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10 Best Dog Leashes For Training in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Dog Leash Training If you prefer to keep your arms at their current length, training your pup to walk on their leash without pulling is essential. We have all seen them, right? The poor soul being pulled down the road on their heels at record speed with a cute yet determined furball leading the way.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this undignified jaunt. A training leash. This specific type of dog walker is designed to give your pal freedom while giving you the control you need. They are a great tool for puppies, stubborn pets, and dogs who were never taught how to heel.

Before you rush out to buy one of these mutt managers, you need to know which ones are worth your coin. In the article below we have reviewed the top ten dog leashes for training. Not only will we share the pros and cons of each one, but we will also give you the 411 on durability, safety features, versatility, and most importantly, effectiveness. If you still need more advice, we also included a buyer’s guide to help you make the final decision.

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites on 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
BAAPET Strong Dog Leash BAAPET Strong Dog Leash
  • Durable rope style
  • Padded handle
  • Strong clasp
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Vivaglory Short Dog Leash Vivaglory Short Dog Leash
  • Padded handle
  • Strong clasp
  • Reflective
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Leashboss Long Training Leash Leashboss Long Training Leash
  • Durable nylon
  • No tangle hook and loop feature
  • Cast metal clip
  • Hi Kiss Dog Training Leash Hi Kiss Dog Training Leash
  • Durable nylon
  • Nickel-plated clasp
  • No tangle coil
  • Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope Leash Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope Leash
  • Mountain climbing grade rope
  • No collar or harness required
  • Machine washable
  • The 10 Best Dog Leashes For Training

    1. BAAPET Strong Dog Leash – Best Overall

    BAAPET 01

    Taking the number one spot is the BAAPET Strong Dog Leash. This heavy-duty training lead comes in medium or large, and you can choose from a one or two-pack. This is not only a great option for training, but walking, running, hiking, and many other activities, too.

    This five-foot leash is ½-inch in diameter, and it is made of durable rock climbing rope. It features a soft padded handle, so your hands will not tire or get raw. You will also not need to wrestle with the easy to work clip that has a 360-degree turning radius.

    You and your pup will be able to use the BAAPET at night as the rope is woven with ultra-reflective threads to make it visible in low light. All in all, the leash provides enough freedom and control to be a useful training tool for your pup. Beyond that, you will feel secure with the heavy-duty plastic joint supports that cover the handle and carabiner stitching for extra strength.

    You will not go wrong with this durable, easy-to-clean training leash. Designed to fit all breeds, this rope style option also comes in your choice of color and will stand up to the toughest chewers. Overall, this is our top pick and well worth the purchase.

    • Durable rope style
    • Padded handle
    • Strong clasp
    • Heavy-duty joint supports
    • Reflective
    • Okay for heavy chewers
    • None

    2. Vivaglory Short Dog Leash – Best Value


    Next up is the best dog leash for training for the money. The Vivaglory Short Dog Leash comes in either a 12, 18, or 30-inch length, and it is 1.2-inches wide. The black material is made of durable webbed nylon that is double layered for added strength, plus it has interwoven reflective threading for safety.

    This option has a padded handle for comfort and can be used for training, running, hiking, and any other activity to your pup enjoys. The Vivaglory also has an aviation-grade metal carabiner that will ensure your pet is secure at all times.

    The only drawback that keeps this option out of our number one spot is it lacks the joint supports that keep the stitching secure. Otherwise, this is a great affordable option for training.

    • Durable Nylon
    • Padded handle
    • Strong clasp
    • Reflective
    • Affordable
    • Lacks joint supports

    3. Leashboss Long Training Leash – Premium Choice


    The Leashboss Long Trainer LT-1-B-15 Training Leash is another durable option that takes our premium spot. You have the choice of 15, 20, 30, or 50-feet depending on the activity and training level of your pooch. For example, the shorter 15-foot option is better for recall training and walking while the 50-foot is better for play and off-leash simulation.

    Available in either black or orange, the durable nylon fabric will not tangle and comes with a convenient easy coiling hook and loop. The cast metal clip is also durable and rotates 360-degrees. Made in the USA, the Leashboss is one-inch wide. Also, the black option features reflective stitching, and the orange color is bright enough to be visible at night.

    As this is a longer training lead, keep in mind that you will need to use a harness with your pup versus a collar. Additionally, there is no padding on the handle, although this is not as important as it is with a shorter training leash.

