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55 Cat Lover Blogs We ❤️

In today’s post, I’m going to share the list of top 50 cat blogs with you.

In fact:

Such lists are many, but this one divides top cat blogs by categories for you to get a better idea of what to expect from them. Also, it rates them by the criteria such as topic-related content quality, creativity, and communication with the readers.

Some blogs on the list already have nominations and badges as top cat blogs!

So, let’s dive right in.

At The End of a Day…

10 Best Cat Blogs by Vets

This category reveals the best cat blogs managed by professional veterinarians, certified cat psychologists, and other experts in the field of cat food, health, and overall wellbeing. Read them to find pro tips on how to care about your feline to the best of your abilities.

Chirpy Cats

🌐 ChirpyCats.com

Yasaar Nakchbendi is The Lady Cat and author behind this blog. With many years of living with cats and observing their behavior, she can state with confidence that it’s a human who lives in a cat’s house, not vice versa. Understanding that and organizing the environment accordingly, you’ll make your feline happy.

Reading Chirpy Cats, you’ll know how to help a cat live an enriched life with humans. The blog shares fun yet informative content: product reviews, cat videos with voiceovers, creative DIY hacks, cat lifestyle topics – everything for harmonious relationships with your friend in a fur coat.

Chirpy Cats is an award-winning blog. In 2018, they won the prize for Best Cat Blog from BlogPaws Pet Blogging Nose-to-Nose and got the Home Enrichment Award from the Cat Writers’ Association. The Lady Cat herself is a professional member of Cat Writers’ Association, also volunteering for Cat Pawsitive Pro initiative, helping many shelter cats.

Cat Info

🌐 CatInfo.org

This one is a cat blog by Dr. Lisa A. Pierson, a veterinarian sharing tips on optimal feline nutrition and care. Understanding that cats develop diseases because of unbalanced food, she decided to launch Cat Info for cat owners to learn how to feed their felines right.

Lisa shares downloadable PDF files on cat nutrition, tells about the reasons why your cat might not like (and shouldn’t take!) this or that product, and educates about medical conditions that affect our four-legged friends.


🌐 iCatCare.org

Meet the team of professional vets and cat lovers who gathered and organized the International Cat Care charity back in 1958! Since then, tons of websites on cat care saw the light, but only the best ones survived. iCatCare is among the top cat blogs to inspire you to understand your feline’s needs.

Here you’ll find advice from vets and cat behaviorists. They talk about the benefits of being cat-friendly, explain what it actually costs to keep a cat, and teach us to be the best owners for our best felines. Also we have a separate list of top cat behavior specialists.

Cat Time

🌐 CatTime.com

This blog is a devoted network of cat lovers, sharing guidelines on feline’s behavior, adoption, training, and food. Here you’ll find articles and interviews from expert vets, trainers, and cat behaviorists on how to make your fur friend’s life better.

Product reviews, funny cat videos, posts from pet parents and rescue workers – Cat Time won’t leave you confused or bored.


🌐 Catster.com

Managed by Melissa L. Kauffman and Annie Butler Shirreffs, both working in the pet industry for 20+ years, this cat blog is the community of professional writers, full-time veterinarians, and pet lovers. They write about cat food, behavior, health, and lifestyle with humor to share lots of expert info and cat entertainment with you.

Read Catster for the news about cat life, subscribe to their magazine, and learn surprising facts about your cat.

Fear Free Pets

🌐 FearFreePets.com

It’s a friendly community of vet professionals who educate us about the cat’s physical and emotional wellbeing. They share care programs for vets, pet pros, cat owners, and shelters so that everyone would find the necessary information in one place.

Fear Free Pets teach you to feed and play with a cat so she would feel happy in the environment you have. Watch videos and read articles on traveling with cats, feline fears, training, treats, and more.

