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8 Best Cat Websites in 2024: Fun & Educational Resources

Genevieve Dugal

By Genevieve Dugal

Three cats look at laptop

The internet is a true paradise for any cat lover. From videos of kitties competing against babies to more serious websites dedicated to preventing health problems in cats, the choice is endless when it comes to having a little fun or learning about the health of our beloved felines!

But if you already know the popular sites inside out and don’t know which page to click on to satisfy your insatiable love of cats, take a look at the list of our eight most-beloved cat websites!

The 8 Best Cat Websites

1. Lonely Planet

The best place for feline fanatics is not online: disconnecting and hitting the road is where you really find yourself in cat heaven! But before you disconnect, take a look at the Lonely Planet site, which has established the top 10 best destinations for cat fanatics.

This website will take you from Japan’s Cat Island to Holland’s KattenKabinet (where you’ll find a museum of cat works made by none other than Picasso and Rembrandt), to Hemingway’s home in Florida, which housed hundreds of polydactyl cats.

2. Adventure Cats

Another original site to inspire you to get outside is Adventure Cats, a page created by outdoor enthusiasts looking for safe ways to explore their surroundings with, you guessed it, their cat! Their site is full of fascinating articles about the adventures of people visiting spectacular places with their feline friends.

Additionally, they also challenge some negative stereotypes about cats in order to boost shelter cat adoptions.

3. PetFinder

PetFinder isn’t a cat-only site, but since we talked about adoption above, we also had to mention this more-than-relevant site. Petfinder is an online searchable database of cats and dogs in need of homes. It’s also a directory of nearly 11,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Organizations maintain their own homepages and animal databases available.

Entering the site, you will also find a wide range of articles used to raise public awareness of the importance of adoption, multiple resources on the care of newly adopted animals, and discussion forums where you can discuss your passion with people as crazy about cats as you are!

4. Little Big Cat

Cat parents who want to learn more about the holistic health of their pets can visit Little Big Cat, a website created by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve and feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, whom you already know if you are a fan of the TV series My Cat from Hell.

The site contains articles on a wide range of topics related to the overall holistic health of cats. So, you can easily access information specifically focused on feline health, nutrition, and behavior. This information is approached from a different angle than what you normally read on sites dedicated to feline health, which is very interesting.

5. Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a comic book and video series created by British animator (and avowed cat lover) Simon Tofield. It features Simon’s cat, harassing its owner while exhibiting all the usual cat behaviors.

Simon’s cat is beautifully portrayed, representing a cartoonish version of the domesticated feline. All cat owners will recognize one or more facets of their pet in this character! Plus, the website features YouTube videos, book reviews, short films, games, and a shop with all the Simon’s Cat merchandise you could dream of!

6. Cat-World

Cat-World is a website created by cat lovers for cat lovers. The interest of this site is that it is entirely devoted to cats, which makes it possible to group together all the information and resources available on felines. Thus, you will find all the answers to your questions at your fingertips.

You will easily find a lot of information on behavior, essential products, food, toys, toxic products, care, and many more. There’s also a health category, covering a wide range of topics to ensure you’re taking good care of your kitty.

7. The Indoor Pet Initiative

Do you have a cat that never goes outside and you’re afraid he’ll be bored? The Indoor Pet Initiative is the perfect site for you! The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine started the project, with the goal of helping people create nurturing and healthy environments for their indoor cats. All of their ideas are based on the latest scientific research available.

What is also interesting about this site is that it focuses on the emotional health of cats and how this can impact their physical health. This is a go-to site for researching any behavioral issues or questions you may have regarding your cat.

8. The Way of Cats

To end our list with a slightly more original touch, we present to you the fabulous site The Way of Cats. At first glance, it looks like a simple blog written by another cat fanatic. But if you pay attention to the words of the author, you will find a touch of poetry and beauty in the way she describes these wonderful feline creatures.

Through her well-written texts, she invites the reader to rethink the cat differently, to see their relationship with their pet as something almost mythical, and to find other ways of understanding and appreciating them. This site won’t appeal to everyone, but it will undoubtedly become a valuable resource for anyone who feels misunderstood in their relationship with their mysterious feline.


Since there are thousands of cat-related websites and new ones being added every day, our list could go on forever. However, it is certain that you will find in our list at least one website that you did not know about and which will become your new favorite this year!

Featured Image Credit: Eugenia Terekhova, Shutterstock

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