    • Durable nylon
    • No tangle hook and loop feature
    • Cast metal clip
    • Reflective
    • Various lengths for training
    • Requires a harness

    4. Hi Kiss Dog Training Leash

    Hi Kiss Dog

    Number four is another long training leash. The Hi Kiss Dog SZZXK-GOUSHENG-20170608-001-09 comes in lengths between 15 and 100-feet for activities ranging from recalling training, potty training, to playing fetch and hiking. There are seven color options to choose from, all of which have reflective threading.

    This is a ¾-inch wide heavy-duty nylon lead that has reinforced stitching for longevity. The nickel-plated carabiner is easy to use, secure, and swivels 360 degrees. As a bonus, the material floats in water.

    The Hi Kiss does have some drawbacks that you should be aware of, however. First, this model is recommended for medium to large breeds only. Second, like our premium option, you will need to have a harness for your pet to be safe. To end on a brighter note, this leash is easy to coil and easy to clean off.

    • Durable nylon
    • Nickel-plated clasp
    • No tangle coil
    • Floats
    • Reflective
    • Requires a harness
    • Not recommended for small dogs

    5. Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope Leash

    Friends Forever PET66-0033

    The Friends Forever PET66-0033 Dog Slip Rope Leash is the first of its kind on our list. This is a training tool that does not require a collar or harness. You simply slip the end loop over your pup’s head and adjust it via the faux leather clasps.

    There are six different sizes and colors to choose from, although you should note that the weight is typically too much for small toy-breed dogs. The leash itself is made of mountain climbing grade rope that is durable and machine washable.

    This training tool can be used for various outdoor activities as a short leash option with a ½-inch diameter. What’s more, the bright colors are all reflective for safety. That being said, you want to be aware that this style of collar/leash combo is harsher on your pet’s throat as it will tighten when they pull during training.

    Another drawback of the Friends Forever model is the handle which is not padded. It can be rough on your hands after prolonged use.

    • Mountain climbing grade rope
    • No collar or harness required
    • Machine washable
    • Reflective
    • Adjustable
    • Not recommended for small dogs
    • The handle is not padded
    • Can be rough on dog’s neck

    6. tobeDRI tobeD Training Dog Leash

    tobeDRI tobeD

    Our next review is the tobeDRI tobeD Training Dog Leash. This is a six-foot-long, one-inch wide nylon lead that has some added features including two handles for extra control. The standard handle is padded with 3mm neoprene. The second handle located 1½-feet from the clasp is designed to give you added control in traffic or crowded areas.

    Recommended for all breeds over 20 pounds, there is a D-ring under the handle for your keys or poop-bag dispensers. The quick-release carabiner is durable, plus it rotates 360-degrees for convenience. The nylon fabric we mentioned comes in ten colors, plus it’s double-layered. That being said, the overall material is not as strong or chew proof as other options.

    Another point to consider is the tobeDRI’s handle. Although it is padded,  it’s designed with PA tubing to create a straight grip that can be uncomfortable for some owners. Also, there is no reflective stitching or threading with this leash, and the colors are not as bright as they should be to stand out at night.

    • Two handles
    • Padded handle
    • D-ring feature
    • Durable clasp
    • Fabric is not as durable
    • No reflection
    • Straight-line handle

    7. SparklyPets Rope Bungee Leash

    SparklyPets L004

    The SparklyPets L004 Rope Bungee Leash is a unique model on our list. This standard leash comes with a bungee attachment to help reduce your pup’s pull-force, plus it absorbs the shock of a surprise lunge. Available in teal, black, red, and green, you can use it with or without the bungee.

    Designed for medium and large dogs, the upper material is constructed of durable braided nylon that features a reflective stripe. There is also a metallic hook to hang various items while walking and natural leather joint supports. Unfortunately, the supports are not durable and tend to rip easily.

    There are a few other issues with the SparklyPets you need to be aware of, though. First, the bungee portion of the leash can snap back on your pet or yourself causing injury. Also, the total length is 68 inches, however, without the attachment, it is only 43-inches. This makes it a very short option that can be difficult to use.

    On another note, there are two handles; one standard, and one on the bungee portion. Neither handle has padding. Wrapping up on a positive feature, you will receive a carry case with a purchase.

