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20 Best Dog Breeds for Single Men (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Happy man on sofa with labrador

If you’re a man who’s currently in-between relationships, it can be tempting to try just about anything to increase your odds of success with potential romantic partners.

Everything — from dating coaches to complete makeovers — are on the table, but your best bet for luring in a potential mate may be residing at your local pound. The fact is that there are few things as effective at sparking up conversations and creating lasting bonds than having an adorable dog by your side.

But what breeds are best for finding love? Does it matter? As it turns out, yes, it does, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 dog breeds for single guys. Read on to find the dog that’s practically guaranteed to help end your bachelorhood once and for all.

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The 20 Best Dog Breeds for Single Men

1. Labrador Retriever

red fox labrador
Image Credit: Thunderovslabs, Shutterstock

Labradors are the most popular dog breed in America, so obviously, they’re perfect for more than just single dudes. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better breed for bachelors, as these dogs are friendly, lovable, and intelligent.

They also require quite a bit of exercise, so they’ll get you off the couch. That will help you stay in better shape yourself, while also increasing your odds of meeting your next sweetheart at the park.

2. Great Dane

great dane
Image Credit: Al_Er, Shutterstock

The biggest problem with Labradors is that they’re a little boring. You can’t say the same about Great Danes, as these giant pups will constantly keep you on your toes. They’re lower-maintenance than Labs, but they’ll garner you even more attention on the street.

Plus, what better way to meet someone than to have them get bowled over by your 100-pound miniature horse?

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3. Golden Retriever

Happy Golden Retriever in Times Square New York_andrew murphy davis_shutterstock
Image Credit: Andrew Murphy Davis, Shutterstock

These dogs might be as boring as Labs, but for all the right reasons. They’re extremely outgoing, and they’ll also keep you going out extremely often — mostly to the park for games of fetch.

Most importantly, though, their soft fur and adorable face make it impossible for most people to resist petting them, setting you up for plenty of meet-and-greet opportunities wherever you go.

4. English Bulldog

olde english bulldogge smiling
Image Credit: Jaden Cardona Photography, Shutterstock

If you’re not much of a get-up-and-go type, the English Bulldog might be right up your alley. These dogs only have two speeds: very slow and asleep. They don’t need much exercise, so you won’t have to spend hours tossing a Frisbee around, and they’re happy curling up next to you to watch “Monday Night Football.”

However, they’ll still get you quite a bit of attention when you take them out in public. The bad news, though, is that you won’t be able to compete with them in terms of cuteness.

5. Chihuahua

long-haired chihuahua sitting on sofa
Image Credit: HG-Fotografie, Pixabay

Chihuahuas aren’t the stereotypical “male” dog — and that’s the point. If you’re a big, masculine man, carrying a Chihuahua around in your arms will highlight your more sensitive side. This contrast can be completely irresistible.

Of course, your little dog may try to attack anything that comes within 5 feet of you, but they’ll surely get attention for you.

6. Boxer

boxer dog lying on autumn leaves
Image Credit: larstuchel, Shutterstock

These goofy dogs are known for bouncing all over the place, so they may just knock you into your next love connection. Even better, they’ll give you a constant stream of dimwitted antics to comment on, so the conversation will never dry up as long as they’re around.

Of course, they may not take too kindly to the fact that your potential mate will want snuggles with you too.

7. Poodle

three poodles sitting side by side
Image Credit: Chendongshan, Shutterstock

These super-smart dogs are hypoallergenic, so they’re a great choice for guys whose sinuses react poorly to dog dander. They come in both standard and toy sizes, so regardless of how much space you have, there’s a Poodle that’s perfect for your situation.

Also, if you get to the point where you have someone coming over to your place on Saturday night, you won’t have to worry about vacuuming up a bunch of dog hair before they arrive.

8. German Shepherd

silver sable german shepherd
Image Credit: J. Romanova, Shutterstock

A German Shepherd can protect you from all manner of threats, and they’re also incredible lovebugs when they’re not working.

They’re easy to train as well, so you can always teach them to act adorable whenever you see someone cute walk by.

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9. Basset Hound

basset hound
Image Credit: Maximiliano Pinilla, Pexels

Basset Hounds are another low-maintenance breed, so they’re better suited for finding love at coffee shops rather than dog parks. Their long, floppy ears are impossible to resist, and they can lure any stranger in with their deep, sad eyes.

Also, if you ever decide to pen a ballad for your new love, the Basset Hound will be sure to help you sing it.

