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8 Best Dog Foods for Pitbull Puppies – 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Pitbulls tend to have big appetites to match their big personalities. And this beautiful dog breed will eat just about anything you put in front of it. If you’re like most new Pitbull puppy owners, you are probably wondering what kind of food you should be feeding your pooch to ensure that they grow strong and healthy as they age into adulthood. There are many interesting options available on the market, each claiming to provide optimal nutrition for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds.

But no two dog food brands are created equally. A package may say that food includes complete nutrition, but that doesn’t mean that it will provide your Pitbull pup with all the vitamins, minerals, and protein they need to thrive. We know how tough it can be to figure out what kind of quality food to feed a Pitbull puppy, so we’ve taken the time to review several brands to see which come out on top and which should be skipped. Following are reviews for our eight favorite types of dog food for Pitbull puppies.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
The Farmer's Dog Fresh Beef Recipe The Farmer's Dog Fresh Beef Recipe
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals
  • All life stages
  • Features USDA beef and beef liver
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Rachael Ray Nutrish Rachael Ray Nutrish
  • Made with high-quality protein
  • Offers complete nutrition
  • Features a natural source of vitamin C
  • Third place
    Taste of the Wild Taste of the Wild
  • Made with ingredients dogs would find in the wild
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Essential minerals for strong bones
  • Hill’s Science Diet Hill’s Science Diet
  • Promotes gentle digestion
  • Supports an optimal immunity system
  • Promotes optimal immunity
  • Blue Buffalo Blue Buffalo
  • High-quality blend
  • Free of corn and other fillers
  • Small pieces of kibble
  • The 8 Best Dog Foods for Pitbull Puppies

    1. The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe Fresh Dog Food Subscription — Best Overall

    the farmer's dog food

    Our first choice for the best dog food for pitbull puppies is The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe. This recipe includes USDA beef, USDA beef liver, sweet potatoes, lentils, carrots, sunflower oil, kale, fish oil, and a special The Farmer’s Dog nutrient blend. It is also packed with the vitamins and essential growing pitbull puppies need to be healthy and strong. You’ll also find that Pepe’s Beef meets all the requirements and nutritional levels set forth by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages. These standards by the AAFCO include larger-sized dog breeds such as Pitbulls.

    The only true downside we found with The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe is the fact that it must be kept frozen and requires thawing in the fridge the day prior. While this isn’t normally an issue, if a busy pet parent forgets, their pups may need to depend on another food option for the following day.

    All in all, we think The Farmer’s Dog is the best dog food you can find on the market today for Pitbull puppies

    • Features USDA beef and beef liver
    • Meets AAFCO standards for all life stages
    • Includes essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth
    • Ideal for large dog breeds
    • Requires thawing if stored frozen

    2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Food — Best Value

    Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright

    This high-quality puppy food features pasture-raised chicken grown in the United States that is slow-roasted to lock in all the juices and flavors — your Pitbull puppy won’t be able to resist it. In addition to the tasty chicken that will provide your pooch with all the protein they need to grow strong, Rachael Ray Nutrish dry puppy food includes a variety of fresh fruits and veggies that will support optimal health as your pup learns to be an adult.

    Thought of as one of the best dog foods for Pitbull puppies for the money, this formula even includes cranberries to ensure that your pup will get all the vitamin C they need to properly absorb all the other nutrients they’re getting. This food does contain a significant amount of rice, though, so if you want to feed your Pitbull pup a grain-free diet, this isn’t the option for you.

    • Made with high-quality protein sourced in the United States
    • Offers complete nutrition for all stages of puppyhood
    • Features a natural source of vitamin C
    • Contains a high amount of grains, which can cause digestion problems for some Pitbull puppies

    3. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Food — Premium Choice

    Taste of the Wild

    As the name suggests, Taste of the Wild High Prairie puppy food is designed to provide your pooch with a balanced diet sourced from nature. Instead of beef or chicken, this dog food features fresh buffalo and bison that will indulge your pooch’s wild instincts. This is a high-quality food free of grains and filled with veggies like chicory root to support a healthy digestive system and essential minerals for strong bones.

    But you can expect to pay more for this puppy food than you will for the first choices on this review list. You may also find that your puppy doesn’t like the wild taste of bison and buffalo if they’re used to eating chicken or beef.

    • Made with ingredients dogs would find in the wild
    • Supports a healthy digestive system
    • More expensive than similar options on the market

    4. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Canned Dog Food

    Hill's Science Diet Puppy

    This is a wet dog food that’s formulated to promote optimal immunity, which is important for curious puppies that like to explore outside, where viruses and other dangers might be lurking. If your Pitbull puppy has a problem digesting dry food, they may have better luck with this option because it’s designed to support gentle digestion.

    Puppies tend to love wet food over dry because it’s easier to chew and eat. But you may have to brush your dog’s teeth often between meals because this feed tends to get stuck between teeth. It also costs more than dry dog food, so you may find that it’s expensive to keep up with your Pitbull pup’s diet needs as they grow bigger.

    • Promotes gentle digestion for active puppies
    • Supports an optimal immunity system
    • More expensive than dry food
    • Can get stuck between teeth and cause dental problems

    5. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Food

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection puppy formula is specially made to help your Pitbull puppy grow big and strong. This food features plenty of clean protein and a multitude of vitamins and nutrients that your pooch will need as their bones and muscles grow. In addition to the real meat, your pup will chow down on whole grains that are good for their heart, vegetables that will help keep them healthy, and fruits for the extra energy they need while playing and growing.

