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9 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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There are so many activities that humans and dogs can enjoy together. Whether a nice walk or a fun game of catch, having fun transcends species. Going through the trash, however, does not. While we want to keep our trash nice and covered in our homes so we don’t have to smell it, our digging doggies have other ideas. To put it bluntly, they love trash. Fortunately, we live in a world that caters to our needs as pet owners. In these reviews, we’ll go over dog proof trash cans. These will save you quite the headache — until your pup finds something else to dig through!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Looks great
  • Two compartments
  • Very dog-proof!
  • Best Value
    Second place
    KaryHome Hanging KaryHome Hanging
  • Can hang on wall
  • Seals in smells
  • No frills
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    simplehuman Lid Step simplehuman Lid Step
  • Keeps dogs out
  • Keeps smell in
  • Great looking
  • Rubbermaid Touch Top Rubbermaid Touch Top
  • Liner Lock Technology
  • Lid keeps smells in
  • Classic design
  • iTouchless Sensor iTouchless Sensor
  • No touch technology
  • AbsorbX technology
  • Easy to clean
  • The 9 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans – 2022

    1. SONGMICS Step Trash Can – Best Overall

    SONGMICS Step Trash Can

    This product may not have been made with keeping dogs out in mind, but it most certainly does!

    This trash bin has quite a bit going for it. It has two compartments, so you can use one for recyclables and the other for trash (or one for compost and the other for trash). Each bin comes with a metal handle, so they are easy to pull out of their respective compartments. The material is a smudge-proof stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your fingerprints all over it.

    Aesthetically, we give this trash bin high praise. While we don’t normally think of dog proof garbage cans as conversation pieces in our homes, this model from SONGMICS legitimately looks wonderful. It can fit in to any environment, from postmodern to futuristic or even classic. Its shape is simple, a long upright rectangle, but it isn’t too pointy, giving it a softness that allows for stylish flexibility.

    As for the dog-proof aspect? Your dog will have to be quite the problem solver to figure this one out. Each lid is operated by a step, or pedal. The trick here is that it opens slowly, so even if your dog figures it out, they will probably get impatient and give up.

    Those who wanted to dog-proof their house with this product say that for dog proofing purposes, it is absolutely wonderful. There are a few issues, however. For as big as it is, each compartment feels kind of small. Also, the construction might not be able to handle the rigors of shipping, which can be a bit rough.

    • Very dog-proof!
    • Looks great
    • Two compartments
    • Compartments are kind of small
    • Durability concerns

    2. KaryHome Hanging Trash Can – Best Value

    KaryHome Hanging Trash Can

    This is a no-frills dog proof trash can that is designed to be especially dog-proof. You won’t get a stylish addition to your home with this trash can, but you can at least get peace of mind.

    This is an average-looking dog proof garbage can. It is made of plastic, has a plastic lid, has a classic trash can shape, etc. What differs from the others on this list is the design of the lid, which is able to lock and seal. KaryHome has made a trash can that keeps bad odors in and curious canines out! This trash can has been made specifically for those who have children in the age of diapers or those who have dogs. There is no way that a dog can open the lid unless they use wild force to do so. Normally, their curiosity is brought on by smell, and since this trash can is sealed tight, you won’t have to worry about your dog snooping around this can.

    It is dog-proof in another way as well! This is a dog proof garbage can that you can hang up high! That way, you really won’t have to worry about your dog getting into it, unless they are an Olympic-level jumper.

    This trash can comes in two different sizes, but even the biggest size isn’t that big. If there is anything we can find wrong, it’s that sometimes the lid is a bit tough to close. It’s clear to us that this is the best dog-proof trash can for the money.

    • Can hang on wall
    • Seals in smells, keeps dogs out
    • No frills
    • Lid can be hard to close

    3. simplehuman Lid Step Trash Can – Premium Choice

    simplehuman CW1897 Lid Kitchen Step Trash Can

    This is more than just a trash can; it’s actually a kind of fashion statement. Adding this to your home means that you have carefully considered the aesthetics of every inch in your abode. Basically, simplehuman Lid Step Trash Can is a wonderful-looking item, very sleek and modern and made of stainless steel.

    Of course, the reason that it is on our list is because it is dog-proof. This trash bin is operated by a step pedal that causes two doors to open outward. Because of the quality of construction, you won’t have to worry about your dog being able to force their way into the trash can.

    As mentioned, the construction of this product is wonderful. It is made of smudge-free stainless steel and doesn’t feel flimsy in the slightest. The doors won’t clash and bang when you open/close them, and they’re designed to stay open until you press the pedal again to close them.

    People who purchased this are thrilled by its effectiveness at stopping snooping dogs. The closing doors are able to effectively keep the smell in, which is half the battle. The other, more curious aspect of this is that dogs just don’t seem to be interested in this dog proof garbage can. The only complaints we’ve heard about this product relate to shipping issues.

    This product comes with a 10-year warranty.

    • Great looking
    • Keeps dogs out
    • Keeps smell in
    • 10-year warranty
    • Shipment issues

    4. Rubbermaid Touch Top Lid Trash Can

    Rubbermaid 1843024 Touch Top Lid Trash Can

    This one is a classic. You would find this trash can in both dorm rooms and mansions. The real question, however, is this: Is it dog-proof?

    The answer to that question depends on how motivated your dog is to get into the trash. For a dog with average motivation? Yes, this is perfectly dog-proof.

    You’re probably familiar with the touch-top design of this trash can. Rubbermaid has added bag-catching wires, or Liner Lock Technology, which means that even when your trash bag is at its heaviest, it will not slip into the can. This trash bin also has a premium model, which seems to be the same can with a shinier top.