Little Big Cat

🌐 LittleBigCat.com

With more than a hundred articles about cat nutrition and health, Jean Hofve shares her professional knowledge at Little Big Cat. She states that there’s no right or wrong cat food: while one product is suitable for one cat, it might harm another cat’s stomach.

A vet by profession, Jean writes about cat nutrition, recommends to vary food, and shares hacks on cat training for a better lifestyle. Her other blog is Feline Wellness, where you can see articles on cat fitness and emotional wellbeing.

Feline Wellness

🌐 FelineWellness.com

Here it goes, another cat blog by Jean and Co. What makes it cool and worth reading is advice from experts in the pet industry. They share insights on cat diets, health issues, training, and emotional conditions for cat owners to make the life of their four-legged friends happier.

Feline Wellness is not just a website but also a magazine for cat owners. You can subscribe and read the latest news from the pet industry there.

Natural Cat Care Blog

🌐 NaturalCatCareBlog.com

This cat blog is your chance to rediscover your feline’s nature once again. Run by Liz Eastwood, a certified holistic nutrition consultant and author of Soul Comfort for Cat Lovers, Natural Cat Care is about cat behavior, practical strategies for health care, and cat food.

The blog is devoted to Liz’s cat Bastet who passed away because of high-grade intestinal lymphoma. She learned a lot about this disease in felines since then, sharing her knowledge about preventing cancer in cats.

Cat’s Pajamas

🌐 TheCatsPyjamas.ca

And last but not least in the list, Cat’s Pajamas is purrfect for felines and their owners who care about grooming. It’s a blog of the feline grooming studio by Janet Wormitt, a certified master. Here you’ll find tips on grooming a cat who hates it, cutting nails, choosing equipment, and more.

And please don’t miss the info about cat bathing. Save the nerves of both your fluffy friend and yourself.

10 Best Blogs by Cats

Okay, enough of humans. Cats can blog too!

Here go top 10 best blogs by cats: smart, proud, and funny. Four of them are award-winning, and I’m sure that others will get their badges very soon!

Sparkle Cat

🌐 SparkleCat.com

It’s a witty blog by Summer, a shy kitty who doesn’t forget to mention all her TICA and CFA winnings at the “About Me” page. Summer loves humans and books, writing about what to do with the former and what to read of the latter.

Read about what’s wrong with humans, why they behave strange, and what cats can do to deal with that. Summer answers the questions of her fellow paws on chew toys to play, food to choose (Merrick or maybe Young Again?), and books to read. This cat knows all the secrets on how to train humans: She teaches people to not only live with felines but also understand their nature and needs inside out.

With so much wisdom and writing skills, there’s no wonder that Summer has a few Best Cat Blog awards. Check her blog, and you’ll understand why it’s Sparkle.

The Swiss Cats

🌐 SwissCatBlog.ch/en/

Used with permission of The Swiss Cats

Founded by Loupi in 2012, the Swiss Cats blog is now run by his two fellows and human Claire Bertolini, the secretary and technical person that makes sure everything goes well there. Swiss cats write about their everyday life, share advice on how to live with several other felines in the house, and review cat products.

The mission of the blog is to rescue as many cats as possible. The Swiss Cats welcome donations on the website, promote pet protection and wellbeing, and support every cat in need.

As far as you can see from the name, these cats are from Switzerland. Their blog is available in four languages, and they hold awards for the best photo on a pet blog and the excellence from Cat Writers’ Association.

Cat in the Fridge

🌐 CatInTheFridge.com

Run by Pancakes and her human mom Alana Grelyak, this blog focuses on pets with special needs. Although Alana has five more cats and a dog, Pancakes is the only one who loves writing. So she writes about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and everything else she likes or hates about being a cat.

Music for cats, visits to vets, playing with dogs, and tons of other details humans might not notice – Pancakes opens your eyes to what it means to live with a pet. She’s missing a foot, but it doesn’t prevent her from active life and writing fast.

