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10 Best Dog Harnesses for Large Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Dog Harness for Large Dogs When you have your dog on a leash, using a neck collar can be detrimental for a few reasons. If your dog tends to pull, it can cause harm to them in more ways than you probably realize. Since the collar fits around the neck, it can restrict blood flow to the eyes, ears, and front legs. It is especially bad for brachycephalic dogs with flat faces.

With extended use, a neck collar can end up causing permanent damage. It can lead to thyroid, ears and throat, neck, and front leg injuries that are often irreversible. Paw licking is also a sign that the nerve endings in your pup’s feet aren’t getting the proper blood flow, causing them to tingle.

A well-designed harness can alleviate all those problems and keep your pet safe from harm. We have compiled a list of top 10 choices for your large dog, considering the best fit and functionality on the market. Let’s begin!

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A Quick Glance at our Favorite Choices of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Embark Adventure Dog Harness Embark Adventure Dog Harness
  • Comfortable
  • precise fit
  • Durable design
  • Handle for control
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Rabbitgoo Dog Harness Rabbitgoo Dog Harness
  • Six color choices
  • Comfortable
  • precise fit
  • Two leash attachments
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness
  • Heavy-duty
  • High-quality materials
  • Front and back attachments
  • Eagloo Dog Harness Eagloo Dog Harness
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Easy fit
  • Seat belt strap
  • PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness
  • Many color choices
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable
  • The 10 Best Dog Harnesses for Large Dogs

    1. Embark Adventure Dog Harness – Best Overall

    Embark Adventure

    Check Price on Chewy

    While there are some excellent choices on our top 10 list, this Embark Adventure Dog Harness is the winner. It has everything you need for comfort, control, and security. It is made from military-grade thread that is quadruple stitched on strong nylon, so it’s not coming apart anytime soon. It is comfy and breathable, too, with anti-chaffing padding.

    It has a super simple fit that goes around the head, securing with two buckles on the belly area. There is a handle on the harness so you can have close control to help you lift or secure the dog. You can also customize the fit at four different points to make it comfortable but suitably snug. It has reflective areas for nighttime walks, too.

    It comes with two leash attachments points on the front and back. The front can be used for training purposes but doesn’t seem as durable as the back. Once they have the hang of things, you can use the back attachment for everyday use. It also has a high pull strength percentage that is 100 pounds over the national guidelines. That is true of both small and large breeds.

    Embark seals the deal with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is why it is the top of our list for best large dog harnesses.

    • Comfortable, precise fit
    • Durable design
    • Handle for control
    • Two leash attachment areas
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Front lead attachment is weaker than the back

    2. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness – Best Value

    Rabbitgoo DTCW006L

    Stealing the number two spot, the Rabbitgoo DTWC006L Dog Harness is the best harness for large dogs for the money. It is completely affordable, stylish, and efficient. It comes in six color choices. Like the first, it also has four adjustable straps, two buckles, a handle for control, and front and back leash attachments.

    This design is made for medium to large breeds and has a sizing chart to make sure you are getting the best fit for your pooch. Built for coziness, it is a nylon material with soft padding. Your dog won’t get overheated outdoors, as it has a breathable mesh material for optimal airflow.

    While this Rabbitgoo harness comes with all the attractive features of our first choice at half the price, it isn’t quite as high quality. The material does not feel as durable, nor does it have the same secure stitching. So, while you may get all the same benefits, it might not last as long. That can account for the price difference.

    • Six color choices
    • Comfortable, precise fit
    • Two leash attachments
    • Handle for control
    • Not as high quality
    • No known satisfaction guarantee

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    3. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness – Premium Choice


    Wearing this ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness, your dog will stride in style. It is our premium choice here, so it is more expensive. However, with all the combined benefits you get, it may persuade you to purchase. First, it’s got a certain heft to it. You can feel and see the value. It is specially made for large dogs and comes in 14 different style choices.

    It is no-rub and escape-proof for even the slipperiest of escape artists. It is made of nylon material and padded with ventilated mesh. It has alloy metal buckles that are very hardy. It comes with a front and back attachment depending on your dog’s needs.

    Do be very careful when sizing, as the measurements for this harness need to be precise. Not measuring correctly can cause too small of a fit for the ICEFANG harness, which can lead to returns or exchanges. If you want unwavering durability and don’t mind paying for it, this is a great choice.

    • Heavy-duty
    • High-quality materials
    • Front and back attachments
    • Handle for control
    • Expensive
    • Difficult to size

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    4. Eagloo DTCW-007-LN Dog Harness


    This Eagloo DTCW-007-LN Dog Harness is another affordable selection. It comes in six color varieties so you can customize the look for your dog. It has four adjustment points around the neck and the back to gauge proper wear.