    An added dose of calcium and phosphorous is added to support strong bones, especially when your Pitbull starts getting big and putting on more weight. There are eye and brain support via added DHA and AHA. Essential fatty acids are also included, which will help keep your puppy satiated between meals and keep their coats nice and soft. One downside is that puppies tend to get diarrhea when switching to this food. But luckily, this side effect is temporary.

    • High-quality blend free of corn and other fillers
    • Small pieces of kibble are easy for puppies to chew and digest
    • Easy-to-read ingredients list
    • Some puppies experience diarrhea for a few days after being introduced to this food

    6. American Journey Puppy Dry Dog Food

    American Journey

    The American Journey team knows how important puppy nutrition is to you, as well as important taste is to your Pitbull puppy. This food is specially formulated to taste great without sacrificing vital nutrition. Whole chicken and chicken meal are the first ingredients, and antioxidants are added to ensure exceptional immune health through adulthood. What this food lacks are artificial colors and flavors.

    One major downside, however, is that the kibble pieces are large and can be tough for young puppies to chew before swallowing, which may lead to poor digestion. This product does contain a prominent amount of brown rice, so if you’re transitioning your Pitbull pup from a non-grain diet, you should do so gradually over a couple of weeks to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal upset.

    • Made with added antioxidants for intense immune support
    • Great flavor that most puppies love
    • Larger kibble size can be a turnoff for younger Pitbull pups

    7. Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Puppy Dry Dog Food

    Merrick Classic Healthy Grains

    This puppy food does contain grains, but it’s not just the typical rice or corn that you might expect. It’s formulated with ancient grains, such as quinoa, to provide wholesome nutrition that your Pitbull puppy might find in nature. It also includes de-boned chicken, beef, or seafood, depending on the formula you choose to make sure all your pup’s protein needs are covered.

    You’ll find that this brand is quite pricey compared to some higher-quality options, which can add up over a year. The kibble pieces are larger than many other options too, which is fine for older Pitbull puppies but can be troublesome for pups new to eating dry food. It may have to be soaked in water or broth before serving.

    • Choose from meat, fish, and poultry options to keep things exciting for your puppy
    • Includes fruits and vegetables for whole food nutrition
    • Larger kibble pieces may need to be soaked until the puppy molars grow in
    • More expensive than some brands that are of higher quality

    8. Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Dry Dog Food

    Purina Pro Plan Focus

    The number-one ingredient in Purina Pro Plan Focus puppy food is pure chicken. It also contains essential omega fatty acids that will help keep your puppy’s skin and coat soft and healthy. Featuring DHA, Purina Pro Plan supports healthy cognitive performance.

    This is a budget-friendly option manufactured in the United States that won’t leave your Pitbull pup lacking in nutrition. However, while this complete dog food does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives, it does contain animal by-products and other fillers.

    • Budget-friendly option is ideal for those feeding multiple puppies
    • Contains all nutrients that puppies need to thrive
    • Contains fillers like animal by-products
    • Doesn’t contain as many whole-food nutrients as more expensive options

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    Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Food for Puppy Pitbulls

    So what’s the best food for a Pitbull puppy? Even once you have identified the quality puppy food options that would best suit your Pitbull pup, it can be tough to decide which one to choose that will give you peace of mind and provide your dog with additional flavor as they age into adulthood. The first thing to consider is what your puppy’s mom was eating while nursing and what the pup has been eating since being weaned by their parent.

    Has your Pitbull pooch been drinking milk from a mom that eats a high-protein or high-grain diet? What kind of puppy food have they been eating up until now? If they’ve been on a high-grain diet, it’s a good idea to choose a new puppy food that includes brown rice, quinoa, or even barley. A puppy that’s been eating a high-protein diet made up of mostly meat should get food that is free of grains, if possible.

    Reading the Ingredients List

    Even if a puppy food claims to include whole meats in its formula, it doesn’t mean that by-products and meals aren’t present. It’s important to avoid animal meals and by-products because they don’t offer as high-quality protein as whole meats do. Just because no artificial colors are included doesn’t mean that artificial flavors are excluded. You should always take time to read the ingredients list before deciding whether to invest in a particular puppy food.

    Look up any ingredients you aren’t familiar with to find out how they will affect your pup’s health over time. Stay away from foods that contain artificial ingredients of any kind. Look for foods that contain healthy fruits and veggies, such as peas, carrots, and beets, to ensure that your puppy gets vitamins and minerals from real food, not just supplements added into the food formula. Make sure that any food you choose meets the nutrition requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). If you can’t tell from the packaging, you can find a contact for the feed control department in your state by clicking here. Your state contact can let you know whether the puppy food you’re considering investing in meets the feed control standards.

    Transitioning Your Puppy to a New Food

    If your Pitbull puppy doesn’t like the food you choose for them or ends up with digestion problems for some reason, don’t take it away completely and start feeding them new food. It’s a good idea to slowly transition them to the new food so you and your pup can avoid constipation and diarrhea. Mix the old and new food, and feed the mixture to your pooch for a few days before completely switching over to the new food.

    If you want to add wet food to dry food, do so gradually. Start by adding just a tablespoon of wet food to the dry stuff and mixing them. If your pup handles it well, increase the wet food a tablespoon at a time until you’ve found the perfect ratio of wet and dry food for your dog.

    Divider 2Final Verdict

    Feeding your Pitbull puppy the right food is one of the most important things you can do for their health and well-being. We hope that our list of reviews has helped to make the job of choosing a new food easier for you. We think our number-one pick, The Farmer’s Dog fresh dog food subscription service, is worth serious consideration for any Pitbull owner. We were also impressed with the performance and results of Rachael Ray’s line of puppy foods. But we’re sure that you will love all of the options on our reviews list of the best food for Pitbull puppies.

    Have you tried any of the puppy foods on our list? If so, what was your experience? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

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