Together with Alana, Pancakes promotes the adoption of cats with special needs. She tells about where to find and take them, how to care about them, and what products can help them live better.

Lola the Rescued Cat

🌐 LolaTheRescuedCat.com

Lola is a cat who covered a long way from dumpsters to a cozy home. Now she lives with a loving family, blogs about cat rescue, and reviews health products for her fellow paws.

Lola is a kitty who knows how to raise cats, keep them healthy, and organize the environment so they would feel happy with humans. She has a good sense of humor, by the way: You’ll find many entertaining posts about her everyday carry experience.

And don’t miss Lola’s book! In her Diary of a Rescued Cat, she shares the chronicles of her life beginning with the rescue, being in the shelter, adoption, and recovery. Together with her siblings, Lola promotes responsible ownership of pets.

The Purrington Post

🌐 ThePurringtonPost.com

This blog will help you see the world through the eyes of a cat. Run by Mouse, Newman, and the team, The Purrington Post teaches humans to choose food and take care of pets like real pros.

These cats know how to write fun yet informative content so that dull humans would get the idea. They write about cats of all types, focus on feline behavior and cat lifestyle, and share inspiring stories. Oh yes, most of their editorial team are very popular on Instagram, too.


🌐 Glogirly.com

Katie and Waffles are two cats discussing their relationships at the blog. With their human Debbie Glovatsky, better known as Glogirly, they share funny cat stories, review cat products, offer giveaways, and do all they can for you to come back to their website over and over again.

Both cats are proud of their human mom, whose mission is to help homeless and abused felines. Debbie works with cat organizations, and she’s a winner of 50+ awards as a designer, blogger, and photographer.

A Tonk’s Tail

🌐 ATonksTail.com

Three rescued cats run A Tonk’s Tail to educate humans about how many cats still need a caring home. That is how Faraday, Maxwell, and Alexandria help their mom Lisa advocate rescue groups and make people aware of cat rescue work.

Also, they review cat food (like Soulistic or Simply Nourish) and accessories, post tons of their lovely photos, and share humorous dialogues they have at home for readers to smile and connect with them.

Tuxedo Cat

🌐 Tuxedo-Cat.co.uk

This blog’s hero is Whiskey, adopted from the cat rescue home in 2014. Together with her assistant Dan (he’s a human if you know what I mean!), Whiskey tells about cat products and shares tips on cat training and health care.

She loves having fun! At Tuxedo Cat, Whiskey teaches you how to clean cat poop from carpets, what dog breeds to invite to your house for a cat’s comfort, and much more. Tons of useful info, youbetcha!

Noir Kitty Mews

🌐 NoirKittyMews.com

Welcome Valentine, a creative mind behind Noir Kitty Mews! He writes about everything a cat might need for a happy life: adventures, love, food, entertainment, health, and people care.

Valentine shares his favorite products for cats and sometimes allows his fellow friends (he calls them “staff”) to feature posts on his blog. Promoting love for felines, he invites you to see the gallery of his photos in gallant costumes. What a meow!

Deziz World

🌐 DezizWorld.com

Dezi, aka Deztinee Izabella, is an author behind this blog. Together with her sister Raena, she’s a service cat for her disabled mom, sharing the stuff about how to train cats and how to understand a feline’s behavior.

Dezi has a wish list on Amazon, opens a unique view of the human world, and explains the cat speak dictionary to people. Lovely photos and videos are also waiting for visitors at the Deziz World.

Athena Cat Goddess

🌐 AthenaCatGoddess.com

This one is a popular UK cat blog, managed by Athena (a cat) and her mom Marie (an author and a cat photographer). Together they write about cat books, products, care, and rescue.

The mission here is to help other cats find a home, so ladies promote pet adoption the best they can. Athena Cat Goddess is for education and inspiration too, so here you’ll also find Marie’s photos, entertaining cat videos, and useful links for cat owners to check. Read product and book reviews, enjoy cat art, and help Athena promote pet protection and wellbeing.

