Naming your new kitty can be an exciting task but also a tedious one. You want your ball of fur to have a name that represents their personality but also helps them to stand out from the pack.

When deciding which name will work best for your new bundle of fur, you will want to consider what type of name you would want to choose. Are you looking to name her something fun and entertaining, do you want to pay homage to a certain celebrity or character you love, or do you want to pick a name that encompasses their personality?

Finding yourself a little stuck? Check out some of the ten best cat names listed below.

Celebrity Names

You may decide that your feline friend will be best named after a celebrity due to their look, or personality, or just in an effort to pay respect to one of your favorites. Try out these five feline names in honor of celebrity favorites.

  • Kitty Foreman – The beloved mother from “That 70’s Show” is sweet and sensitive until she bites. If this description sounds like your furry friend, maybe try out Kitty Foreman for their moniker.
  • Kitty Purry – Whether you are a Katy Perry fan or just enjoy a good play on words, Kitty Purry is a great choice for someone with a very vocal new family addition.
  • Cat Benatar – You can never go wrong with an 80’s classic. If your kitty is a little bit of a rocker, Cat Benatar will suit her perfectly.
  • Cindy Clawford – For cat moms of beautiful felines whose looks stop other pets in their tracks, you can’t go wrong with a name like Cindy Clawford.
  • Oprah Whisker – If your cat is there for you in your time of need to hear your problems and bring you comfort, Oprah Whisker is the name that would sum them up.

Personality Names

While you are still getting to know your new addition, they may have a few personality traits that may make certain names fit them from the beginning. Some unique trait based names to choose from include:

  • Catastrophe – While this name is pretty much self-explanatory, if your new kitty leaves a whirlwind in its path, Catastrophe may be a perfect choice.
  • AbracaTabra – If you cat magically appears when you least expect it, or when it’s least convenient, Abracadabra may be an appropriate moniker.
  • Catserole – Whether you have a lasgana lover like Garfield or for those with cats who will never miss a meal, Caterserole says it all.
  • Chairwoman Meow – Not only is this name a great play on words but if your new cat rules the roost or keeps the other pets in line consider the name Chairman Meow.
  • Lucifurr – This name is only reserved for the most devilish of kitties who always find the perfect chance to run amok inside the home. For those sinister cat’s, Lucifurr says it all.

Have the perfect name for your female cat? Add to our list of best female cat names by commenting your unique, funny, or paws-itively punny feline moniker below.

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