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5 Best Dog Gates for Jumpers in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Pet Gate Your dog probably finds ways to outsmart you regularly. Gates are no exception. You have to give them credit where credit is due. The pooch has perseverance. But when you are trying to protect your belongings from havoc, that’s when things can get sticky. You’ll want a way to keep your springy little friend out.

We have compiled a list of reviews of the top 5 gates to prevent your sprightly bouncer from escaping their enclosure. With various height, width, and decorative selections, you are sure to find a suitable option that works best in your home. Let’s make a quick comparison, and then we’ll get down to the crux of the matter.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PAWLAND Freestanding Pet Gate PAWLAND Freestanding Pet Gate
  • Easily movable
  • No tools required
  • Stylish
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Carlson Walk Through Pet Gate Carlson Walk Through Pet Gate
  • Adjustable width
  • extra tall height
  • Additional smaller door for smaller pet access
  • Easy installation
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PRIMETIME PETZ Configurable Pet Gate PRIMETIME PETZ Configurable Pet Gate
  • Latch walkthrough opening
  • 360-degree hinge
  • Mounting kit and optional extensions
  • MidWest Homes Steel Pet Gate MidWest Homes Steel Pet Gate
  • Sturdy
  • tall structure
  • Simple install
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • North States MyPet PetGate North States MyPet PetGate
  • Tallest selection
  • Added pet door flap
  • The 5 Best Dog Gates for Jumpers Reviewed

    1. PAWLAND Freestanding Pet Gate – Best Overall


    Check Price on Chewy

    After careful consideration, this 4-panel PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate takes the number one spot. Not only is this gate a stylish edition that will be a charming fit for the home, but it’s also very efficient. It comes in two color choices: expresso and white.

    It is adjustable, fitting most doorways, up to 74 inches across and 36 inches high. It requires zero tools, so no rummaging around with screws or drills. That means no holes in woodwork or trim. It’s easily movable to boot, so you can take it anywhere you need it in your home without a struggle.

    You can use it to keep your pets in one room. Alternatively, you can use it as a barrier to keep them away from an area they shouldn’t be. It could enclose a computer area, TV stand, or anywhere you’d rather your rambunctious doggy not reach. A bigger dog may be able to knock it down or push through.

    If you don’t need it for the moment, you can just fold it up and store it away—hassle-free. We love this PAWLAND Pet Gate, and we think you will, too. It’s the most convenient, stylish, and versatile addition on the list.

    • Easily movable
    • No tools required
    • Stylish
    • Accordion-shaped to keep pets in or out of an area
    • Compact storage
    • Big dogs may be able to bowl it over

    2. Carlson Walk Through Pet Gate – Best Value

    Carlson 0941

    This Carlson Walk Through Pet Gate is the best dog gate for jumpers for the money. While this is a great selection, it’s not our number one because it may not match all doorways. This gate has an easy set up along with step-by-step instructions. You won’t have to be too handy to install it and it only takes a short time to put in. It fits 29 to 36.5-inch wide openings, leaving a nice 7.5-inch leeway for adjustments.

    It has a little lockable pet door that is part of the main set up. That way if you have smaller dogs, cats, or other pets scampering around, they won’t have to have the same restrictions. You can unlatch as you please to leave open access.

    Because you secure it to each side of the doorway, you won’t have to worry about a stronger dog knocking it down by putting their weight against it. It will stay intact and hold up well with its durable design. If your jumper is small and springy, they can’t hurtle the gate either. It stands 36 inches tall, keeping your fine little skipper behind the line.

    • Adjustable width, extra tall height
    • Additional smaller door for smaller pet access
    • Easy installation
    • Stands firm with a durable design
    • Very affordable
    • Does require assembly
    • Won’t fit extra-wide doorways

    3. PRIMETIME PETZ Configurable Pet Gate – Premium Choice


    This PRIMTIME PETZ Configurable Pet Gate is another freestanding 4-panel selection, but it stayed out of our number one spot for a few reasons. First, it only comes in one color selection, which is walnut. So, it doesn’t fit quite as many décor choices. Second, it’s almost double the cost of our number one pick without having a higher quality feeling to make up for it.

    Having said that, it does have some notable features. It has a walkthrough door on the second panel for convenience purposes. That is awesome, so that you don’t have to move the whole gate every time you go from room to room. You can simply press the release on the top of the door, and a hinged section will open, allowing you to have access.

    It also comes with a wall mounting kit and extension options. That way, if you have an extra-wide doorway that exceeds the 88-inch dimensions, you can add on to accommodate. It also comes with rubber feet to secure it in place and a 360-degree hinge, so you can reshape it at will. So, if you would use these features frequently, it will be worth the extra cash.

    • Latch walkthrough opening
    • 360-degree hinge
    • Mounting kit and optional extensions
    • No additional color selections
    • Expensive
    • Not higher quality than others

    4. MidWest Homes Steel Pet Gate

    MidWest Homes 2939SG

    The MidWest Homes Steel Pet Gate is another mounted gate that you won’t need tools to install. This choice could have easily been in our number two slot. However, it doesn’t have the added pet door built-in, so if you have smaller pets, they won’t benefit. While it may lack in this regard, it is higher than the others at 39 inches tall.

    It has a steel frame, spring-loaded two-way swinging door, and is only available in black graphite. It seems very sturdy in structure and is simple to put together. Since it requires no tools, you just set up the four pressure gate mounts onto your door frame and level out each side to secure it.

    One perk to this model is that it comes with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty from MidWest Homes, in case anything out of your hands goes wrong. It’s nice to see a company willing to take responsibility for product failure, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to order replacement parts for the gate.