Basil’s Blog

🌐 BionicBasil.blogspot.com

Okay, that’s Basil who is the captain here! He leads the team of eight cats (The B Team) adopted from the same Rescue Centre, and all they have been sharing the stories about their adventures for seven years already. Claiming to be the funniest cat blog in the UK, Basil and his team publish tips on feline enrichment, book reviews, and adventure stories for all ages.

Their human mom, Cathrine Garnell, is an author writing books about Basil’s alter ego, the Bionic Cat. Amber is a cat responsible for book reviews at Basil’s Blog, so feel free to check her page too. (And nope, she’s not angry. :))

10 Best Blogs by Pros with Cats

Now it’s time for the best cat blogs run by pros in fields other than veterinary science or cat medicine. These are people from different professions and hobbies, creative enough to combine it with their unfailing love to cats.

Pawsitively Pets

🌐 MyPawsitivelyPets.com

Ann is an ex vet technician. She lives with Shiner (she’s a dog) and two adopted cats, Callie and Roadside. Ann has been working as a professional pet blogger since 2012, runs Pawsitively Pets that is “dedicated to all things animal,” and is a mom of two lovely girls.

Pawsitively Pets is for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. To grasp and idea, Ann’s blog is very similar to We Love Doodles but it’s not specifically focused on dog training. Ann educates readers about how to care about our four-legged friends, reviews food (like Sheba, or best semi-moist cat food recipes) and accessories for animals, and shares advice on how to help pets stay healthy and be happy in a human’s house.

Her blog received many awards and nominations for being informative, useful, and pet-friendly. Product reviews here are many, so you’ll get an idea on what to choose for your feline.

Dash Kitten

🌐 DashKitten.com

And here’s Marjorie, a professional photographer and devoted cat lover. She lives in New Zealand and knows how to take pictures and make videos of your cat so you both would wow.

Dash Kitten writes about cat technologies, cameras, and making smartphone movies. Yes, it’s Marjorie who can teach you how to take a pic of your cats so they would become superstars on social media. So, no more out-of-focus photos and poor-quality videos in your cat’s profile!

Marjorie is not the only host on the blog. Her cat family edits Dash Kitten and writes about cat health and tech too. The blog itself is devoted to Dash Kitten Founder Cat, who promoted unity amongst paws and passed away in 2013 because of a dog attack.

Three Chatty Cats

🌐 ThreeChattyCats.com

Rachel is a human behind Three Chatty Cats. She loves writing and photography, is involved in rescue cats, and hosts the blog with her… well, chatty cats: Dexter, Olive, and Sophie. They are the inspiration behind this cute and cozy online place.

Rachel writes about her cat experiences (she has five cats already, but Sophie doesn’t allow her to rename the blog to Five Chatty Cats), tips and tricks on how to behave with felines, and fun stuff like cat doodles, portraits, and sketches.

Three Chatty Cats is an award-winning blog, for their informative yet witty posts and undying love and compassion to cats in need for shelters.

The 7th Heaven Cats

🌐 7thHeavenCats.com

Devoted to Orientals, this blog is by Marva Marrow, a certified cat behavior consultant and… a famous musician. You may know Marva as the creator of allpets.com, where she professionally answered pet owners’ questions together with 40 other expert trainers and vets. She is also a consultant at The Kitty Kouch, helping cat parents find solutions to their problems.

The 7th Heaven Cats is about breeding and caring Orientals. Make sure to visit it and learn more about their feeding and behavior.

Sandy Robins Online

🌐 SandyRobinsOnline.com

Sandy Robins is a pet lifestyle expert. So, it stands to reason that her blog is all about the relationship with your cats and dogs. Sandy is a book author, public speaker, and pet safety advisor… It’s more than enough to at least take a look at Sandy Robins Online, isn’t it?

Read cat product reviews, learn about cat and dog health issues, and join Sandy in her mission to raise money for animal shelters.

