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9 Best Dog Head Halters & Gentle Leaders of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A Dog Head Halter

All you want to do is take a jolly stroll with your pooch to get some fresh air. It’s a little difficult because all they want to do is charge, jump, and chase everything from squirrels to leaves—right? Bad manners are prevalent in untrained dogs. After all, they’re young and energetic. They want to explore the world without boundaries. Getting a handle on this can be difficult, but there are many benefits to leash training with the use of head halters.

If you know what you need but aren’t quite sure what product would work best for your dog, fret not. We have compiled a well-researched list of reviews of our top 9 favorite head halter products on the market. Now, you can get a comprehensive look into which is best and what makes them different. No selection is right for every dog, so we tried to cater to various types to suit your training needs. Let’s take a gander.

A Quick Comparison (Updated in 2022)

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetSafe Headcollar PetSafe Headcollar
  • Easy fit
  • Front leash attachment
  • Damage replacement option
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Dogs My Love Dog Head Halter Dogs My Love Dog Head Halter
  • Affordable
  • Six sizes
  • Fits nicely
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Perfect Pace Halter Leash Perfect Pace Halter Leash
  • Back of neck lead
  • Built-in leash
  • No neck pressure
  • Coastal Walk’n Train Head Halter Coastal Walk’n Train Head Halter
  • Six sizes
  • Product guarantee
  • Durable
  • Halti Head Halter Halti Head Halter
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective
  • The 9 Best Dog Head Halters

    1. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar – Best Overall

    PetSafe GL-Q-HC-L-BLK Headcollar

    Check Price on Chewy

    When it comes to our favorite, the PetSafe Headcollar takes the cake. First and foremost, it was created by a veterinarian and is recommended by many trainers for being an excellent training tool. It’s straightforward to apply. You just fit the halter around the muzzle and neck. The leash attachment is in the front for absolute control.

    There are eight different color selections so you can get the one that looks best on your dog. PetSafe has a particular sizing chart so you can match your dog’s weight, ensuring the perfect fit. While it may look questionably uncomfortable, the portion that fits around the nose has padding, so it won’t run or irritate their snout.

    What’s interesting about this is that PetSafe also offers a damage replacement option. There is a small fee associated with it, but if your pet chews or otherwise damages the tool, it is eligible for replacement under their policy. While we think this is a pretty darn good deal, it may not work for every dog, but it is the best gentle leader headcollar out there this year.

    • Easy fit
    • Many size selections
    • Various colors
    • Front leash attachment
    • Damage replacement option
    • May not work for every dog

    2. Dogs My Love Dog Head Halter – Best Value

    Dogs My Love Dog Head Halter

    When it comes to saving money while maintaining efficiency, we have you covered with our number two. Here, we have the Dogs My Love Dog Head Halter, which is the best dog head halter for the money. The only color choice offered is red. However, they have six size selections to help you get the best fit for your dog.

    The strapping itself is made of nylon, but the portion that fits around the nose has soft material called neoprene, which acts as padding. If you measure correctly, it has a very snug, comfortable fit, and works quite well for its intended purpose. There is no restriction of mouth movement, as the dog can still pant if needed.

    This halter does seem a bit flimsier than others, making it more likely to fall apart. However, you can’t really beat the price, and it would do very well for a beginning halter.

    • Affordable
    • Six sizes
    • Fits nicely
    • Could potentially fall apart easier than others

    3. Perfect Pace Halter Leash – Premium Choice

    Perfect Pace Halter Leash

    If you want all the bells and whistles a head halter can offer, consider the Perfect Pace Halter Leash. It may be a tad expensive, but if you’re serious about training while using the best of the best, this may be for you. Instead of having the front leash control, this portion is at the back of the neck.

    The leash is built into this as well, so there is no need for a separate purchase. It fits in a figure-eight style around the muzzle and back of the neck. Since the control is in the back, it doesn’t put any unnecessary pressure on the neck or throat.