    It has front and back zinc alloy leash attachments. It’s made from nylon webbing and sponge padding to create a comfortable fit. It even has a slot that you can fit a seatbelt through to protect your dog while riding in the car, which is a great feature.

    It comes with all the main components of others on the list, but there may be an issue where the straps are concerned. Because of the way they are designed, it may cause the straps to loosen up over time and not keep a tight fit. Eagloo does not specify warranty details in the product description.

    • Wide variety of colors
    • Easy fit
    • Seat belt strap
    • Uncertain warranty terms
    • Potential strap loosening

    5. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness


    This PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness is an honorable mention here, thanks to its interesting design. It is incredibly lightweight and not bulky whatsoever. Instead of being solid straps, this one has dual elastic straps fitting around the body. That’s supposed to reduce strain, allowing for more natural movement.

    While this seems great initially, it does seem it could cause rubbing, which some dogs can be more sensitive to than others. It also comes with a loop for a seatbelt so they can stay safe when riding. It has a front and back leash attachment with a soft control handle.

    Because of the lightness of the design, it may not hold up as well as some of the other selections. However, it does come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if it were due to product failure, the PoyPet would take accountability.

    • Many color choices
    • Lightweight design
    • Breathable
    • Seatbelt loop
    • May cause rubbing
    • May not last as long as others

    6. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness


    The BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness is a decent selection that comes in five color variations. The overall look is very nice, and the quality of the harness seems lasting. It comes with many of the standard features of other harnesses, such as front and back leash attachments for training and reflective threads for nighttime walks.

    It also comes with a control handle. However, it is just one bare strap with no cushion. While it still allows you to use it, if you have a particularly rowdy or disobedient dog, it may cause some rubbing or rug burn on the hands.

    The fit is snug and comfortable. It has soft padding to prevent rubbing or irritation while still being breathable.  Do be careful when ordering to make sure measurements are correct. There were some discrepancies with the sizing chart.

    • Fits nicely
    • Attractive look
    • Breathable design
    • Read sizing chart carefully
    • Handle could cause rubbing

    7. Bolux DC114-Re-SH Dog Harness

    Bolux DC114-Re-SH

    This Bolux DC114-Re-SH Dog Harness is a very attractive, comfortable fitting design. While this is a well-made, durable selection, it is better suited for more obedient dogs who have already had leash training. Because it is excellent for great manners, it’s a wonderful selection for service or therapy dogs.

    It has a mesh handle that you can use to guide or lift your dog when they need assistance. The reflective strip on the harness is very thick, stretching across the whole front and throughout the stitching.

    With the way it is made, some dogs may be able to get out of it if they are notorious for slipping out. WIthout a front leash attachment, the Bolux is not the best options for dogs that pull heavily. Again, this specific harness should be used for seasoned walkers.

    • Good for service dogs
    • Large reflective strip for nighttime walks
    • Durable
    • For trained, mannerly dogs
    • No front leash attachment

    8. FIVEWOODY Tactical Dog Harness


    The FIVEWOODY Tactical Service Dog Harness is another on the list perfect for therapy, service, and K9 working dogs. It can also be a great selection if you do a lot of hiking or long walks. There are attachment options on the harness so your dog can carry baggage. It even comes with an ID badge for your service dog.

    It is a highly striking and practical design for multi-purpose use. It comes in five natural-colored color choices. It is made of a very tough military-grade material with thorough heavy stitching to make sure it doesn’t come apart. It is water-resistant, so it will do well with rain and other elements.

    While FIVEWOODY made this primarily geared toward working dogs, you can use this for the average everyday canine. It is one of the pricier selections on the list, but it does come with a satisfaction guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the performance.

    • For working dogs and family pets
    • Extremely well-made
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Expensive
    • May not need all features

    9. OneTigris Rugged K9 Vest Harness

    OneTigris TG-GBX11

    This OneTigris TG-GXBX11 Rugged K9 Vest Harness is a lot packed into a small design. It fits snuggly around the dog’s chest, wrapping around the legs. The harness itself is quite small, but this helps to have more control over the dog. It seems like even ones who easily back out of them would have a hard time breaking free.

    The Vest Harness is another addition to our top ten that is very suitable for K9 working dogs. It is a solid material with both a front and back leash attachment, so it is transitional for training and casual use. Because it has the K9 dog in mind, it may not be necessary for every dog but could be used regardless.

    It has a zipped pouch for poop bags, so you will have them handy when you’re out on long walks in town. You can essentially use this area for other things instead if you need to. The straps are thick and secure, but the D-ring on the front seems a bit thin. It could cause it to bend or break after prolonged use.