Cat Behavior Associates

🌐 CatBehaviorAssociates.com

Pam is a best-selling author of 10 books about cats. Considered a pioneer in the field of cat behavior consulting, she is now one of the most famous experts in the niche. She promotes the “think like a cat” approach, helping pet owners make their friends in fur coats happier.

Cat Behavior Associates is not only a cat blog but also Pam’s private veterinarian-referred behavior practice in Nashville. So, feel free to visit if walking on by.

Conscious Cat

🌐 ConsciousCat.net

And here goes a writer again! Ingrid King hosts the Conscious Cat, a blog about happiness for felines and their humans. Learn about the nutrition, health, and lifestyle of your cat here.

Amber, Buckley, and Ruby (with Amber being the first) are cats who inspired Ingrid to come up with this blog. Buckley has become the protagonist of Ingrid’s book Buckley’s Story, and Ruby had her column at the blog. Now, it’s Allegra who contributes to the Conscious Cat from time to time via her column, Allegra’s World.

The Fluffy Kitty

🌐 TheFluffyKitty.com

Brittany and Paul are passionate travelers, and they take their cat Yoda with them wherever they go. Now he is the cat who has lived in 7 countries since 2015, and his humans run The Fluffy Kitty to share tips and knowledge gained from this experience.

Here you’ll find everything a cat owner needs to know: ultimate guides on cat nutrition, secrets to traveling with cats, info about cat litter, furniture, other accessories, and more. Health and grooming issues are covered as well.

Feline Behavior Solutions

🌐 FelineBehaviorSolutions.com

Welcome Dr. Marci Koski, a former biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a passionate cat lover! More than that, she is a certified feline behaviorist helping cats from the streets to find a home. Marci teaches cat owners to understand what drives their felines to misbehave and how to change that.

Feline Behavior Solutions is about cat health and safety, behavioral issues, litter box problems, and cat products Marci recommends to her clients.

The Purrfect Job

🌐 AliceChauGinguene.com

Alice is a cat sitter and behaviorist. Her Purrfect Job is all about her adventures and experiences while dealing with cats at work. She writes about cat products, health issues, behaviors, tips for traveling and sitting with a cat, and more.

So, if you want to know, for example, why your feline doesn’t live the way you want her to, check The Purrfect Job. Also, Alice will tell you how to start and what to expect from a pet sitting business.

Cato 9 Tales

🌐 Cato9Tales.com/

Created by John Hope, an electronics engineer and an author of the book series about cats, this blog is now led by his wife Andrea and sister Diana. A graphic designer by profession, Andrea decided to continue publishing John’s remaining stories about their cat Rinpoche after John’s death from a heart attack in 2016.

Together with Diana, they publish conversations with Rinpoche, answer questions about your cat’s health and behavior, share cat drawings, and recommend products for felines and their humans. Here you’ll also find Rinpoche’s recommendations on cat toys, gifts for cat lovers, and more.


Do you know anyone who would love cats as much as these ladies do? Or, maybe you’re a cat mom yourself? One way or another, these 10 best cat blogs from enthusiastic cat moms are your must-check for today.

Covered in Cat Hair

🌐 CoveredInCatHair.com

Robin is a former art director and a mommy to nine cats. Impressive, huh? Cats are her passion, so she’s founded the non-profit organization Kitten Associates to help them live better. Robin writes about how she rescues cats, promoting love and compassion to felines in need.

She writes with a humorous attitude, but readers can feel her love for felines in every word. Stories are about cat rescuing and socializing, and you can also listen to corresponding podcasts or join the forum of like-minded people here.

Covered in Cat Hair is an award-winning blog. It has been winning nominations for the best cat blog, blog post, cause blog, and more since 2011.

The Cat on My Head

🌐 TheCatOnMyHead.com

And here goes Janet, a former dog lover who now admits she’s “a crazy cat lady.” She is a mom of eight felines, which makes the name of her blog self-explanatory. With a B.A. in English, Janet writes poems, publishing them at her website, local magazine, and regional business journal.