    • Shock absorption attachment
    • Durable braided nylon
    • D-ring
    • Carry case included
    • Leather join supports are not durable
    • Bungee portion can bounce back
    • No handle padding
    • Too short without the bungee portion

    8. oneisall Hands-Free Dog Leash

    oneisall 171123301

    Our next training leash is a versatile option that can be used in four ways. The oneisall 171123301 Hands-Free Dog Leash is a black nylon lead that is not as durable as our other reviewed models. This is an eight-foot-long and ⅝-inch wide product that comes with alloy clips. Unfortunately, the clips are hard to use and can unclasp if your pup likes to roll in the grass.

    You can use it fully extended for a long trainer, or doubled up for a shorter leash. You can also hook a dog to each end for a shared walk, and you can loop it over your head for hands-free shoulder use. The drawback here is that pups that can obediently walk with a hands-free leash are typically well taught which makes this one not as great for training.

    Besides that, the handles are made of soft mesh velvet and are comfortable despite their lack of padding. The oneisall is lightweight and can be used with all breeds. Be advised, however, there is no reflection on this model. What’s more, the alloy clips do not fit through the rings, which cuts down on the adjustment and use.

    • Versatile use
    • Soft velvet mesh handles
    • Hands-free
    • All breeds
    • Material is not durable
    • Clips are hard to use and can unclasp
    • Not recommended for training
    • No reflection
    • Clips do not pass through rings

    9. Bolux DC004-Tur Dog Leash

    Bolux DC004-Tur

    We now come to a five-foot leash that comes in nine different color options and is available in a two-pack. The Bolux DC004-Tur Dog Leash is 3mm thick, one-inch wide, and is constructed of heavy-duty webbed nylon fabric. Recommended for large dogs, the weight makes this too heavy for small pups.

    There are two handles available for use. Both are made with neoprene, although the bottom control handle in only padded internally, so it can still be rough on your hands. Also, the lower handle is hard to grab because it doesn’t extend from the main leash. It is also important to note that both handles are prone to break at the stitching juncture.

    The Bolux has zinc alloyed carabiners that are very stiff and often do not clip correctly. On the other hand, you will have the use of a D-ring and poop-bag dispenser with 15 bags that are included.

    It’s unfortunate to note that the finish on the D-ring (and the other metal hardware) rusts and chips quickly. Plus, the complimentary poop-bag dispenser is of low quality. Finally, the reflective thread is not vibrant enough for night use.

    • Heavy-duty webbed nylon fabric
    • Two-handles
    • D-rings and poop-bag dispenser
    • Clips are not durable
    • Handles break
    • The control handle is hard to use
    • Metal hardware rusts and chips
    • Heavy and not recommended for small dogs

    10. Mighty Paw Short Leash

    Mighty Paw

    Our last lead option is the Mighty Paw Short Leash. This small length trainer comes in either 18 or 30 inches although both sizes are shorter than advertised. For example, the smaller option is roughly 16 inches. Available in black or grey, this is a leash better suited to medium and large dogs. Smaller breeds will require you to stoop over.

    Designed to control your pal through traffic and heavy congestion, this leash is one-inch wide and made of nylon fabric. The handle is padded internally with neoprene. Nevertheless, the stiff material will still be rough on your hands. On the other hand, the reflection on the material is adequate.

    Another important aspect of the Mighty Paw is the clasp which is a mountain climber aluminum style clip. Although it does swivel 360 degrees, the spring on the closure breaks very easily. Not to mention, even when the clasp is not broken, your pup will have no problem wiggling their way free.

    To add insult to injury, the nylon fabric is not durable. Even moderate chewers will be able to nip their way through without a problem. Overall, this is not the best option on the market, and you would be better off with one of the above leashes for training.

    • Reflection
    • Material is not durable
    • Clasp breaks
    • The handle is rough on hands
    • Too short for training
    • The clasp does not hold

    These not quite right? Check out these all-around great Leashes suitable for all stages of your pups life!

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Leashes For Training

    Important Things To Know

    Training your furball to walk obediently on a leash is important. Not only will it save you a lot of stress on your arms, shoulders, and back, but it will also increase the enjoyment of outings for both of you.

    Training should be done as early as possible in a dog’s life. Preferably when they are puppies, although it is understandable that that is not always an option. Regardless of whether you are training a puppy or an adult four-legged friend, a training leash will make your life a lot easier.