    • Sturdy, tall structure
    • Simple install
    • Manufacturer warranty
    • No added pet door
    • No additional color options
    • No way to order replacement parts
    • More expensive than our number two

    5. North States MyPet 5285 PetGate

    North States MyPet 5285

    The North States MyPet PetGate is a lovely selection with many noteworthy features. It is the tallest on the list, coming in at 42 inches tall. It also has an additional pet gate at the bottom, which locks or opens, allowing smaller pets to have walkthrough access. It has extra optional extensions if you need it to be wider.

    It was kept out of the frontrunners for a few reasons. The pet gate at the bottom is a plastic flap. While it is incredibly convenient, it is also a bit flimsier and may not hold up after prolonged use. It could also potentially rip off if your dog is destructive.

    The bronze color looks nice, but the overall quality may be lacking a bit. It does seem that with some wear and tear, it may not last like our other listed selections. If you want a product that is very tall because have a higher than usual jumper on your hands, this could be perfect for you. But keep in mind, it may not come through as faithfully in other areas.

    • Tallest selection
    • Added pet door flap
    • Smaller pet gate may not hold up
    • More cheaply made than others
    • Must purchase extensions separately
    • One color selection only


    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Dog Gates for Jumpers

    There are some aspects you’ll want to keep in mind when purchasing the best gate for high jumping dogs. It can be a task to get one that will work for all your needs. Preparing yourself beforehand with knowledge and tips will only help.

    Correct Measurements

    There are gates for various sizes of door frames. Before ordering, you will want to be sure that the measurements match to avoid any returns or exchanges. Each listing will have the appropriate dimensions showing that what you’re ordering is compatible with your space. Also, keep in mind any need for extending.


    Some openings may have a slightly uncommon width. If you can’t seem to find the ideal fit, there are options for specific models to buy extra extensions.  After recording the proper capacities, look to see if the gate you want includes or offers these additions.

    Dog Jumping
    Image Credit: JenRegnier, Pixabay

    Choosing Materials

    Most gates are made of metal or wood. They come in a wide range of styles to fit your cosmetic or practical needs. Some choices will require that you have tools at home for installation, such as drills or screwdrivers. Even if you are seeking a gate for aesthetically pleasing reasons, you will still want it to be tough.


    Most of the wooden selections are decorative, adding charm to the home. Wooden gates can be stationary or portable. They may be tool-free to install or require additional hardware. When purchasing wooden gates, strength is vital to hold up under pressure, especially if you have a heavier dog. Some options consist of cheaper composite wood that is not as sturdy or lasting.


    Metal gates share the same sentiments when it comes to quality. Certain metal gates will require tools or other hardware, and some do not. Some gates are made of softer metals that may be easily bent if you have a rowdy crowd. Be sure to check the hardiness of the structure.


    You opt for a gate that serves one of two purposes—to be stationary or movable. You may have a room you want to restrict access to, or you may want to move it around as needed. In any matter, you will want simplistic usability while keeping your dog where they belong.


    If you aren’t always planning to have the gate up, make sure you can put it away comfortably. Some of your options will have foldable features for better spacing accommodation. The gates that don’t permanently attach typically flatten, just as our number one gate does. You can easily store them in closets, basements, or even hide them behind furniture when you aren’t using them.

    Pet Gate


    If you aren’t too savvy with complicated instructions, be sure to first read about how to install the gate. You won’t want to be fumbling around through bags of small nuts and bolts or operating power tools if that isn’t your strong suit. Many options come with everything you need included, so you don’t have to.

    If you need to secure the gate to the door frame for a permanent fit, ensure you have all the necessary equipment to put it up. There is nothing like getting your gate only to realize you must make a run into town for parts or tools.

    Total Cost

    The full upfront payment of a gate is one thing. You may look at the price tag and think you are getting a good deal. But before you smash the Buy Now button, make sure you know exactly what you should expect in terms of cost.

    Additional Parts

    Most companies are transparent about what is included in the box. Be sure they specify if all hardware is there right away. If you need other parts, you will want to factor that into the total cost. Buying extra components could mean it may not be worth the price you end up paying.

    Replacement Parts

    Some gates will have cheap and straightforward replacement parts available if something goes wrong. It is easy to break off a spring or lose a bolt over extended use. Having parts readily available for purchase is a surefire way of knowing you won’t have to buy another gate every time something small goes wrong.


    You will want the gate to be worth your investment.  Having your product fail a few days after you get it won’t make you a happy camper. Companies often offer limited warranties for their products. This way, if your product doesn’t hold up as it is designed to and it wasn’t your fault, the manufacturer can make it right.

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    We stand by our favorite choice, the PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate, fitting the bill for total efficiency. The accordion-style design is perfect for compact storage, easy setup, sizing versatility, and optimal portability. The colors help match home furnishings. It needs no tools or additional hardware, and it doesn’t damage your door frames.

    If you can’t invest in that choice, the Carlson Walk Through Pet Gate won’t let you down. It is totally affordable with extra perks like the added pet gate and no-tool installation. It fits many door frames and has extension options if you need them. You get the most for your money here.

    Our premium choice, the PRIMETIME PETZ 360 Configurable Pet Gate, comes with all the bells and whistles—but it will cost you. It is adaptable, standalone, and storable. It has a walkthrough gate for convenience and rubber fittings to keep it in place. If you will frequently use the extra features, it’s worth the cash.

    We hope we’ve helped you navigate through the possibilities so you can make an effortless decision. It’s time to keep your jumper from winding up on the wrong side of the gate.

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