    • Zipped area for storage
    • Hard to back out of
    • Thin D-ring
    • Design may not be necessary for all types of dogs
    • More expensive than others

    10. US AMY Dog Harness

    US AMY

    This US AMY Dog Harness ranks in our last spot on the list. It has its positives, being incredibly soft and easy to put on. It is a simplistic design, consisting of two main straps and no under piece or back piece. Instead of buckling on the underbelly, it latches on the top.

    There is no control handle, so if you have an elderly dog that needs frequent lifting, or a potentially aggressive or disorderly dog, this may not be the best choice. This harness is for a modest, well-trained dog who is polite on the leash.

    The back has two D-ring leash attachment connections but none for the front. This US AMY harness isn’t good for training a dog. However, it is an uncomplicated, comfortable, easy-to-wear selection otherwise.

    • Comfortably simple
    • Very soft
    • For experienced walkers
    • No control handle
    • No front leash attachment
    • Not suitable for leash training

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Harnesses for Large Dogs

    You may have tried harnesses in the past only to wind up underwhelmed by their efficiency. Some harnesses are throwaway, only lasting a short time. If you have a particularly Houdini-like pooch, finding a proper harness can be hard, too, because they just seem to slip out of anything.

    Every dog has quirks and preferences. Finding a harness that works in controlling your pet as well as providing them with safety and comfort can be tricky. Here are some areas to consider making your buying experience more favorable.

    Types of Harnesses

    There are many variances when it comes to the overall structure and style of the harness. As you can see from our detailed list, the designs can vary drastically.


    Some of them have a handle directly on the back to provide more hand control. If you have a dog who is notorious for pulling toward strangers or other dogs, you may want to have a firm, direct grip to eliminate the distance between you and your pet for optimal control.

    This is especially good for aggressive pets who could potentially pose a threat to a person or animal. If you want to keep your dog from inflicting harm and protect those around you, a handle is ideal. In the event they are roused to hostility, you can quickly grab and pull the handle, using your strength and body weight to diffuse the situation.


    These harnesses have the leash clip on the back. This will protect your dog’s neck, putting only slight pressure on the back. It is an excellent design for a no-tangle walk, preventing the leash from intertwining with the legs. They are usually straightforward to slip on your dog and are plentiful to find.

    The downfall of this design is there is a lack of control if you have a puller or aggressor. These will work better for well-mannered dogs capable of enjoying a jaunt without trying to take over.


    These are great for dogs who have less experience on the leash or exhibit poor manners. Having the clip attachment in the front allows the walker to guide the dog easily, turning them around if needed. It can also help to get better control with pulling or jumping than a back-clip.

    A downfall here is that the leash can get tangled easily in the dog’s legs. So, if they are erratic or all over the place on walks, you may have to make frequent stops to straighten things out.

    Dog Harness for Large Dogs


    Tightening harnesses are great for teaching your pet how to behave while on the leash appropriately. They apply slight pressure when they pull or resist, which can be helpful when they are discovering how walks should go.

    Since it can cause pain if not applied correctly, it can cause negative connotations with strangers or other pets. Be sure of a proper fit so it can do the job as intended. Because this is best suited for training, it is good to transition them to another type of harness once they learn proper walking etiquette.


    You will want to make sure your dog is comfortable with the material and fit. Depending on the density of your pet’s coat, it can bother the fitted area. Some harnesses can cause rubbing, which can irritate the skin. You will want to select a fit that adheres to their body in a way that will provide snug yet flexible wear.

    Proper Sizing

    Each dog is differently proportioned. Some are long-bodied, some are heavy-chested. The proper size for your pooch will ensure a proper fit. This will eliminate the risk of quickly slipping out or putting too much pressure in certain areas of the body.

    With each harness, there should be a very detailed sizing chart so you can get the correct specifications for your dog. It would be easy to look at your dog and think they are bigger or smaller than they are if you are just guessing.

    Even if you are buying a small harness because you have a small breed, this may not be the best way to decide. If your dog is overweight or thick in the chest, you may need a medium size instead. Take the extra time to take some measurements to avoid returns or exchanges.

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    We stand by our decision to name the Embark Adventure Dog Harness number one for large breed dog harnesses.  It has all the practical components that make a harness fabulous. It has both a front and back leash attachment, control handle, reflective threading, and very durable design. Most importantly, it has that satisfaction guarantee we love to see.

    Our number two, Rabbitgoo DTWC006L Dog Harness, is equally practical—but may not be as hard-wearing. It comes with the same features without that extra oomph in the longevity department. It is absolutely deserving of the best value selection.

    Lastly, our premium choice, the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness, is wonderful as well. However, you may not want to spend the extra cash if you don’t have to. Remember, it has a sophisticated look with 14 color choices and all the same features as our top two harnesses.

    Finding a worthwhile product for your large breed can be quite a task. After browsing through our reviews, hopefully, you have found the one that improves your experience walking them on a leash.

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