodle, as well as for similarly sized cats. The base is made from an orthopedic foam which not only helps alleviate pressure sores on joints and bones but also helps to improve airflow to minimize perspiration during sleep. The bolsters are filled with soft foam.

    They are designed to be firm enough to lean on but soft enough to prove comfortable for your pet. The bed is quite small, even according to the dimension requirements. It is also quite a firm base and the thin cover is easily torn or ripped and will not hold up to regular clawing or kneading.

    • Orthopedic base material
    • Soft cushions
    • Sized small
    • Thin cover easily damaged

    8. Best Friends by Sheri Cuddle Cup Warming Cat Bed

    8Best Friends by Sheri Cuddle Cup

    The Best Friends by Sheri Cuddle Cup Cat Bed is a snug bed that is designed so that your cat can climb in and be enclosed within the soft cushion while lying on the comfortable base.

    The base is waterproof, which is ideal for older cats who don’t always get to the litter tray in time or have accidents while napping. The overstuffed beds are designed for total comfort and luxury, and the round shape is designed to allow your cat the freedom to roll up within the bed. The walls are meant to ensure a feeling of security and safety which, in turn, can give your cat a more peaceful night’s slumber.

    The faux fur fabric is described as being self-warming, which means that it uses the heat of its occupant and reflects this back at them to increase the warmth and keep the cat snug. The small is described as suitable for cats up to 12 pounds and the jumbo is for cats up to 35 pounds. The Cuddle Cat Self-Warming Bed can’t be machine washed, without it falling apart, however, and the bottom is thin and can leave your cat in discomfort if the bed is on a hard surface.

    • Walled design cuddles your cat
    • Choice of sizes
    • Waterproof base
    • Not machine washable
    • Thin bottom

    hepper cat paw divider

    Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick the Best Cat Bed for Older Cats

    Like people, cats can develop aching and sore joints as they age, and they are more likely to become ill or develop poor health. A balanced diet, good exercise, and regular health checks at the vet can help to minimize pain and ensure that your cat stays healthy, but an old cat can suffer from aching joints and sores. They may have limited mobility and may be incontinent.

    Finding the right bed for your cat means choosing the one that best matches their requirements. If your cat struggles to walk, it certainly won’t be able to climb into an elevated bed. If it urinates or poops in its sleep, you will need a good waterproof bed, and if your cat shivers with the cold, at night, then you want something that will offer additional warmth.

    Bed Type

    One of the first things to consider is the type of bed to choose.

    Typically, bed type relates to its shape and design:
    • Igloo/Cave – the cat cave has become a popular shape. Also called an igloo because of its shape, this particular design cocoons the cat and only leaves the entrance open. This means that your cat only has one open section to defend, at least psychologically, so the cave offers security and safety that can be especially beneficial to a nervous cat.
    • High-Walled – some beds have high walls. These are beneficial because they prevent the cat from rolling out of the bed, while the wall itself can provide support for tired and aching joints. Determine whether the walls are firm or soft to ascertain how easily your cat will topple the size of the bed.
    • Flat Bed/Sofa – this is really just a cushion but may have bolster cushions, or arms. These are much shorter than the walls of a walled cat bed but they are comfortable, give the bed an improved look, and they allow your cat to rest its chin or any other part of its body.

    Bed Size

    Ensure that you buy an appropriately sized bed for your cat. Many cat beds are sold as pet beds and they include an ideal weight of the pet. But, consider that while some cats like to sleep curled up, others prefer to stretch out completely.

    Cats that stretch naturally need more room in their bed. If your cat stretches, measure its full length to ensure that you choose a bed that is long enough. If you choose one that is too small, your cat is likely to ignore it and find somewhere else to doze. With that said, some cats may ignore beds that are too large because they like the coziness of a tight squeeze.


    Old cats benefit from having a cushioned bed. In particular, a cushioned base allows your cat to curl up and sleep on any surface. It can prevent bedsores and other injuries and a firm but malleable cushion can help alleviate joint pains and morning stiffness.


    Some materials retain and even transmit heat better than others. Look for beds that claim to be self-warming if your cat gets cold in the evening. These use the body temperature of your cat to keep your cat warm. Fleece and merino wool are popular materials that offer warmth and comfort.

    Waterproof Base

    A lot of old cats are incontinent or struggle to get out of their bed in time to make it to the litter box. Choose a cat bed with a waterproof base and, ideally, one that has a removable cover that can be machine-washed. This will make maintenance and care of the bed easier and it will prevent having to replace the bed too often.

    Design & Decor

    Of course, it’s important that the cat bed is comfortable for your cat and promotes better joint, bone, and muscle health. However, the cat bed will take pride of place in your home, so it is also vital that you choose one that looks attractive and will fit with the décor in your home.

    Choose a fabric that will retain its good looks, and either opt for a fun design or one that will match the interior of your room. A lot of beds come in neutral colors, which means that you can move the bed from one room to another, as required.

    white himalayan cat grooming hepper pod bed
    Photo Credit: Hepper


    We have included reviews for eight of the best cat beds for older cats, including those with orthopedic bases, waterproof mats, and covers that can be easily removed and put through the washing machine. There are many options available, including the popular cat cave design and the more traditional-looking cat sofa, and the range of choices can be baffling at first glance.

    We found the Hepper Nest Cat Bed’s bowl design to offer security and safety, as well as comfort and easy maintenance, making it the overall choice for the best cat bed for older cats.

    Featured Image Credit: Hepper

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