    Perfect Pace warns that this halter is not for dogs under 20 pounds or for brachycephalic breeds. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee and a learning manual. So, you can work things out with the company directly if things don’t work out. You can also learn the basics straight away.

    • Back of neck lead
    • Built-in leash
    • No neck pressure
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Not for all dog types or weights
    • Only available in one size

    4. Coastal Walk’n Train Head Halter

    Coastal 06100 Walk'n Train Head Halter

    The Coastal Walk’n Train Head Halter is another nylon addition to the list. It comes in six size varieties and three color choices for your personalization. It comes with a comprehensive sizing chart and instructional guide so that you can apply it to your dog with minimal effort.

    It feels decently durable. The portion that fits around the muzzle is lightly padded to prevent rubbing. It fits around the mouth and back of the head with a front leash attachment. The pressure and release effect is meant to keep your dog in line when they start to pull without harming them in any way.

    They have a quality guarantee so you can make your purchase knowing Coastal Walk’n will back up their product in the event of a mishap. This halter is slightly thinner feeling than some on the list, which could potentially lead to snapping if you have an extremely hard puller.

    • Six sizes
    • Product guarantee
    • Durable
    • May break with excessive force

    5. Halti Head Halter

    Halti COA13200BLK Head Halter

    This Halti Head Halter is a notable addition to the list. It’s exceptionally well-made, coming in black and red color varieties. It fits high up on the muzzle, so it doesn’t interfere with eating, drinking, or panting. It’s made of nylon waterproof, reflective webbing so you won’t have to worry about wetness or night walks.

    The available safety link on the front attaches to your dog’s collar, so you don’t have to worry about a mishap of them pulling themselves free from the halter. The noseband has a decent amount of comfortable padding that prevents irritation.

    Having said that, it is a little tricky to get on the dog. Also, because of the materials, it could potentially fray or wear quickly, depending on the continual force of the dog.

    • Waterproof
    • Reflective
    • Tricky to apply
    • May wear faster than others

    6. SPORN Head Dog Halter

    SPORN 34571 Head Dog Halter

    The SPORN Head Dog Halter is definitely one worth mentioning. It comes in three size variations with recommended measurements and breeds listed for comparison. This can be used as an individual collar or halter. So, you have the multi-purpose option. Once your pet is accustomed to the lead, you can use it solely as a collar if you no longer need the halter.

    The fit can be sort of awkward, depending on the way your dog’s head is structured. So, even if you buy the correct size, what works for one may not work for another. Be mindful of exact measurements when ordering for your pet.

    The Sporn company also offers a lifetime guarantee, so if anything goes wrong with your product, it will be replaced. The only exclusion to this is chewing damage, which is pretty standard for warranties or guarantees.

    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Multi-purpose
    • May not suitably fit all dogs

    7. GoodBoy Dog Head Halter

    GoodBoy Dog Head Halter

    This GoodBoy Dog Head Halter is a stylish and practical selection. It has a very snug and comfortable fit when correct sizing has taken place. It has a pink- or blue-collar choice depending on your dog’s gender or your personal preference. It has adjustable loops and straps to ensure a great fit with a quick release buckle.

    You can also avoid any chaffing or irritation since it is padded generously with neoprene on the muzzle area. This comes in four different sizes, so you should buy according to your dog’s measurements. However, if you have a brachycephalic breed or one with a reasonably shorter snout, this wouldn’t be the one you want.

    One attractive thing about this particular halter is that it comes with a one-year warranty that includes chewing damage. Most other halters or products don’t cover physical damage such as this. So, if you have a dog who loves to sink their teeth into everything, this may be the winner for you.

    • The one-year warranty includes chewing damage
    • Comfortable fit
    • Adjustable
    • Not for brachycephalic breeds

    8. Barkless Dog Head Collar

    Barkless Dog Head Collar

    The Barkless Dog Head Collar is a very flexible, comfortable style. It fits loosely around the neck to prevent choking or pressure on the wrong parts of the body. It has a detailed sizing chart so you can order the right one for your dog, ranging between small to extra-extra-large. It comes in both black and red.