The Cat on My Head is about everything cat-related. The exciting read here is the Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats (warning: you may change the attitude towards your feline after reading it) and the bios of Janet’s all past and present four-legged friends. Also, don’t miss poetry about cat conspiracy, their letters to Santa Claus, and more.

Visit this blog for inspiration and motivation. It’s a great place to understand (yes, once again!) why we love our cats so much and why they need our love and care.

15 and Meowing

🌐 15AndMeowing.com

Ever thought about what life of a 15 cats’ owner might look like? Welcome to this blog! Run by Ellen Pilch, a genuinely enthusiastic cat mom, 15 and Meowing will tell you everything about cat life, from feeding and behavior to training and visits to the vet.

Come to the blog to reveal the dark and bright side of a cat owner’s life. Challenges, recipes, cat stories, health issues, tips on nutrition – everything is here to help novice cat owners understand the nature of their beloved feline.

Divided by categories, blog posts here are easy to follow. Ellen shares many pictures of her cats, writing some tips on behalf of her four-legged friends, and invites you to watch videos about how cats play games and what it’s like – to be a perfect cat for a human mom.


🌐 PawsomeKitty.com

This cat blog looks and sounds so exceptional and professional! That’s all thanks to Rebecca, a cat lover and a mom of Toby and Dory (apparently, they are cats).

PawsomeKitty shares the latest news for cat owners. Here you’ll find how-to guides, cat product reviews, and tips on training and grooming your felines. Rebecca wants it to be the ultimate resource for cat owners, and it seems she knows what she’s doing.

Floppy Cats

🌐 FloppyCats.com

Jenny‘s passion for cats, Ragdolls in particular, is the reason Floppy Cats exists. This blog is devoted to her beloved cat, Rags, who passed away in 2009, after spending 19 years in Jenny’s home.

Floppy Cats is about everything related to Ragdoll cats. Learn how to feed and train them, deal with misbehavior, care about them and their teeth, and when it’s time to visit a vet. Jenny also shares specific info about the breed: colors, vocalizations, and more.

Cat Wisdom 101

🌐 CatWisdom101.com

Layla Morgan Wilde is a cat mom behind this blog. At Cat Wisdom 101, she educates readers about cat news, products, health issues, behavior, and everything else a cat owner might want to know about felines.

Learn about cat adoption, feline-centric holidays, and healthy nutrition here. Read the interviews with celebs about cats, find out what books to read if you’re a cat lover, dive in feline astrology, or just take a look at lovely cat pictures or meowvelous cat art.

I Have Cat

🌐 IHaveCat.com

What about a bit of Sex and the Kitty? This blog by Tamar shares her experience with a cat in New York, and she ruins all the stereotypes about being a “cat lady.”

Read the chronicle of a 30-something single looking for love and yet loving her cat first and foremost. Tamar’s writings will inspire you with great stories and tips on living with a cat. Books and movies about cats, products to buy for a cat, giveaways – all this in one stylish place.

Mochas, Mystery & Meows

🌐 MochasMysteriesMeows.com

Melissa’s two passions are books and cats. As she says, “Books feed my mind, cats feed my soul.” And while Mochas, Mystery & Meows began as a book blog in 2011, Melissa’s two cats, Truffle and Mudpie, changed that.

Today, she combines two passions, writing about animal-themed books and cat products. Melissa is also passionate about rescue animals, so her blog is a great place to feel love for cats and share your story.

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody

🌐 CatChatWithCarenAndCody.com

Caren started the blog in memory of her beloved Bobo, who passed away after 18 wonderful years with her. Cody is a cat who inspires Caren to write about products and rescue, and he’s a mastermind of Cat Chat today.