    That being said, there is one key aspect of a training leash you should consider before making a purchase. The size. Different sized leashes are meant for different uses. Long and short leads, versus the standard option, are the most popular for obedience training. Take a look at the differences between these two types below:

    Short Training Leashes

    A shorter dog leash is great for high traffic, congested areas such as cities; hence why they are sometimes called a city or traffic leash. They are typically four-feet or less. That being said, you want to make sure you are choosing an option that will be comfortable for you to use. If you have to stoop over, your pup will pick up on your discomfort, and it will be harder for them to train.

    This type of lead is great for pups that pull, are aggressive toward people or other hounds, and as mentioned, in high traffic areas. The short trainer will allow you to have better control over your pet’s movement, plus, it will help them learn to walk next to you at your pace. This type of leash is also used with service dogs.

    Long Training Leashes

    Long leashes are more versatile than their shorter counterparts. They are usually at least 15-feet or longer, although the training can determine the length. Many owners prefer a longer option that can be extended or shortened as training and activities change.

    As a guideline, here are the most common activities for each length:

    • 15-foot Lead: This length is great for recall training, walking, heel obedience, and basic use.
    • 20-foot Lead: At this length, pups respond well to training aimed at designated potty time, walking/heel training, and short distance exploring.
    • 30-foot Lead: At 30-feet, your pup can enjoy short distance playtime like fetch, freedom potty-time, and wider distance exploring.
    • 50-foot Lead and Longer: at this distance, your pet will experience simulated freedom. You can have controlled playtime, and observe how they react to different situations and commands.

    The above is just a guideline and by no means the only way to train with these leash lengths. Many pooch owners only use one length throughout their pup’s entire training. That being said, the longer the lead, the better your pal will respond to commands from further away.

    You also want to keep in mind that using an extended lead for activities such as walking or hiking should only be done with a well-trained pup that responds well to commands. What’s more, you will need to be vigilant at all times as the excess slack is easily caught on branches, stones, and other objects which brings us to our next topic…

    australian shepherd dog training for dog show
    Image By: LRuss, Pixabay


    As we only want the best for our fuzzy-friends, we want to make sure they are safe at all times. For the most part, a short or standard leash is pretty safe as long as the clasp and construction are durable so your pet can’t escape. When it comes to long leads, there are more things to be concerned about, however.

    First, as mentioned above, you need to be constantly aware if you are using a long leash for walks as they can get tangled easily. Also, you do not want to use this type of line as a runner unless it will be connected to a line above their heads, otherwise, the leash can wrap around their throat.

    Lastly, we did want to touch on the topic of retractable leashes which you may have noticed are not among our reviews. Although many people see the benefit in this type of lead, they cause more harm than good.

    Vet professionals have concluded that the coil extension models are more likely to teach your pet to pull instead of heel. They also don’t offer a lot of control. If you cannot activate the lock quick enough, your pet can dart into traffic before you are able to stop them. Overall, this style of lead causes injury to your pet, others, and yourself more often than any other type of leash.

    Shopping Tips

    As you now know the difference between short and long training leashes, we also wanted to provide a few quick shopping tips. When it comes to either type of lead, there are universal features that are important to both. For example, durability, secure clasps, reflective material, etc. Beyond that though, there are a few key aspects of each style you want to be on the lookout for:

    • Padded handle: This feature is more important on a short leash as your handling will be in closer proximity, causing more force and pressure on your upper body and hands.
    • Joint supports: This is another aspect of a short lead that is important for the same reasons as above. The more pressure applied to the stitching, the more likely the handle and clasp will be to break.
    • Tangle and Coil: This is a feature of a long leash you want to look out for. Longer leads can easily become tangled. Look for one that has an easy coiling system.

    As with any pet product, you want to make sure there are no sharp edges, toxic materials, or any other aspect that can harm you or your pet.

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    We hope the above guide and reviews on the best dog leashes for training have helped you decide on the best training leash for your pooch. These leads can be beneficial not only in helping your pup walk calmly, but they can also help with other training commands, as well.

    Overall, the BAAPET Strong Dog leash is our favorite option. Not only is this lead durable and reflective, it provides freedom and control simultaneously. If you need a more cost-friendly approach, go with the Vivaglory Short Dog Leash that will give you all the important features for less.

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