    This is also a big trash can. As such, it is extra important that the lid keeps in the smell, which it does pretty well. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Rubbermaid certainly has it. This isn’t the best dog proof trash can in the world, but it does its job. Sure, there isn’t much flash, but there aren’t many flaws either. There is a reason that Rubbermaid has been labeled a “Brand of the Century.”

    If your dog gets into this trash can, it’ll be through sheer force of will, which at that point, you should just be impressed.

    • Liner Lock Technology
    • Lid keeps smells in, dogs out
    • Classic design
    • Not flashy

    5. iTouchless Sensor Trash Can

    iTouchless MT04SW Sensor Trash Can

    This trash can is as advertised “touchless.” With a sensor on top, all you have to do is wave your hand or present trash to this iTouchless product, and the lid will open. The lid itself has a nice seal, which keeps all the bad smells inside. This is further aided by the AbsorbX odor technology. This comes with one filter and one fragrance cartridge.

    At 4 gallons, this is a decently sized dog proof garbage can and is made of nice material. The body of the can is steel, while the lid is made of ABS plastic. Both materials are resistant to fingerprints and easy to clean.

    While it’s not impossible, we find it unlikely that your dog will learn to wave their paw over the motion-activating sensor of this can. That would be the only way for them to get in, short of knocking it over.

    We recommend this dog proof trash can for those with small dogs, as it is possible for bigger dogs to look down at this trash can and open it. We also recommend making sure you have an electrical outlet near where you plan on putting this container. This product has a one-year warranty.

    • No touch technology
    • AbsorbX technology keeps bad smells at bay
    • Easy to clean
    • Best for small dogs
    • Needs to be near a power outlet

    6. Function Home Kitchen Trash Can

    Function Home HL-43407 Kitchen Trash Can

    This is more of an outer shell of a trash can than a trash can by itself. Meant to house big outdoor trash cans, this serves two purposes: It beautifies your trash area, as this is an aesthetically pleasing product, and it will keep your big dog out of the trash when they play outside by themselves.

    You can actually use this as a trash can itself, as it comes with the ability to be lined. However, there is an opening between the lid and the main body of the trash can, which could certainly let out enticing smells (to dogs).

    Made of MDF board, this easy-to-assemble item will leave you feeling good about the fact that you are being responsible toward the environment. This is great for families who spend a great deal of time outdoors or who have a large trash area.

    This item is quite durable, evidenced by the heavy lid. Some consumers wish it were padded better, as it can be shocking how loud it is when it snaps shut. Dogs have been proven to be thwarted by this product, though. This doesn’t do a great job of keeping them away entirely, but even the most motivated dogs have a hard time tipping it over.

    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • 13 gallons
    • Houses a big trash can or to be used by itself
    • Loud closing lid
    • Requires assembly

    7. Sterilite StepOn Wastebasket

    Sterilite 10739002 StepOn Wastebasket

    You have probably seen one of these dog proof trash cans out in the wild. They are quite popular because they are good trash cans and are sold in two-packs!

    This trash bin has something that none of the others on this list have, and that is a locking lid. If your dog can knock this dog proof garbage can over, they still won’t be able to get in because the lid is shut tight! This might also confuse you when you stumble downstairs for a midnight snack, but there is a price to pay for security.

    This sizable classic trash can from Sterilite opens using a foot pedal, so you can have full hands and still get it open. The lid helps keep all bad odors in. This product is made of high-quality plastic.

    This dog proof trash can is ubiquitous due to its quality, but it’s not entirely dog proof. While the lid locks, the top itself is not too hard to knock off. Depending on how motivated your pup is, they might be able to figure this out.

    • Sold in two-packs
    • Classic product you know and love
    • Locking lid
    • Top comes off easily

    8. AmazonBasics Soft-Close Trash Can

    AmazonBasics A-10132FM-32L Soft-Close Trash Can

    This trash can is good for keeping dogs out but good for not scaring you when it closes. Amazon has made a trash can that has “Soft Lid” technology, so when you close this trash can, it does so quietly.

    This is a classic step-on trash can, which is good for keeping your dog out — unless they decide to knock it over. The lid itself does not lock, making your dog’s bonus dinner quite attainable.

    This isn’t the biggest trash can, but it looks nice and can fit into most environments. We recommend it for studios or offices, as it probably does not have the capacity for kitchen use.

    Those who have purchased this dog proof trash can seem pleased. Those who claim that this is dog proof have dogs who have not yet realized that this is a trash can.

    • Doesn’t slam shut
    • Small
    • Once knocked over, your dog can have a field day

    9. Fortune Candy Step Trash Can

    Fortune Candy Step Trash Can

    This is an everyday, run-of-the-mill step-on trash can. This particular product is fine, but nothing makes it stand out. It is a nice design and aesthetically pleasing.

    Fortune Candy has made a dog proof trash can that is small and best for offices or bathrooms. This may be dog-proof for little dogs, but medium to large dogs shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting into this one. The lid is recessed, so they won’t be able to get it open with their mouths, but once they either step on the pedal or just knock it down, the battle of the bucket will be decidedly over.

    • Looks good
    • Medium to large dogs can easily get in
    • Very small

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    Someday, someone is going to invent a 100% dog proof trash can. Many have tried, but it is so easy to underestimate the perseverance of a pup. Still, there are certain products out there that are most effective at keeping your dog out of the trash. For example, we love our top pick from SongMics. It looks great and dogs have the hardest time with it! You also can’t go wrong with our value pick from KaryHome. While it won’t add stylish flair to your home, it will keep your pet out of the trash. Whatever ideas you had about trash cans before these reviews, you can just toss them — you know your dog won’t be getting to them!

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