It’s a cozy place for all cat lovers to share their stories, have fun, and learn more about the nature of their lovely felines. Enjoy stories, watch humorous videos, read books and cat product reviews, and feel free to contact Caren to say hi.

Island Cats

🌐 Island-Cats.com

Ernie and Zoey are Island Cats of this blog. Together with their human mom Sue, they live on the beautiful island in Michigan and have many stories to tell you about their life.

The blog is humorous, devoted to all cat lovers, and inviting us to join the adventure of sharing the place with four-legged fellows. Read about how Island Cats spend time, examine the reviews of pet products, and contact Sue if you need advice on cat care.

Kitty Loaf

🌐 KittyLoaf.com/

Welcome Annie and her two Savannah cats, Arya and Django, who are proud bloggers at Kitty Loaf. Together with other experts, namely Puddles, Fluffy, Princess Leia, and Max, they review products for felines and share posts on cat behavior, food, psychology, and their relations with humans. Annie calls herself a research-aholic, spending weeks examining and choosing the best products for her felines, so it’s worth checking the results, agree?

For those having a cat who practices a loaf position, Annie offers the Loaf of a Day nomination. If you want your kitty loaf to get featured on the blog, follow Kitty Loaf on social media and share the picture of your cat loaf with a corresponding hashtag.

Caroline’s Cats

🌐 CarolinesCats.com/

The enthusiastic owner of five cats, Caroline manages this blog to share her experience of living with felines. She reviews products for cats (food, accessories, and more), writes blog posts about cat behavior, and posts videos with her cats to educate and entertain other cat lovers.

Caroline learns the information from vets and the internet to revise and introduce it for us in a short and clear manner. She doesn’t claim to be a professional cat behaviorist, but all the advice from her blog comes from the personal experience of losing seven cat children throughout her life. Also, Caroline welcomes guest articles to the blog. So, if you want to share something cat-related, drop her a line.

10 Best Cat Communities

Cat shelters, non-profit organizations caring for felines, forums for cat owners – best of them are in this category. Don’t hesitate to join, help, or share the story of your four-legged friend.


🌐 KatzenWorld.co.uk

Visit the community of professional bloggers and freelance writers who are, above all, passionate cat lovers! Find answers to all questions you might have about your life with a feline. Marc-Andre, Laura, Iain, Lisa, Mollie, and others are here to explain how to feed a cat, how to build a relationship with your pet, and more.

The website shares reviews of cat products, including food and accessories, that you can use to enrich your four-legged friend’s life. Here you can share your cat story (they have a forum), answer questions from community members, or ask yours so other cat peers could help you too.

Katzenworld is the biggest blog platform about cats in the UK. They hold dozens of awards, including those for the best online cat information platform and the top cat blog.


🌐 KittyCat.co.za

It’s the community helping cats find a home. Founded in 2004, they write about lost and found cats, adoption, and cat sitting. Here you’ll find the information about cat breeds, care, health, and behavior. The articles about how to choose a pet sitter and how to help a rescued cat with adaptation in a new home – this website nails it all.

Kittycat is passionate about cat rescue. They welcome contributors to the community, so you can write and send a story or share your experience on feline behavior and care. Also, feel free to join them on Facebook to help homeless cats and discuss what it’s like to live with a feline.

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

🌐 TheIttyBittyKittyCommittee.com

Laurie Cinotto, a Seattle-area writer and shelter keeper, runs this blog to help kittens find homes. She’s even published a book about the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, where she described the life of her shelter, guiding readers on how to care about kittens and how to support them.

On the website, you’ll find stories about the shelter and their foster kittens as well as permanent residents of The IBKC, Charlene Butterbean and Wylla Stout. Laurie has a fundraising program, getting money for homeless kittens, so you are welcome to support her on this mission.

The committee cares about a few weeks old kittens until they are adult enough to be adopted, finding homes for them afterward.