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10. Pit Bull

Red Nose Pitbull
Image Credit: Pxhere

These dogs get a bad rap, but Pit Bulls are generally loving and clingy, so they’ll prove to outsiders that you’re fun to cuddle with. They’re also extremely outgoing, so they’re more than happy to demand love from complete strangers — which is exactly what you’re doing every time you go on Tinder.

11. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky
Image Credit: forthdown, Pixabay

These dogs are beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. However, Siberian Huskies are also extremely athletic, so they’ll give you a chance to show off if you want to throw a Frisbee around the park or go for a bike ride through the neighborhood.

They’re also notoriously shy dogs, so if you like to play hard-to-get, this breed will mimic your every move.

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12. Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dog
Image Credit: Best dog photo, Shutterstock

This breed is a worker, through and through. Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely obedient, so you can take them with you as you go about your day, and they’ll constantly look for ways to help.

They’re also extremely obedient, which allows you to look decisive and commanding when you’re in public with them.

13. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Dramatic Background
Image Credit: uppfeldt, Pixabay

Bernese Mountain Dogs are as big and lovable as dogs can get, and they have plenty of affection for everyone you meet. It’s impossible to walk past a Berner without scratching their ears or even going in for a hug, so you’ll have a line of well-wishers going around the block.

The only downside to these dogs (besides the drool) is that they have extremely short lifespans. Other than that, they may be the perfect pet.

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14. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher
Image Credit: patstatic, Pixabay

Dobermans have a ferocious reputation, and while they do make fantastic guard dogs, their reputation isn’t well-earned. These are lovable, athletic dogs — and they just happen to be as smart as a pile of rocks.

If you want an animal that’s sure to make you look smart by comparison, you can’t go wrong with a Doberman.

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15. Rottweiler

rottweiler with tounge out
Image Credit: Serova_Ekaterina, Shutterstock

Rottweilers are another dog with a spotty reputation, but as long as they’re well-trained and socialized, they make fantastic pets. They’re extremely loving, so you’ll always have someone curled up next to you on the couch, even if you didn’t have any dates that week.

They do tend to get jealous, though, so if your love life ramps up, don’t be surprised if they try to sabotage you.


16. Greyhound

two elegant greyhounds
Image Credit: pfluegler-photo, Shutterstock

Greyhounds represent a kind of “best of both worlds” philosophy, as they’re capable of keeping up with you on long hikes but prefer sleeping the day away. If you like flexibility in how your days are structured, they’re a great choice.

They are extremely stubborn, though, so don’t be surprised if they make you look bad in front of a hot date.

17. Pug

Pug lying on the ground
Image Credit: Seaq68, Pixabay

Just one look at a Pug’s face and you’ll fall right in love. You can use that to your advantage, as your next significant other may just be willing to keep you around in order to spend more time with your dog.

They’re also a low-maintenance breed that’s perfectly suited for apartment life.

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18. Beagle

Beagle puppy, 3 months old_Zoran Kompar Photography_shutterstock
Image Credit: Zoran Kompar Photography, Shutterstock

The Beagle is another breed that’s perfectly happy snoozing the day away, although they can also get into mischief the moment your back is turned. If you want a dog that will give you an adorable “how we met” story, the Beagle is your pup.

They’re also extremely good with children, in case that ever comes up.

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19. Mutt

Image Credit: Jucadima, Shutterstock

There’s no law saying that you must have a purebred dog if you want to attract attention. Mutts are great dogs, as they’re unique and loving and tend to be healthier than purebred animals.

If you have a mutt with you, you’ll quickly learn that there’s no better way for people to introduce themselves than by asking what kind of dog you have.

20. Any Rescue Dog

dog adoption
Image Credit: tonyfortku, Pixabay

At the end of the day, you can find a partner with just about any dog breed, so why not save a life while you’re at it? Getting a rescue animal from the pound is just as good as buying a dog from a breeder and is much cheaper.

Not only that, but it makes you look like a real hero when you tell the story of how you and your best friend met.

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Summary: Dogs For Single Men

Picking out a dog is a great way to increase your quality of life, regardless of whether you’re a family man or a swinging bachelor. However, the greatest thing about owning a dog is they greatly reduce your need for another person in your life.

After all, why would you need to go on a date to get cuddles when you’ve got a furry little friend at home?

  • If you do welcome one of these breeds into your home, you may want to dress him or her up with one of our top choices of dog bows, you know, get them ready for mingling. Check them out here!

Featured Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock

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