    A big problem with this particular halter is that the sizing seems to be hit or miss. The sizes run smaller than listed which can lead to the muzzle loop being too small. If it fits too tight, it can cause constriction, leading to the dog not being able to pant properly to cool down. The mouth area is not adjustable, either. So, you can’t change the circumference size.

    It comes with a training guide to teach you how to use the halter and train your dog to use the halter properly. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers both manufacturer defects and customer dissatisfaction. So, if you find that this isn’t the most suitable choice for your pooch, you can return it.

    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Training guide

    9. Pettom Dog Halter

    Pettom Dog Halter

    The Pettom Dog Halter is slightly different from the other halters on our list. This one does not fit around the muzzle area. Instead, it fits around the chest and back. The leash attachment is at the back portion, which elevates to provide hand control. They are brightly colored with four color choices: yellow, pink, blue, and red.

    It’s made of strong nylon webbing with a comfortable padded portion. It fits nicely around the chest and onto the back. However, it may not be too tricky to slip out of if your dog is quite the escape artist.

    While this may be a good training harness for a dog who has somewhat poor manners, it isn’t the best selection for a moderately rambunctious dog. It doesn’t provide as much control as others on our list. Back leash attachment may not be as efficient for controlling the situation, either.

    • Stylish
    • Bright colors
    • Not a head halter
    • The dog may slip out
    • Back leash attachment

    Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best Dog Head Halters & Gentle Leaders

    Once you purchase your pet, there are some unexpected quirks that they will have as an individual. Bad manners on the leash are just one thing you may have to go through. The great news is, with consistency and proper training, your dog will walk on the lead with controlled enthusiasm in no time.

    Proper Fitting

    The idea of the perfect halter is to have direct control over your dog’s movement, so they learn to behave without your guidance on the leash. However, the halter should never be too tight around the neck or put too much pressure on the chest. This could cause lasting damage, which can be completely avoided with the proper fit.

    You will want the best gentle leader or best halter that can allow your dog to resume normal activities without feeling restricted. It’s important that is has to room for adjustment so you can make it loose enough for your dog to pant, drink, and breathe normally. It’s vital to note that head halters are not meant to be muzzles preventing your dog from opening their mouths. If your halter is that tight, it can harm your dog or cause them to overheat.

    A head collar

    Strength of Straps

    The last thing you want when you are training your dog how to take walks appropriately is for mishaps. Slipping out of the halter or having it break during use can have extreme consequences. Losing control of your dog in public can lead to harm of other animals, your pet running off into traffic, or other detrimental situations. Getting the appropriate size, durable material, and strong buckles are imperative.

    Style of Halter

    There are certain styles of head halters that will work for some dogs and not others. Halters are rarely recommended for brachycephalic dogs because they have such short muzzles and pre-existing breathing issues. Some breeds will have blockier heads or more narrow snouts. Measurements are essential to pay attention to with each individual style because they will be different. Following each product’s sizing chart will ensure the best fit and higher success for your particular dog breed.

    Final Verdict

    When it comes to proper training, we stand by the PetSafe Headcollar being our number one choice. It has the comfortable padding on the nose portion, front leash attachment, and the damage replacement option. It’s been a favorite for many pet owners, trainers, and veterinarians along the way in the past 30 years.

    If you want to save a few bucks, try the Dogs My Love Dog Head Halter. You can size any breed for the perfect fit. It’s strong nylon with comfy padding on the muzzle. It has a front lead attachment for training control. Plus, it’s merely pennies in comparison to some others.

    If you want the best and don’t care about spending higher dollar on a halter, Perfect Pace Halter Leash is our premium selection. It has a built-in leash, so no extra expense there. It is perfect for any dog over 20 pounds. It also has a unique figure-eight style with the control in the back of the neck. There is no strain or pressure on the neck area.

    By reading through our reviews, hopefully, you and your pooch can be well on your way to good leash behavior.

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