The Creative Cat

🌐 TheCreativeCat.net

Bernadette is a human behind The Creative Cat. She’s an artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who won several professional awards for her cat-related art and photos at the blog. A former writer, Bernadette knows how to share expert info about feline health and welfare, habits and behavior, as well as stories of adopted cats and their incredible rescues.

She volunteers in a cat rescue organization, helping them in the medical department. On the website, you’ll find animal artwork, cats for adoption, rescue stories, essays on life with a cat, and more.

Bernadette is a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association, and her blog unites all cat lovers into the community to support cats in need.

Love Meow

🌐 LoveMeow.com

Run by Amy and her four cats, – Jackie, Flip, Shadow, and Lucy – this blog is about, you guessed it right, everything related to cats. Exciting stories from cat owners, videos, news about cats from the whole world, cute photos, you name it!

Visit Love Meow to smile, get a dose of cuteness, and support Amy in her help to local shelters and rescue groups. She promotes adoption and believes that every cat needs a chance to live a happy life with a hooman.

Regina Cat Rescue

🌐 ReginaCatRescue.com

Located in Canada, this non-profit, volunteer-run organization helps abandoned cats and kittens. You can get involved and donate to support their mission, and also find the info about what to do with an adopted cat so that she felt well in her new home.

Regina Cat Rescue saves cats from streets, provides them with necessary rehabilitation, and tells about them at the blog so that you could learn more about the humane treatment of pets.

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

🌐 AnimalShelterVolunteer.blogspot.com

Visit the blog about homeless cats who found shelter in this non-profit, volunteer organization. They write about rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed cats; they share the photos and stories of cats who still need a home, and they welcome you to support them in this mission.

All of the cats on the blog are from Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a no-kill rescue located in Norwalk, CT.  In 2019, PAWS found homes for nearly 700 cats!

Animal Shelter Volunteer holds several awards for the best rescue blog from the Petties. They work hard to help cats in need, so why not visit them with a “thank you” at least?

Also I was lucky enough to get a bio from Kevin:

My name is Kevin (aka “meowmeowmans”), and I take all of the photographs and do all of the writing for the blog. My wife, Tracey, and I are longtime PAWS volunteers. Tracey started Animal Shelter Volunteer Life in December 2008 as a way to create more exposure for the awesome adoptable PAWS cats. I’ve been volunteering for about 22.5 years, and Tracey has been volunteering for about 16 years.

Our blog photos are also used by PAWS on their website, and across their social media channels to help the PAWS cats find their happily ever afters.

Tracey and I have two beloved black rescue cats, Gracie and Ava, who were both adopted from PAWS.

The Meow Blog

🌐 TheMeowBlog.com

This cat blog is so popular among cat lovers because they gather and share cute cat videos and stories from all over the internet. Cat pictures, heartwarming rescue stories, and lists of alternative resources for those with cats are also here.

Visit The Meow Blog for fun, or feel free to submit a cat video or story to them. These guys will be happy to publish it if relevant.

The Catnip Times

🌐 TheCatnipTimes.com

It’s your place to visit if you want to have a laugh (or at least a smile)! The Catnip Times celebrates cats every day, sharing news, incredible stories, and videos about felines from all over the world.

Enjoy fun pictures, articles, and other multi-media about cats. Learn about cat care and behavior. And feel free to submit a video of your cat to the team: They are ready to publish it if it’s a fit.

Your Cat

🌐 YourCat.co.uk

Product reviews, interesting facts about cats, news, tips, and advice on cat nutrition, health, and care – that’s all for you to read in Your Cat blog. The best-selling cat magazine from Britain, they publish online versions anyway, for cat lovers to learn more about breeds, kitten care, and cat competitions.

The editorial team are all vets and accredited cat behaviorists, so there’s no need to worry about the authenticity of information they share.

Over to You

That’s all, folks! Do you know any other cat blogs worth mentioning? Share in the comments! Or, maybe you are a cat blog host, and you want to get listed here? Don’t hesitate to email me!

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